The Evil Eye Friday 15 January 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Friday 15 January 2021 Update
The Evil Eye Friday 15 January 2021 Update

The Evil Eye Friday 15th January 2021: On The Evil Eye Friday 15 January 2021, Mohana and Ansh are surrounded by goons. Mohana says to Ansh that you handle your side, I will handle mine. They climb on pillars and glare at goons who are confused about how to reach them. Mohana and Ansh jump and starts beating goons. They both support each other. Mohana sees goons about to hit them with patal arrows. They both raise in air, goons mistakenly attack each other with arrows and die. Ansh looks at Mohana. Vedsheree runs to him and hugs him, she asks if he is fine? All family members join them. Ansh looks at Mohana and recalls her powers, he is confused. Piya hugs Guru Maa. Naman tries to leave but Vedsheree stops him. Naman tries to go to Guru Maa but she slaps him and asks him to leave, he leaves from there embarrassed.

Mohana says to Ansh that you wanted to know what davansh is? Witch’s first son is called davansh.. yes I am a witch, you are a witch’s son and you are davansh. Ansh is shocked and says whatever happened with me.. it was because my mother.. is a witch. He says to Vedsheree that you hide it from me? Mohana says ask her why she hid it from you? Ansh asks Vedsheree if she knew about his mother and him? tell me, I will accept whatever you say, tell me this is a lie, I wont ask anything later. Vedsheree says don’t listen to Mohana, she is not what she looks like. Mohana says why did you hide about his mother? Vedsheree says you didn’t raise him like a mother. Mohana says I don’t have to hide anything from my son. Vedsheree says don’t let me open my mouth. Mohana says I can talk too. Chitali says then tell that you have made Ansh marry a witch too.


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The Evil Eye Friday 15 January 2021: Ansh is stunned and says what? Chitali says yes Ruby is a witch. Rishi says oh my God. Vedsheree says yes, I mistook her as a devik, then I got to know about her reality and tried to stop marriage but Mohana plotted against us and made you marry Ruby. Ruby says its correct, I am a witch. Ansh is hurt and says to Mohana that you made me marry a witch? Mohana says I wanted to meet you, they had caged me and I could only get out if you marry a witch. Mohana says I am a witch for world but I am a mother too, this family didn’t understand and made me go away from you people. Ansh asks Vedsheree if its true? did you make her go away?

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Mohana says I will show you what they did with me? She creates imaginary screen and plays past on it, it shows family burning Mohana alive and caging her in a casket. Vedshree asks KAjal and Ansh to listen to her before making a decision, Mohana is a witch so we had to do it, Chitali says she even killed her husband, she killed your father Ansh. Shekhar says she killed our mom too. Ansh asks Mohana if its true? Mohana looks away and says yes its true. All are stunned, Mohana says I killed your father. Guru Maa says witch can kill her family too, which is of no on. Mohana says lion always killdeer, relations don’t matter to the witch, only blood relations matter to witch which I have with you.

Sushant says to Saanvi that why did you go to Ansh’s house? you know its dangerous there, did you see anything unusual there? Saanvi says everything was normal. Sushant says there are evil stones in that house, did you see it? Saanvi says no. She doesn’t know that its in her bag. Sushant says if you touch these stones then you will be witch’s control. Saanvi says I didn’t see it and leaves with her bag.

This is the end of The Evil Eye Friday 15 January 2021 on starlife.



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