The Evil Eye Monday 15 March 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Monday 15 March 2021 Update

The Evil Eye Monday 15 March 2021 Update starlife: on The Evil Eye Monday 15 March 2021 Update, Vedeshree says Piya you don’t have to go anywhere. Piya sees the shadow.
Naman comes to Nishant and says only you can help us. Do you know what a normal human can do? Nothing. I have decided I will ruin their sleep. You have to help us. Nishant says what is going on in your mind? Go from here. Naman leaves. Saavi comes and says do you wanna be like my father?

Puya sees someone in a black dress outside the window. She says something is weird. I have to call Naman. She says someone’s life is in danger.
Saavi says it won’t be easy. It can be dangerous. He says I am not scared of anything. She takes him with her.
Piya runs downstairs.

Saavi takes Naman to a room of caskets. He says what is this. She says they are all scared of the danger that is yet to come.
Vedeshree says piya is nowhere is the house. I asked her not to go anywhere. Ansh says let me look for her. Pandit ji comes. Vedeshree says she shouldn’t have gone. Pandit ji asked her not go.

Piya asks guard about the guy and the girl. He says no one was here. Piya sees mannequin. Ansh calls Piya
Naman says where is the danger? Saavi brings him to a table and opens it. She takes out a book. She says it is very old. It will tell us everywhere.

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Piua says yes I am coming home Ansh. She feels like someone was following her. The guy drags a girl. Someone throws water on Piya. She runs. Piya recalls what pandit ji said. She says I should go home. Piya sees leaves on her way. She recalls pandit ji asked her not to go near trees.
Saavi makes what is written in the book. Fire comes from the bowl. She adds all the things.

The Evil Eye Monday 15 March 2021 Update: Piya comes home. Vedeshree says why did you go out? She says a girl was in trouble. She says but what about you and your kid. Chachi sees a leaf in her hair. they are all scared. It fell on her from the tree. She says the tree touched her. Pandit ji says don’t worry. We will start havan to save her and the baby. Vedeshree says but Shekhar isn’t here. Chetali says he would be. We have to save the baby and Piya for now. A shadow comes in.
It’s mohana in a bridal. She says looking for Shekar? Everyone is dazed. Shekhar comes with her as a groom.

Naman says what are we running after? Saavi says do what I ask.
Mohana says don’t be mad. A sister can take anything from another. vedeshree says how did you come back. She says you took my son I took your husband. Shekhar says thhis is true.

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