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Ishq Subhan Allah (English: Zara’s Nikah) is an Indian television series that premiered on 14 March 2018 on Zee TV. Produced by Dheeraj Kumar, it starred Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan. Set against a Muslim backdrop, it addresses contemporary political, religious and social issues including Triple talaq and Sharia law and aimed to dispel wrong notions about Islam.

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The series begins with Zara Siddiqui and Kabir Ahmad returning to Lucknow after five years and completing higher studies in Islam. When an argument about Triple Talaq between Zara and Kabir becomes viral on the Internet, they are forced to marry each other.

Gradually after marriage, Zara realizes her love for the still hesitant Kabir. Rukhsaar has been in love with him from a young age and tries to split them up, who brings Miraj to create differences between Zara and Kabir though he goes rogue out to harm everyone in the family.

Rukhsaar calls Nilofer to pose as Miraj’s sister and instructs her to protect the family from Miraj except for Zara, but is then married off to Hamdan Alghazi and leaves for Dubai. Miraj buys out and kills Nilofer. A misunderstanding leads to Kabir to divorce Zara using the Triple Talaq practice.