Snatched Update Wednesday 11 March 2020

Snatched Update Wednesday 11 March 2020
Snatched Update Wednesday 11 March 2020

This is the written episode Snatched Update Wednesday 11 March 2020 on zee world

On Snatched Update 11th March 2020: hushan lays shreya on bed and sparkles water on her face. she says where am i? Bhushan says whats wrong? Sanjana says what happened to you out of blue? She says i was cleaning the room. I fainted. Sanjana says lets take you to hospital. Shreya says no i fear injections. 

Sanjana says no lets call doctor. Shreya says no bhushan will take care of me. Bhushan takes her to room. She says why didn’t you ask angoori to help you? Shreya says i don’t trust anyone after what ajay did. He says just rest right now.Shreya calls her mom and tells her about the saari. She says there was some other guy in her life. Her mom says bhushan’s family can pardon her for the bf. Find something solid. Shreya says i will investigate everything about that guy.

Ajay drops all the books, Sanjana helps him. He says you dont have to be my nurse. She says you couldn’t move so i came for her. Inspector calls her and tells that they have arrested the thugs. she says i can even come right now but i will come tomorrow. Sanjana says take off you shirt so we can chane the bandge. He cant take off, sanjana helps him. She dresses his wound and says let me brin the other shirt. She makes him wear the shirt.

Snatched Update Wednesday 11 March 2020

Dadi says to elaichi sanjana is the best for ajay, the way she takes care of him. Elaichi says you are right. she is very active for ajay, she always takes care of him.Dadi says thats good for him. Sanjana says i am taking ajay to police station. Insepctor has arrested some thugs, we need to reconize them. Kirlok says i and bhushan will come as well.

 Sanjana says okay i am calling him. Bhushan says let me call. He calls and says what? when? and why did ajay come to meet you? Bhushan tells everyone few minutes ago ajay met him and changed his statement. He said no one attacked him, it was an accident. Everyone is dazed.

Agarwal laughs on the call and says this is great. Ajay comes in agarwal says you have bruises you should have asked me to come. ajay says i want to know the reason of these bruises? Ajay says i wanna know why you sent those thugs and tried to kill me in hospital?

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Sanjana says ajay is concealing something from us. He knows thugs attacked him. Ajay says maybe the thugs are blackmailing him. Elaichi says call ajay. Ajay’s number is unavailabale. Elaichi says he should have come by now.
Ajay says i am here to ask why you did this? how can a dad do this to his daughter. Agarwal says why shouldn’t i do this? She married without my consent, she lead me down. You thought you can marry her in court and i wont react. she will regret. Ajay says was that all drama? coming to our place and that wedding. Agarwal says so no one doubts me.

Kirlok says they can attack him twice. Bhushan says his brothers are alive to save him. Kirlok says lets go to police station. Mishhri call all his friends and ask is he there? Sanjana says i should ask papa, he has contacts in cops maybe he can help. Vinati says yes take care. elaichi says i am really scared for him.
Shreya reads sanjana’s diary. Her mom calls and asks did you find something? Shreya says i dont get a lot of time. ajay is missing, her mom says go and look in their room.

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ajay says you can’t do this to your daughter. Agarwal says my dinity and name is everything for me. I am sanjana’s dad. She had to marry the guy of my choice, i will even kill for this. Ajay says she is my wife and i will protect her. Give me a chance and maybe i am like the guy you wanted her to marry. don’t take my wife from me. Agarwal says you are begging for your wife? you can never be guy of my choice. Ajay says i will do anything, just give me a chance to prove. Agarwal says okay then let me give you a chance. you will have to do something. ajay says i am ready.

Snatched Update Wednesday 11 March 2020

Agarwal says to ajay you have to do something that i ask. If you succeed i might spare your life. Ajay says i am ready but after that you have to respect sanjana and let her decide for her life.

Shreya comes to ajay’s room. She sees laptop and open sanjana’s friendsbook account. She says i can get info from here. She tries different passwords but they reject. She answers security question of her favorite color. She calls her mom and says i dont know what could be the password. Security question is her favorite color.Her mom says don’t give up. Look if you enter her account you will get to know a lot about her. Shreya enters pink, but its wrong. She enters red but thats wrong too. Its last chance, she opens sanjana’s closet and finds a lot of green there. she enters green and it works.

Snatched Update Wednesday 11th March 2020

agarwal gives a packet to ajay and says deliver it on construction site and think once. Ajay says i dont fear challenges. Agarwal says there is a man at 3rd floor, he is against me. He is a leader and more like a thread. This can risk your life. He is not my friend so neither yours. Put these eye drops in your eyes, after 15 minutes you wont be able to see anything. You will be blind. It will be like calling your death. Ajay puts the drops in his eyes, Sanjana’s sister overhears all this.

Sanjana’s friend messages her. She says i wanna meet you, i am really confused. shreya asks confused for what? She says you know, you had to go to chine and went japan.
Sanjana’s sister comes in and says this is wrong papa. you shouldn’t have done this. He says now you will tell me what to do. She says i wish i had to say this before. You got me married to the wrong man i waited all my life for him. Where should i go? Agarwal says do you know what you are saying? Amrita says i am glad sanjana chose a good man for herself. When i went to tell sanjana ajay stopped me. I am going again to tell sanjana and ajay’s family. You have sent him to hell. I will save his life. He takes her phone and says you wont do this.Agarwal asks his man to lock her godown.

Snatched Update Wednesday 11 March 2020

Shreya messages i had to. her friend says you used to hate ajay. I am talking about ajju. Shreya says send me a pic. Sanjana’s pal sends pic with ajju. Shreya says i look good. her pal says you missed ajju’s birthday, it was 20th october. Because of ajay. Shreya says same date was in sanjana’s diary. So she loved ajay.

Sanjana comes to agarwal and says ajay is missing since morning. Amrita is hearing them. Agarwal says how is this possible? She says he is still injured. I am really worried. He says let me call cops and ask them. Amrita says someone please help he.
Agarwal says to sanjana go home i will find him. She says no i will stay with you. He says you should be with your in laws. Snajana says where is didi? She hears clattering? Agarwal says repairing is on going. And go home now. She leaves.

Snatched Update Wednesday 11th March 2020

Sanjana goes out and hears knock on the door. She looks in, amrita is there. Sanjana opens and unropes her. She says what is this? Amriata says ajay’s life is in danger. Sanajana says who did this? Amrita says papa. Amrita says ajay is stuck in papa’s trap. Papa’s thugs attacked him.I came to tell you but he asked me to not to. sanjana says where is he? Amrita tells her about the construction site.

Ajay is on his way, his vision is blurred. Amrita says papa’s thugs are waitin to kill ajay there.

They come out agarwal says sanjana..sanjana says your game is over i wont let anything happen to ajay. She sits in car and leaves. Agarwal’s thugs chase her.

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