Strange Love Tuesday 4th May 2021 Update Starlife

Strange love
Strange love

Strange Love Tuesday 4th May 2021 Update Starlife:  Astha asking Anjali about her fast. Anjali says you have to keep the fast as you have insulted our traditions, you have to do the Prayaschit. Astha agrees and says I will keep this fast for your sake. jaya and Sojal are happy. Anjali says if you don’t keep it well, you will be punished more severely. Astha says I agree and leaves. jaya tells Anjali that Astha is very clever, who knows she can eat anything while hiding. Anjali asks jaya to go and pack her bag and have rest. She says Astha knows that she should not break the fast.

Its morning, Shlok looks at Astha and smiles. Astha is getting ready. He applies bindi to her and says you are Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri now, you should be perfect, keep in mind. He says take this tea. She says no, I don’t want to drink. He says drink it. She says I don’t want to. He says whats your problem, drink it. She says its my fast and pushes the tea cup. He says really? Fast and you. He says is it for me and laughs. He says its fine even if you don’t keep it, he taunts her and says no need for it, you won’t be able to keep it. Astha gets angry and leaves.

Strange Love Tuesday 4th May 2021 Update Starlife: Sojal is working in the kitchen. Astha comes there. Sojal asks her to do some work. Astha starts working. Sojal says did you really keep the fast. Astha says yes. Anjali says Astha you will make the food today and sends Sojal. Anjali asks Astha to make everything well. Astha says fine. Anjali says make more food as we have to cook for 20 ashram kids, make 100 to 150 rotis and it should be made before noon. Astha says ok and cooks. Kalindi is thinking about Astha and reminds Avdhoot that she learnt to cook Kadi only for Astha as she likes it a lot.

They think of Astha and smile. Ajju says send some Kadi to Astha. Avdhoot says not necessary, this won’t look good there. Kalindi coughs and Avdhoot gives her water. She says I don’t like this Kadi today without Astha, I don’t want to have food, I feel to make Astha eat by my hands. She says why do always daughters have to leave their house and go. Astha is cooking in the kitchen. She is about to drink water, but thinks of her fast and stops.

Sojal comes to Astha in the kitchen and offers her juice. She says you might be tired, drink it. Anjali comes there and says Sojal. Sojal gets tensed. Anjali says are you not ashamed to do this, don’t you know its her fast today, you want to break her fast, isn’t it. Anjali asks Sojal to go and do her work. Anjali looks at Astha and says Astha, time is less, work faster and you are keeping the fast for one day, not for a month, that you are feeling so weak.

Everyone are having lunch and Astha serves them food along with Sojal. Astha feels weaker and holds her head. Anjali says stop acting and serve the food well. Niranjan says Astha, how is your dad now. I m busy in work so could not go to see him, but he does not come to our house often. Anjali says its not good to come to daughter’s house often. Niranjan leaves. Shlok, Varad and Kaka also leave after finishing their food. Anjali sits and asks Sojal also to have food.

Anjali says Astha, where are you going, serve us now. Sojal smiles. Astha starts feeling unwell. Astha serves them. Shlok calls Astha and she is coming to him. He shouts Astha again and again. jaya brings food for Astha and asks her to eat it. She says you are like my daughter, I can’t see you like this. Astha says no aunty, I can’t eat this, whatever I did was not to insult the elders, I kept this fast by my wish and I don’t want to break it, I m sorry.

Anjali looks at them. jaya gets worried seeing Anjali. Anjali comes to jaya and scolds her saying I m forgiving you for the last time, if you do it again, I will forget that you are our guest. Astha comes to Shlok. He sees her feeling weak and comes to her. He says you are doing all this as you don’t want to go for honeymoon, but I don’t care, start packing now. Astha says I m really not well. He says shh… start packing. Anjali shouts Astha and Astha has to go to her now.

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Astha comes in the hall and everyone looks at her. Anjali says whats the reason to go to your room and sit. She says do one thing, take these silver vessels and polish them. Astha says can’t I do this later, now I m….. Anjali says Sojal bring oil, I will massage Astha’s hand. Anjali taunts Astha and says you don’t have the strength to keep the fast, let it be, I will do the work myself. Astha says its ok, I will do it. jaya and Sojal smile.

AStha takes the silver items and starts going. She feels unwell and falls. Everyone are shocked. Shlok comes running to Astha and holds her. Shlok says Astha…… and tries to make her conscious. Varad comes and asks what happened to her. Shlok says I don’t know. Varad brings water and Shlok puts on Astha. She opens her eyes and gets up. He asks are you fine. Varad asks Sojal to bring anything for Astha but Anjali stops her. Varad goes and brings juice for Astha. Shlok asks Astha to drink it. He makes Astha drink it and her fast breaks. Anjali gets angry seeing this.

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