Strange Love Monday 29th March 2021 Update Starlife

Strange Love Monday 29th March 2021 Update
Strange Love Monday 29th March 2021 Update

Strange Love Monday 29th March 2021 Update: On Strange Love Monday 29 March 2021 Update, The Episode starts with Astha reading the agreement that she has to serve her services to Shlok’s institute and Shlok will be her head. Shlok is the head of the event and Astha has to serve the silver jubilee celebrations of Shlok’s institutes. Astha calls Atul and tries to talk to Atul. Kalindi receives her call and makes her talk to Atul. He praises Astha in front of some people. Ajju also praises Astha.

Kalindi says Astha called. Atul talks to Astha and asks did he get the appointment letter. Astha says yes, I have signed the contract papers also. She says it’s time for her meeting and cuts the call. Astha thinks about her parent’s dreams and she does not have any other option left now as she has signed the contract, she can’t ruin her career and everyone’s dreams because of Shlok.

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Niranjan talks to Atul about the silver jubilee celebration. He asks Atul to check the papers. Atul says your work is always perfect, so no need to check the papers. Atul greets Anjali. Niranjan sees Kavya’s sandals and smiles. He says it’s very beautiful. He says to buy another pair of sandals for her, it will be good. He asks Anjali to bring snacks for Atul. He says Shlok has joined him and they have got land also for the new project. Atul praises Shlok. Niranjan says Shlok is very talented. Anjali sees Kavya’s sandal in the shoe rack and gets angry.

Astha comes to Shlok thinking it should be Niranjan inside the cabin. She opens her eyes and sees Shlok. She says Bappa I wanted to avoid him, but you are making me face him again and again. Shlok says don’t you know how to wish your client. Astha says good morning Sir. He asks her to sit without breaking anything around her. She says I m fine. He says let’s talk about the work. He says the silver jubilee function is for 15 days and gives limited passes to the invitees. Astha says forget whatever happened earlier, I have to prove to myself that I can do this. Shlok gives a list to Astha of things to do. He says don’t take everything personally. He says don’t miss out on anything.


Strange Love Monday 29th March 2021 Update: Astha notes down whatever Shlok says. He tells her few important work-related points. As the bumps into Shlok and then move backward. He says I m done, now you have to report me in the morning and evening. She says sign this form, Mangesh Sir gave it. He says say please. Astha says please sign it Sir. He says better. Astha sees Shlok’s fingers are hurt and he is finding it difficult to sign the papers. Astha thinks his fingers got stuck in the lift’s door.
The pen falls and Astha and Shlok together pick it up. They get closer under the table and have a cute eyelock. Music plays….. Astha sees Shlok is unable to sign.

Shlok signs at last. Astha gets a message and she smiles reading it. She asks Shlok can she leave now. Shlok says yes. Astha’s friends arrive at Shlok’s office. He is shocked to see them. Astha smiles seeing them. The women from the ashram bring aarti plate and bless Shlok. Astha joins them and says my duty has finished, and I want to talk to you on behalf of these women. Shlok calls security. The women say we have brought prasad for you by doing puja for you. Astha says do you have a problem taking the prasad. Shlok shouts security.

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Astha takes the women’s side. Shlok says it’s illegal to come inside like this. Astha says everyone took the prasad, even you should take it. Suresh comes and says they have prayed for us and came to us from so much far place. Shlok says how did they come in. Astha tells Shlok to accept the prasad. Shlok looks at his staff all being happy with the prasad. Shlok gives his hand forward to take the prasad. The women do the tilak one by one. Shlok gets angry bearing all this stuff. He looks at Astha. Mangla and Mangesh come there and see the drama.

The women say we pray you to get sufficient land so that you don’t ruin the ashrams. Mangla is tensed and says Astha did this, what will happen now. The women say they will leave now, God bless you Shlok. Astha laughs while Shlok looks at her angrily. He says my decision won’t change. Astha says we did not come here to change your decision. Mangla says let’s go from here and takes Astha with her.



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