SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 2

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 2

When Bravo’s operation is compromised, they must figure out how to escape undetected from one of the most dangerous countries in the world.


Season Number: 5

Episode Number: 2

Episode Title: Trust, But Verify (II)

Air Date: Oct 17, 2021

Source: SEAL.Team.S05E02.1080p.WEB.H264-GGWP


Bravo returned together, Clay said the opportunity they had was staying until the night arrived. Sonny wanted to leave immediately, he was worried that Quan would talk. Meanwhile, Lisa saw the news broadcast where Quan was taken, the commander was worried that Bravo 1 was compromised.

Clay alone with Ray, he asked him whether Jason seemed to be a little different lately. Ray has noticed anything, Clay said it was not worth talking about there. They watch Jin immediately work.

Bravo discusses taking Jin and get out of there while still not visible. Jason said they had time, until night to come up with a plan.

After Lisa spoke to Bravo, Commander said if they had found a way to restore the operation they needed to set it up.

Sonny said they would have a head time to convince Jin to trust them, Sonny truly opposed this. Jason and the rest of Bravo did not give up, they continued to make different scenarios until Jason felt frustrated. They came up with OP and Commander tried to get it approved but the risk far exceeded the price in this case, the commander said he had full confidence in Bravo and Lisa suggested that they needed a stat decision.

Sonny and Ray have words, Sonny said she would make them t-boned. Jason walked and broke it, then gave clay.

Bravo is ready to leave, they cut the fence and go to the complex. Clay and Jason entered the door, Ray was in a watch and let them know what was happening inside, Jin arrived. Clay took her and the lights fell in a fight and hit the ground. Two guards came to the door, Jin spoke to them and did his best to keep them outside. Sonny set a blast in one of the vehicles and both guards run to see what happened to the other guards too. Jason and Clay ran for it with Jin. Bravo needs to reach the sub at 0600 or disappear.

Jin feels weak, Clay tells the ray they run out of time they have to go. In Command Lisa is frustrated, he wants to buy time for Bravo but can’t. Sonny walked and held Jin, then he went to clay, he really slowed them down. They arrived at the clearing, we can see the water from there. Jason saw the cable and fear they were Tripwires, they had to be careful. They arrived at the beach safely passing the security line. Jason forgets something back in the mine, clay and Jason returned to get it because if someone else found it would defeat the goal not visible. They returned and made a narrow runner because there were two guards on the hill, but they made him safe with Jin behind him.

Ray asked Jason if there was a problem with him, he said no, he did everything he should do. Ray said that if she remained silent he might get the boy’s trust over time. Jason thanks clay to return with him and keep no visible op. Clay said it was difficult for Jason to keep an eye on everything, but he did it, except for this op.

Sonny went to talk to Jason and said he was sorry for questioning his judgment on this op. Ray gathered a team, he told him that the last deployment leave some questions about him. He has PTS, the trauma he went through when he was taken prisoner hit him harder than she magically. He did his job to make sure he’s solid, but if they have any doubts about him, he wants them to speak, here or in the command. He prefers to hurt the pride and the value of his salary than to make anyone at risk. Sonny said what Bravo point if you can not have your brother’s back, everyone agrees. Jason Ray look and a wink, he agreed that frankly with men.

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