Solos Season 1 Episode 3

Solos Season 1
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Solos Season 1

Solos Season 1


Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 3

Episode Title: Peg

Air Date: May 21, 2021

Source: Solos.S01.1080p.WEB.H264-MIXED

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While hurling through space on a mysterious trip to the farthest reaches of the universe, Peg recounts a lifetime of events that led her to this moment.

Episode 3 was open in space, with PEG (played by Helen Mirren) humming on himself as he sat in the command chair. He wanted to remember certain songs, and his AI asked if they could help – he refused and wondered about the research they did. AI told him that it had begun. Peg began talking to the recording log, but the AI ​​system told him not to act like him on television and became himself. Peg explained that he signed up for this trip “to the long term universe” after seeing the ad. The company that sent it on this trip assigned parents on the way because there was no hope of returning to the earth; Peg wants adventure, apparently.

Mom and dad
Ai showed that they passed the moon, and he was amazed. It reminded his father’s stake, Tom (episode 2), who died of cancer. Peg explained that he died when he was six years old – he called him the best father, and he used to do Tiks with him. As we saw in the previous chapter, this father and child loved each other. He then described his father’s robot and revealed how his mother didn’t like “Father 2.0” but pretended to him. Peg explained how his mother died 6 months later after the driver of the driver was less angry and how he cried for days.

Peg described the prom when he was young and how his dream boy was named Ming invited him. He fainted, but after that, he refused. He knew what other children would say and stated it would be nice to see, but he still thank him. The stake felt Ming asked him out of sympathy when he was a lonely girl.

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