Snatched Update Thursday 27 February 2020

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This is the written episode of Snatched Update Thursday 27 February 2020 on zee world.

Snatched Update Thursday 27th February 2020

On Snatched update 27 February 2020: Ajay says why you do this every time? why you played that song? now you wont have an answer. Do you know how bad it is to interrupt mamma ji. She says i swear i didn’t play it. i dont know how it played, ajay says yes some ghost played it. sanjina says i dont know how it played. he says give it to me, he takes he it. Sanjina says ajay is about to call he says you wont have it, he throws it away.

Vinati says i am so happy i have got 2 likes on my post. avni says we are making a video for ayush’ match, so we can show him after he wins. Kirlok says we are sure he would win. dadi says he is like his grandad. They ask elaichi what are you making? sanjina watches them. elaichi says i am making sweet/ she says i wont tell, you will buy it form outside. They ask bhushan. bhushan says you have to win. you whole family is with you.

sanjina watches them and smiles. ajay takes her to the room. he gives her the phone. she says what is it? he says i broke your phone. She says really? but how you become so nice? she says thank you. he says keep your buttering to yourself. i have given this to you so you dont complain your dad. she says why dont you trust me i never called him. he says i can’t trust you ever. Dont try to be my friend, that is not possible.

Snatched Update Thursday 27 February 2020

Shreya calls, boxing association, she says this is my responisibilty to tell you something. ayush will be taking drugs before the match, i will email you the details and images. avni and uppal come in. shreya is shocked. Avni says how can you do this? shreya is scared. they laugh and say what happened to you? why are you so nervous? Shreya smiles. she tells ayush that everyone is making the video for him. he says let me pack the bag, then i will check them. Shreya says i will pack the bag. He says okay. Shreya sees the packet and places it in his bag.

Everyone makes the video, ajay comes and says ayush best of luck, ayush ignores him and sits with amar. they all ignore ajay. Elaichi is in the kitchen, sanjina comes there. she pretends on call i know how to make these basin sweets. Let the oil warm. Dont put anything before that. now put in ghee just two spoons. she tells the whole recipe and elaichi follows it. Elaichi makes it, sanjina says in heart you will have to pardon ajay mammi ji. he is your family.
Vinati says i wont taste the sweets what if they break my teeth. Uppal says they are made for ayush. elaichi comes and says good luck sweet is ready. they all taste it. ayush says they are really tasty, i can’t believe it. Everyone is dazed. Avni says what is the recipe. Vinati says anything made with love has to be tasty. Ayush is mammi’s favorite. Uppal says no ajay, everyone is quite for a while.

ajays says where is my sweets? and you had to make me eat it according to the rule. elaichi says when kids can break the rules why can’t us. Elaichi says everything is bound with love, Ajay says i know that. Just give me a little time. Shreya comes and says ayush i have packed your bag.

They are all leaving, shreya says i will come a little late, mummy wanted to come as well. i will come with her. bhushan says should is stay? shreya says no why would you miss the match, you should go i will come with mummy. They all leave, shreya calls someone and says this the same well wisher, i have sent you the mail. can’t mention my name. but ayush has kept that money i a brown paper. I have sent everything in the mail.

Sanjina says i want ajay to go as well. ajay says shut up, Shreya says why are you scolding at her? he says because i dont want another time to upset everyone. Shreya says will you come with me sanjina? sanjina says no i will stay here with ajay. shreya says you should spend time with him alone, and he has not eaten everything. I wish you could come. I will miss you, there is always a next time. shreya leaves.

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sanjina brings food, he says is this a place to eat. Go from here. she says why should i? do you wanna eat? he says no, she says you have not eaten anything. he says i am not hungry, she says at least you can eat the sweets mammi ji made. He says i have fasted for that. she says fasted? She wont have given you one. Ajay says only ajju knew that i fast and now you do too. now go from here.

A man stop ayush and says you will get more money for losing/ Ayush says i play for the land, i will see you in the righ. Dadi says to the opponent if you have so much money give it to poor people they might pray for you to win.
Ayush is practising, officer comes and says we wanna check you.

everyone is shocked. Shreya says he is the renowned boxer how can you put allegations on him. Officer says some fixer has given him money. bhushan says he never accepted the offer. Ayush says let them search, its okay. Shreya says to elaichi dont woryr munmmy. They take out the packet from the bag.

 officer says is this yours? Ayush says its from m bag, surely mine. oficer says open in and show us the money you have taken. Ayush opens the packet, its his protien powder. Shreya is dazed. officer apologizes and says we had to act on the information.

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