Strange Love Teasers May 2021

Strange Love Teasers May 2021

Strange Love Teasers May 2021 Starlife.

Saturday, May 1 2021

Episode 75.

Pura Cinta Shlok continues in front of the Asta family. Kalindi told Asta about the investigation of Avadhoot. Then, Asta asked Shlok to helpl him restore his father’s image and he agreed, but with conditions.

Episode 76.

In Agnihotri’s household, Niranjan scolded Anjali to prepare spicy food. Then, Anjali scolded Astha to go home late and forbid it from home. He also demanded that Anjali remained quickly to Shlok.

Sunday 2 May 2021

Episode 77.

Asta’s family was worried about Anjali’s behavior. Avadhoot tells the family about the suspension order. Meanwhile, Asta refused to wash the feet of Shlok according to Pati Puja despite the insistence of Anjali.

Episode 78.

Asta’s refusal was supported by Bharat and Vinayak. Even though Niranjan’s request; Asta did not budge; And angry with Bharat. Therefore; Shlok told Asta to leave home but not before telling him that he would present proof of his father.

Monday May 3 2021

Episode 79.

Shlok told the Shinde inspector from evidence against Avadhoot. Asta was denied permission by Anjali to visit her sick father. Then, Shlok rebuked Anjali and acted as a caring husband in front of Kirloskar.

Episode 80.

Jaya tried to incite Anjali against Shlok and Astha but he was told to leave home. A Astha who was desperate for Shlok to submit evidence to his father. When Asta returned home, Anjali forced him to stay fast to compensate for his mistakes during the puja.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Episode 81.

Asta was forced to keep fasting. Anjali told him to cook food and Niranjan asked about Avadhoot’s health. Then, Sojal offers juice, and see this, Anjali is angry. When doing household tasks, Asta fainted.

Episode 82.

Shlok shouted at Anjali for forcing Asta quickly. Shlok warns Astha not to refuse to go honeymoon. Then, Abhay gave the gold chain to Sajal and told him to give Asha’s passport to him. Meanwhile, Jaya left home.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Episode 83.

Shlok asked Varad to order tickets for Goa. Then, income tax officers arrived to search the residence of Agnihotri. However, they apologized when they did not find anything and said someone told them. Niranjan tells Varad to find out who it is.

Episode 84.

Shlok tells Niranjan that he has saved account files and money safely. He then guaranteed Asta of Avadhoot’s Safety if he canceled their honeymoon. Then, Abhay incited Astha’s grandmother against Shlok.

Thursday May 6 2021

Episode 85.

Seeing Astha’s foot injured, the family suggested that Shlloke canceled the honeymoon. But he didn’t budge and the couple left. However, on the road, the car was broken and Astha escaped. Shlok who was angry looking for him.

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Episode 86.

Abhay and his mother sentenced Jyoti to support Shlok and Asta and locked it in the room. In the forest, Asta was scared by a dog and fell into the hole while trying to escape. Will you find it?

Friday May 7 2021

Episode 87.

Shlok offers astha hands if he apologizes to him. However, in the process, he also fell into the hole, a lot for Astha entertainment. Then, Shlok told the varad from the events and they tried and got out of the forest.

Episode 88.

The episode continued on Strange Love Teasers May 2021 as Anjali suggested Vinayak to get married but he refused. Meanwhile, Shlok pushed Asta into the pool and then helped him. He took him and suggested taking refuge in an abandoned house but Astha declined. Where will they go?

Saturday 8 May 2021

Episode 89.

Avadhoot’s mother suggested Kalindi do puja and invite the agnihotri family too. Meanwhile, Asta was afraid to see a snake at home. Then, Jyoti was forced to do tasks by his mother-in-law.

Episode 90.

After the instructions of Shlok, his colleagues told the Shinde inspector to hide the evidence. Abhay, in turn, called Inspector again and told him to continue. Meanwhile, Shlok behaves badly with villagers and Asta apologizes for his name.

Sunday 9 May 2021

Episode 91.

During the Puja, the police arrested Avadhoot. Abhay tells Sojal about what he did. Meanwhile, Asta was bitten by poisonous snakes and villagers suggested Shlok to get herbal medicines from the temple.

Episode 92.

Niranjan blamed Varad because of his negligence on his work and ordered him to hide news about the arrest of Avadhoot. Sojal tries to incite Varad. In the village, Shlok followed Imam’s instructions and applying drugs in Asta.

Monday 10 May 2021

Episode 93.

