The Evil Eye Friday 23rd April 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Friday 23rd April 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Friday 23rd April 2021 Update Starlife: On The Evil Eye Friday 23 April 2021,  Shalaka is about to hurt Aditya, when Ansh and Piya stop her. Shalakha says she will hurt Aditya as Piya hurt her son Rahul. She is about to hurt when Ansh uses his powers and takes Aditya from her. Shalakha try to harm again and Ansh tries to defend themself, when Piya asks him to take care of Aditya, it’s her fight. Piya and Shalakha fight using Kohora and Durga powers and draggers? respectively with Durga music?? in background…

Shalakha almost defeats Piya and throw her dragger? away, she says now Piya will go away in past and Ansh and Aditya will stay in present… She is about to attack Piya, when Ansh and Aditya use their powers and save piya.. Suddenly all 3 powers are combined to Piya’s dragged ? and she realizes this.

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Piya attack Shalakha dragger? and say to her that she agrees that she attacked Rahul, but she only did in self-defense, she was not planning to kill Rahul. Ansh think? why Piya is talking to shalakha instead of killing? her?? Shalakha sees a flashback and it shows Piya throwing dragger? and Rahul falls down. Shalakha says she doesn’t believe her and throw some blue powder, making Piya faint, Ansh holds her and Aditya cry?.. Ansh gets angry ?? and create Dayan circle and hold captive Shalakha. He says he is davansh and knows how to create dayan ? circle.

The Evil Eye Friday 23rd April 2021 Update Starlife: Shalakha sees aditya cry? and remember her and Rahul moments and get mixed expression smile? and sad? , suddenly she gets a flashback and realizes that Piya threw dragged? on rahul’s chest but his body had bloodstain was on her back and realizes that Piya didn’t kill his son, she throw her dragger? towards Ansh and shout to save Piya and she didn’t kill? my Rahul, someone else killed? and goes down under earth.


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At Rathod’s house, everyone is scared? of Mohona’s powers and tries to escape from here.. Avinash shoots at dayan tree ?? roots to make the week, and they try to go when roots appear again.. Mohona come and smile?..

Panditji get hurt thinking? Ruby is behind him to kill ?him. Nishant try to calm him down, when Panditji repeat again and again that Ruby dayan? is about to kill? him, see she is standing infront of us. Nishant doesn’t see anything but realises that he is in illusion and comes to the conclusion that all the Rathod family is in illusion due to that smoke..

Vedshree call?Nishant for help, when he informed her that they all are in a smoke illusion which making them think? that their fear is much bigger than reality, and they need to overcome their fear… Vedshree informs this to others and all unite when Mohona attacks, but they overcome their fear and Mohona disabled, with Hanuman Chalisa?? played in the background.

Sanam informs Naman that Parrot ? is a real son of Panna and Mayank is not and that this parrot? turn into a green eye human as well. Naman jokes on parrot ? eating like Will parrot have Chillies or Biryani????? And on parrot turning into Human.



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