Strange Love Wednesday 31st March 2021 Update Starlife


Strange Love Wednesday 31st March 2021 Update: Anjali and Niranjan looking at their son talking to Kavya. Sojal looks on. He gets angry at Anjali. Anjali notices he is annoyed and does not react. Shlok comes and Niranjan asks him to have breakfast. He says I have to go. Niranjan says today you can meet Astha, it’s your responsibility to look after the women, they should not get hurt.

Shlok says yes. Niranjan wishes him all the best. Shlok leaves taking his blessings. Aryaman comes and says I think I should be at the ashram as it is getting vacant today. Niranjan says ok go. Aryaman thinks he wants to see Astha leave. Aryaman asks Shlok shall we leave. Niranjan hopes that Shlok learns something new today.

The ashram is getting vacant. The women feel sad and cry. They hug each other and console themselves. Astha tries to uplift their mood and says everything happens for the good and maybe the new place is better than this. She says a house is made by people staying together. She says don’t be sad, I will decorate the new house with Gauri. Astha breaks down and cries. The woman tells Astha not to hurt herself. The women take up their belongings and start leaving. They look at the house and cry. Kalindi asks Atul to have food. Atul asks where is Astha. Kalindi says she went to the ashram to help those people. Atul says Shlok has forgotten everything, Astha should also move on. Atul says I feel she is getting into a problem.

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Shlok comes to the ashram with Aryaman. The women and Astha look at him. The women ask you here? Shlok gives them a file. They ask what is this. Shlok says it’s Ashram’s papers, I have signed on it, you also sign it. They ask what papers. Shlok says it’s legal documents, this land is yours from now on. Everyone is shocked. Shlok looks at Astha. Shlok says this ashram is yours, we will make our institute somewhere else. Astha asks are you telling the truth, won’t they have to vacant the place.


Shlok says we have many options but they don’t have any option. Aryaman argues with Shlok. Shlok says I took my decision. Aryaman leaves in anger. The women get happy and thank Shlok. Astha looks at Shlok and smiles. Shlok turns to leave but Astha holds his hand and stops him. She thanks him. Shlok looks at her while she smiles. She leaves his hand and says sorry thankyou. She says I can’t thank you as I had left the hope that we will get the ashram back. She says we won’t forget your favor. He says I don’t like people who don’t respect time, come to the office on time. Astha thinks how did Shlok do this. Atul calls Astha. Astha tells him about Shlok giving back the ashram. Atul smiles and says this is good news, congrats. He says Shlok is a good guy.

Astha greets Mangesh and Mangla. Mangla says you are very late. She says we have to give the file to Shlok and you have it. Astha has many files and she looks at them. Mangla asks did you forget it. Astha says I brought it. She says I will find it and puts all the files on the ground. Mangla scolds her. Mangesh says hurry up, Shlok is waiting. Mangla says we must keep Astha away from Shlok.

Anjali scolds Shlok and says you should change your decision for the sake of Aryaman. Shlok says I found another land. She says you got Aryaman insulted in front of others, jyoti will be hurt because of this. Shlok taunts her and says do you know where is your daughter Pooja. Anjali also taunts him and says you don’t respect relations. Shlok says these talks don’t suit you. Anjali says Shlok cares about no one. Astha comes to Shlok’s cabin and pushes the door. She is about to fall on Shlok and says sorry. Shlok scolds Astha. She says Mangla Maa asked me to… He says you have spoiled my bandage. Astha says I will help you. He says I will do it myself. Astha says you may have septic, then your event will be cancelled, and then my company will be at loss. She says let me do it and cuts his bandage. She applies the balm to his hands and blows on them. Shlok says stop. She says you will be fine.

She ties the bandage. Shlok says do your work now. Astha says yes, I will do it. She asks do you want to tell something. He says yes, I need progress reports in the evening daily. He says if you don’t submit the reports, the result won’t be good. Astha takes the files and leaves from his cabin.



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