Niranjan read the news about Avadhoot’s capture and helped in making him released. Avadhoot is grateful to sign a land paper. However, Asta read the news about arrest and surprised.

Episode 94.

Asta was angry with Shlok. He was both shocked and tried to explain to him but he refused to listen. Meanwhile, family is happy to see Avadhoot Home. Then, Niranjan told Anjali from Avadhoot’s release and instructed it to contribute.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Episode 95.

Anjali instructed the nylofer to bring his parents from an old house. Meanwhile, Avadhoot calmed Asta and told him about his release. Shlok was very angry with his colleague for the mistake he did.

Episode 96.

Niranjan was very angry when Anjali told him that he had not invited Kirloskar. Then, Anjali was very angry when he knew that Asta had gone to visit his father. He demanded astha to leave his parents forever.

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Episode 97.

Guests go after waiting for Asta. Then, Anjali brought astha home and he revealed the truth about his relationship with Shlok. After the endless argument, he decided to leave and stay with his parents.

Episode 98.

Although the whole family stopped him, Asta left Agnihotri’s house and revealed the truth to his parents. Niranjan, meanwhile, rebuked Shlok for his mistake and ordered him to get Asta back. Asta ignored Shlok’s call.

Thursday May 13 2021

Episode 99.

Niranjan scolded Anjali for not doing his job. Then, Niranjan convinced Avadhoot that Shll would bring astha back. Meanwhile, Anjali warned Jyoti again because Jaya tried to steal Asta’s jewelry. Surprised at Shlok and Asta’s break up, Jyoti decided to unite it.

Episode 100.

Shlok saw astha on the market and asked him to go home. Kalindi slapped Shlok. Then, Varad found Drok Drunk and took him home. At Kirloskar, Kalindi suggested Asta to divorce Shlok and Avadhoot told him to take a job.

Friday May 14 2021

Episode 101.

Jyoti convinced Shlok to bring Asta back. Meanwhile, Asta attended an interview where the interviewer learned that he was the wife of Shlok, and offered his position as an event manager.

Episode 102.


Shlok forcefully needed Astha with him. Kalindi reached a Shlok house with the police, and arrested him for domestic violence in Asta. Shlok handcuffs astha with him, and throws away the key.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Episode 103.

Asta pulled her complaint, and refused to express anything to the media. Shlok receives Asta’s divorce notification. Niranjan suggested astha and her parents reconsider their decision to divorce.

Episode 104.

Varad asked Shlok to reconcile with Asta. Shlok ordered his subordinates to oversee Asta’s activities. Asta managed to find a job. The company ordered it to sign bonds. He was surprised to know that Shlok was his boss.

Sunday May 16 2021

Episode 105.

Shlok hurt his hand, when Kalindi demanded him to sign a divorce letter. Asta tends to learn about the injury. Niranjan suggested Anjali for Asta’s gift necklace for her first Vaan ritual. Then, Kalindi told Asta that Shlok was intentionally ill.

Episode 106.

Asta wore the necklace, who was talented to him with Anjali, and arrived at Shlok’s house. He asked Niranjan to give him and get divorced. He returned the necklace to Niranjan.

Thursday 20 May 2021

Episode 113.

Anjali instructed Asta to prepare lunch for the family. Meanwhile, Kalindi was worried about Asta, and could not contact him on the phone. Niranjan decided to have a party for Asta, and invited Dr. Joshi. Anjali stopped Asta from going to the office, but Shlok told Asta his presentation.

Episode 114.

Sojal stole a disk containing ASTHA presentation. Anjali invited Avadhoot and Kalindi for the party. Shlok ordered Asta to return home when he arrived at the office. Asta, meanwhile, successfully installed a good presentation, without disk.

Friday 21 May 2021

Episode 115.

Asta returned home with a prize. He told guests to play games. He gave Chocolate to Kavya because his team won the match. Sojal suggests Asta to wear a dress. Anjali watched astha wear a dress, and instructed him to wear a saree before Niranjan saw it.

Episode 116.

Asta realized that her lemar was locked. However, Kavya took him to Sojal’s room, and gave him the saved saree for him. Mr. Joshi offers his blessings to Asta and Shlok. Then, Niranjan announced that Asta would be a partner with the company.

Saturday 22 May 2021

Episode 117.

Sojal was jealous with Asta, and ventilated his disappointment at Varad. Asta decided to restore company documents, but in vain. Anjali instructed Asta to move to the Shlok room. Then, Asta and Shlok have disagreement.

Episode 118.

