Snatched Wednesday 25 March 2020 Update on zee World


Snatched Wednesday 25 March 2020 Update on zee World:  On Snatched 25th March 2020 Update on, Vianti is on skates to serve the guests in party. Sanjana says in heart I am sorry vinati bhabhi. Shreya is on skates as well. Sanjana says to shreya why are you still here? Serve colddrinks to my pals. sanjana says on call i guess he is here. Ajay comes in and is shocked. He asks shreya and vinati to go in. He says thank God mama ji is on shop.

Sanjana syas you are not invited here. He says your main entertainer wont come. I will be it. He shoves Sanjana. He takes off his shirt and dances with other girls. Sanjana is silent. He twists her as well and dances with rest of the girls. Sanjana says get out of my party. He says i don’t want to stay here either not interested in your face. He shoves her and leaves.

Dadi asks sanjana why were you silent. Sanjana says did you see? dadi says you were possessive. Sanjana says tell me what to do next. Dadi says last weapon is left. She gives her a wine bottle. Sanjana says no please. Dadi says we have to do this. You have to do this. dadi says all the best. sanjana goes out with wine.

Shreya says to elaichi its aching. Elaichi says i will give you milk you will be fine. Sanjana says listen my family listen. She says i am going to be single soon. So lets celebrate it with a wine. Here’s to the freedom. She says you know i have been waiting for this day. Vinati say i wont let you open this i my house.

At least respect your elders. Sanjana says who elders? So you are talking about ones who dont care about you? shake hand with me we will both have fun together. Vinati says shut up. Vinati says relations are hurdled not broken. She says give me the bottle.

Snatched Wednesday 25 March 2020 Update on zee World, Sanjana shoves her. Amar holds her. Kirloik says whats going on here? sanjana says party. Women here dont know what party is. Wine is not wrong. Amar says dont talk like that to mamma ji. Vinati takes the bottle from her. She says we are proud of our elders. Even when we are parted. We are one by heart. Relations are by heart. Shreya says Sanjana its illegal to drink under 25 or I will call cops. Sajana’s friend says dont call cops we are leaving. Vinati says take your bottle with you. Sanjana says how dare you to kick my friends out. vinati says every time you go against my family i will stand in front of you.

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Sanjana says If amar didn’t come mammi ji would have saved Vinati. Shreya asks angori for dadi? She says i don’t know. She asks where is sanjana? angorri says she must be in hell. Rishab calls avni but she doesn’t pick up. Avni comes out.

Rishab says to Avni that i was waiting for you, Avni says a problem happened in house, Rishab says i dont care what is happening in your house, when i call you then you have to reply to me, i was waiting for you and you are not answering me, he is about to hit Avni but stops.

Nani says to Sanjana that i hope our family is united, Sanjaana says soon Shrya’s truth will come out, you dont worry, Shrya listens this and says thinks that Nanji know about my reality, what if she tells everyone, i will be thrown out of house, she starts to leave from there, Sanjana sees someone going and tell this to Nani, Nani goes behing silhuttee, its Avni who is going in house stealthly, Nani stops her and finds wound on her head, she ask Avni how this happened? Avni says i fell down, Nani gives her swear to tell truth, Avni says Rishab, Nani is shocked to know that Rishab has hit Avni.

Snatched Wednesday 25 March 2020 Update on zee World, Shrya is sitting in room, Bhushan comes there and says to Shrya that how can you cheat my family? you have stoop so low, Krilok says to Bhushan that she is against our family just throw her out, Bhushan says i will send her to right place that is police station, i wanna slap her first, Shrya starts shouting that dont touch me, it turns out to be her dream, Bhushan comes and ask what happened? Shrya hugs him being afraid, Bhushan ask what happened? Shrya says i am afraid that Sanjana will our family, she will separate me from you, Bhushan says dont worry, Sanjana will be thrown out soon, he leaves, Shrya says i have to think some way to stop Nani, and i keep my image intact too.

worry I have an idea. Shreya and elaichi are working in the

kitchen. Elaichi says whats wrong? She says sorry I dont know

where is my focus. Vinati comes and says rishab is coming

angoori help me with stuff. Elaichi says to shreya i think we

shoulg give kitchen to vinati rishab is coming. Shreya says that

is not our concern we will leave when our work ends. Elaichi

says dont say that. If your parents were coming she would have

give us too. Rishab is our son in law. shreya says in heart this

is yesterday’s effect.

Shreya goes to her room. she sees the skates and says I will make you dance on it shreya. she hears dadi says i will join gym after everything is done.
Shreya puts skates in dadi’s way so she trips but Dadi watches out her way and walks away.

Rishab comes in. Kirlok says he is so punctual. Rishab meets everyone including bhushan. Kirlok brings him in. Vinati asks how are you? He says i am good. She says you have to wait avni will wait a little. Sanjana comes and says i have brought a tea as well. Sanjana whispers who knows there is an animal behind this smiling face. Avni has told me everything. Dadib says come i will take you to avni’s room wash it there. Dadi says avni look who is here? Avni says rishab you. He asks how are you? She says good. Dadi says he has to wash his clothes. He spilt tea.

Snatched Wednesday 25 March 2020 Update on zee World, Dadi comes to store to turn the light off. There is too much dust. Shreya hits on back of her head. Dadi falls down and faint. Bhushan asks elaichi have you seen shreyaa? She says no. Sanjana says on call to her sister these people are just pretenders. Ajay takes her phone and says what are you doing now? Sanjana says couldn’t you find someone worst then Rishab? Don’t tell me you haven’t seen scars on avni’s face. She has been slapped and there is a bruise on her head too. Vinati says yes there was a mark on her head. she didn’t say anything. She said its because of pimple.

Rishab says to avni what have you said to sanjana about me? Avni says one second let me conceal this scar. He says how dare you not to answer me. Tell me what you told sanjana or i will hit you so hard. He is about to slap her bhushan comes and holds his hand. He says how dare you to hit my sister. Rishab says i am her fiance. Bhushan says you were. Rishab says leave me or i will be worse.

Shreya says what should i do? dadi will tell everyone. thank God she didn’t see my face. Shreya is scared what to do? she ropes dadi.

Snatched Wednesday 25 March 2020 Update on zee World, Amar says to rishab avni has 5 brother and we swore to protect her. We will kill whoever bats a wrong eye on her. Bhsuhan says i will kill him. Kirlok says leave this house i am breaking this engagement. Rishab says you cant find her a better guy. Elaichi says you were a mistake and we are rectifying that. He says I will find a new girl but I will defame her so much that she couldn’t be able to find someone. You will have to pay for this.

  • Deception Monday 23 March 2020 Update zee worldAvni says you hit me and treated me this way but i tolerated but dont you dare to cast an eye on mamma mami. If you ever see them i and my brother wont leave you. If you love your life then get lost. Tomorrow everyone in city will know what you are like. Whoever loves their daughter will keep them away from you. Out now. She is crying. Elaichi hugs her.

Elaichi says why didn’t you tell me? Avni says i am sorry. Vinati says and whom will I tell? Elaichi says you mom in law. Vinati hugs her. Sanjana wonders where is Shreya and dadi.


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