The Cost of Love Teasers September 2021

The Cost of Love Teasers September 2021

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Wednesday September 1 2021

Episode 272.

Things that heat up because DK tells the family that they must empty property. Pankti struggled to keep his composure when he saw Poorva.

Episode 273.

Everyone was surprised to see Pankti with Randhir. Question of Pankti. Aparna won’t let anyone go without fight.

Thursday September 2 2021

Episode 274.

Pankti ensures that the family hates it, by challenging Aparna.

Episode 275.

Rangoli was surprised when he saw Pankti with Randhir, who helped Pankti find their true relationship.

Friday September 3 2021

Episode 276.

Randhir asked Ahaan for bedroom tips to make it irritated. When Ahaan in action, the committee insulted him and the family even more!

Episode 277.

Poorva decided to pretend to separate from Monty as a means to save the committee and issue the truth from him.

Monday September 6 2021

Episode 278.

With the help of Pankti, the family came to know that Randhir had only 48% of the shares in the company.

Episode 279.

Monty and Poorva faked a big battle in front of Anita so she would tell Pankti.

Tuesday September 7 2021

Episode 280.

The scene was created between the family and Pankti, where he pretended to insult them so much that Aparna announced the involvement of Ahaan for Rangoli!

Episode 281.

Rangoli manipulates Ahaan to go along with ‘engagement’ to make a jealous committee.

Wednesday September 8 2021

Episode 282.

Vikram hatched a plan to get Randhir to sign a document stating that Randhir gave everything to Rangoli, without realizing it.

Episode 283.

Pankti’s surprise, Randhir admitted his love for him and asked him to marry him!

Thursday 9 September 2021

Episode 284.

Anita found that Poorva and Pankti faked everything! Will he betray his daughter once again for money?

Episode 285.

Randhir worried about his shares on property and business and told DK to find out who had the remaining 5%. Meanwhile, Rangoli suspected that Randhir actually fell in love with the committee.

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Friday 10 September 2021

Episode 286.

Dhanrajgir is preparing for the wedding of Ahaan and Rangoli! Manav called Randhir to tell him that they agreed to his condition.

Episode 287 Part 1

Pankti, Uday, Monty and Poorva are looking for a pen to Rangoli’s house. Will they find it on time and can stop the annoyance of marrying Rangoli?

Monday September 13 2021

Episode 287 part 2

Marriage ritual starts! Will the committee can stop love in his life from marriage?

Episode 288.
Last episode

Pankti arrived at a wedding but Rangoli was very angry so he threatened to kill him! Will there be a happy end?

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