Asta refused to serve breakfast to Shlok. He decided to take a holiday from work, to help Anjali at home. Shlok took his subordinates to hold a meeting with Asta. Anjali instructed Asta to prepare a bouquet of flowers with pearls.

Sunday 23 May 2021

Episode 119.

Anjali instructed Asta to buy gold with the money he had given, on behalf of his parents. Sojal informs Avadhoot that he needs to send gold to puja. Avadhoot brings gold. Meanwhile, Sojal mixes drugs in astha milk. But, Shlok drank it.

Episode 120.

Anjali instructed Shlok and Asta to design Lord Ganesh’s idol, without communicating with each other. Meanwhile, Anjali told Asta that the gold ornaments were fake. Sojal knows that Jaya has stolen ornaments.

Monday 24 May 2021

Episode 121.

Anjali faced astha because he was not responsible. Shlok and Asta do puja ganesh. Anjali thanks Kalindi for sending gold ornaments for puja. Asta sleeps in the kitchen because Anjali gets her room renovated.

Episode 122.

Niranjan told Anjali to stop Asta from doing household tasks. Anjali told Asta to concentrate on office work. Shlok ordered the peon to move Asta’s office items to the cabin.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Episode 123.

Asta knew that Shlok did not cheat Avadhoot, and felt guilty. Shlok asked Astha to sign the check of Abhay payment. He asked Abhay whether he had an avadhoot. A reporter interviewed Shlok and Astha about their relationship.

Episode 124.

Shlok was very angry at the reporter to ask about his personal life. Soard conspires against Asta, and locks it in the room. Meanwhile, Kalindi and Avadhoot discussed the relationship between Shlok and Asta.

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Episode 125.

Shlok remembered his ex-girlfriend, Swati, on Valentine’s Day. He consumed alcohol, and destroyed his belongings. He made Asta’s fault to become Swati, and embrace him. A dejected astha reminded him of his identity.

Episode 126.

Sojal looked for Anjali permission to go out with Varad for dinner, but in vain. Meanwhile, Anjali instructed Asta to take care of drunk Shlok. Asta tends to be shared, and dealing with Anjali for not taking care of him.

Thursday May 27 2021

Episode 127.

Asta found a Shlok diary and read it. He learned about his love for Swati. Shlok held Astha’s hand in her sleep, thought it became Swati. Asta felt guilty for hurting Shlok. Asta knows that Shlok has a fever, and tells Niranjan.

Episode 128.

Asta worried about Shlok, and prayed for recovery. Plot Sojal and Jaya to separate Shlok and Asta. Shlok recovered from his fever, and found Asta by his side. Asta questioned Anjali about Swati.

Friday 28 May 2021

Episode 129.

Shlok tends to astha when he hurts his finger. Asta decided to relieve Shlok from pain and trouble. Shlok tried to provoke Astha, to fight with him, but in vain. Asta reads a Shlok Diary to find out more about Swati.

Episode 130.

Anjali stopped Avadhoot and Kalindi from talking to Asta. Kalindi told Asta that she had invited her bride to the house. Anjali told Niranjan that Asta realized Swati. Astha varad questions about Swati, but in vain. Asta gives medicine to Shlok.

Saturday 29 May 2021

Episode 131.

Asta wants to find out about Swati, and sneak into a Shlok study. However, Anjali warned him not to enter the room. Sojal asked for a varad about Shlok’s past, but was in vain. Anjali determines Swati’s items burning.

Episode 132.

Anjali refused to let Jyoti stay at his house. Abhay was very angry at Jyoti for calling Anjali. Anjali reminded Asta about fasting. Meanwhile, Asta told Shlok that she entered her studies.

Sunday 30 May 2021

Episode 133.

Niranjan and Anjali celebrate Mahashivratri. Asta prayed to God for Shlok’s welfare. Meanwhile, Jyoti apologized to Abhay. Abhay who was angry locking Jyoti in the warehouse. Jyoti tried to prove his innocence to Abhay.

Episode 134.

Asta lies at Anjali and tells her that Niranjan asked her to have food. He feeds Anjali. However, Niranjan returned home and was surprised to see Anjali having food before him. Niranjan annoyed with Anjali.

Monday 31 May 2021

Episode 135.

Abhay was surprised to see Shlok and Astha at home. He lied to Astha that Jyoti had gone shopping. Shlok Self-notice, while returning home. He tried to look for him but was in vain.

Episode 136.

Niranjan told Anjali about Ajinkya and Aditi’s arrival. He asked him to prepare food for them. Anjali told Asta the same. Meanwhile, Jaya and Sojal conspire against Asta.




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