Strange Love Tuesday 30th March 2021 Update Starlife

Strange Love Tuesday 30th March 2021 Update

Strange Love Tuesday 30th March 2021 Update on starlife: On Strange Love Tuesday 30 March 2021 Update, Astha being in the office. Mangla Mam is with her and says if Shlok takes back the contract from us, then what will happen. Mangesh says nothing will happen. Mangla says it’s because of Astha. Astha looks on. Astha says you are right, your company is big, punish me if I did a mistake. Astha says I did good work also by supporting those women. She says if you help them out, your company will become famous.

Mangla agrees. Astha says what did I do wrong. Mangla asks why was Shlok angry with you. Astha says he was not angry, his face is like that. The women came to bless him. Mangla says I don’t understand your way of working. Mangesh says you did it right, we will be getting profit from it. Mangesh says we are not stopping you from good work but no social work during duty.

Astha says I did it after my duty hours. Mangesh says if anything happens, Shlok will help us. Mangla says this contract should not go from our hands. Astha nods yes and leaves. Mangesh says Shlok is our client, talk to him sweetly. Anjali scolds Kavya for keeping her shoes in the rack. Sojal says let it be, she is just a kid. Anjali says I m doing this so that she can learn. Kavya says sorry. Anjali scolds Sojal also. Anjali gets a call from someone and she says she will tell Niranjan about it.

Astha thinks of talking to Shlok and looks out for him. Astha bumps into Shlok and says sorry. She says you are lucky to get the blessings. Suresh gives a letter to Astha. Astha thinks it might be her termination letter. She says you can’t do this, how can you fire me. Astha says I don’t want for your company. Shlok says why do you work like this that you get fired. Astha checks the letter. Suresh says bring this card when you come in our office, its the entry pass. Astha says I know. Shlok says I keep my personal and professional life different. Shlok says the blessings worked truly, we will take the ashram tomorrow.

Shlok says you can’t do this, give us some time. Shlok walks out. Astha starts crying. Anjali tells Atul what Astha did in the office. She says Astha is creating trouble for Shlok. Atul says I will talk to her, forgive her once. The women are waiting for Astha. Astha comes to them. Everyone asks Astha what happened at the office. The women start expecting that they won over Shlok. Astha says we lost this next. She cries and says I failed. She says we all have lost. She hugs them and cries. Shlok sees Astha crying. Astha says we don’t have time, we have only today to spend in this ashram.

Strange Love Tuesday 30th March 2021 Update: Anjali says this cannot be forgiven. We respect you but Astha is not understanding. What’s going on with Astha, is Shlok doing anything wrong. Niranjan takes Astha’s side. Anjali says she just wants to create trouble for Shlok. Atul says don’t worry, I will explain her, this won’t happen again. Niranjan says give my blessings to Astha. Atul greets them and leaves. Niranjan thinks about Astha.

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Astha says I will try again. Gauri asks what will you do. Astha says I will talk to Shlok and Niranjan. The women say our kids don’t want us, and you are trying for us. Shlok is watching them.

Kalindi scolds Astha because of her Atul had to listen to Anjali. Astha says there is nothing to do now. Kalindi says you always say you won’t do anything and then do whatever you feel like. Astha is quiet. Atul says we wish the better things for you. He says why do you do this, your heart is like gold so I feel bad listening about you. He says you have feelings for the women of the ashram and if anyone misunderstands, I feel bad. Atul says I said Niranjan that you will not do anything. He says to leave everything on Lord. Astha says yes, I left it on him, as I can’t do anything for the ashram. Astha says sorry to them and cries. She leaves. Atul and Kalindi looks on.

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Shlok is in his house thinking about Astha and the women of the ashram. Astha is also thinking about the ashram’s women. Shlok is drinking wine and gets angry. He throws the glass and breaks it. Astha cries thinking tomorrow will be a bad day for the women. Astha thinks about Shlok’s words regarding the ashram and does not sleep. Kalindi comes to Astha and she pretends as if she is sleeping. Kalindi sees her and thinks Astha is very sensitive. Kalindi says I understand your pain but we can’t do anything for you. Kalindi leaves and Astha gets up crying. Astha says can’t anything happen now Bappa, you can do anything if you wish, do something for the women.

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