Sacred Relationships Wednesday 7 April 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 7 April 2021 Update
Sacred Relationships Wednesday 7 April 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 7 April 2021 Update on starlife: On Sacred Relationships Wednesday 7th April 2021,  Abir asking will you have dinner with me, it will be our dinner date. She nods. They have dinner. She feeds him. She asks shall I ask you something, why did you love me, there would be many girls after you. She says you also had a BF. She says I have him, he is my Jiju, I wanted to get him, but he liked Naira, my first love story was incomplete. He says but your second love story got complete, don’t self-doubt, I m lucky to get you, that you love me. They hug.

Kunal comes to the room and sees Kuhu. He asks are you mad, you took my car and left me there. She says you said I wish I wasn’t with you, so I fulfilled your wish. He says it’s taxi strike, I had to take two buses. She says my husband changed overnight and you are saying about buses. Abir asks Mishti to come.

Kunal and Kuhu lie down to sleep. Khushiyan bhi baaten…plays… They stay sad. Mishti says that’s Kunal’s room right, I m so happily that they are happy, he came to take Kuhu. Abir says you are angry that Kuhu has a license to love. Kunal removes Kuhu’s headphones. He falls down. She laughs. He says I should have not come to help you. She holds his hand.

He pulls her down. She hugs him. She really falls down the bed while dreaming. Kunal asks what happened. She says I fell down. He says do anything, don’t disturb me. Abir says don’t feel bad, if you want, then right here…. He gets close to her. Kunal comes out of the room. Abir and Mishti hide. Abir says Kunal at this time… Mishti looks inside the window. She says Abir.. Abir also sees the bedding on the couch, and Kuhu sleeping on the bed. Meenakshi shouts Parul and wakes up.

Parul asks what happened, did you see any bad dream. Meenakshi says dream, yes, so sorry to disturb you. Parul says I m sorry, I know I told you a lot that day, I was scared when Kunal ran away. Meenakshi says I don’t like repeating things. Prul says you aren’t talking to me, can’t we make a new start, Kunal and Kuhu are married, what is troubling you, forgive me, I m worried for you, share your problems with me.

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Meenakshi asks her to go and sleep. Mishti says I m so stupid, the way this marriage happened. Abir says it’s just a fight, they like to fight. Mishti says what’s the problem that they can’t sleep on the bed together, it’s a love marriage. He says relax, don’t worry.

She says no, he told me. He asks what. She says Kunal told me on bidaai time, I thought its not a big thing, I m scared. He asks what. Meenakshi hears them and comes to see. Abir asks why didn’t you tell me. Mishti says I thought he is saying this in anger, I asked Kuhu if everything fine, she fought with me, I think something is wrong, sorry, I didn’t tell you before.


Abir thinks I didn’t tell her that Kunal ran away before marriage, shall I say now. He says I don’t know but…. Meenakshi asks who is there. Mishti says she will see me. She hides. Abir gets his phone. Meenakshi says you are still awake, whom are you talking about. He says foreign financers call. Meenakshi says I know you are angry with me. Abir thinks if mum says Kunal had run away, Mishti will be hurt. Meenakshi apologizes. He says imp thing is marriage happened. She says you are imp, you aren’t talking to me, I know the reason, Kunal…

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 7 April 2021 Update: Abir asks her to go and sleep, he will talk to her tomorrow. She asks will you talk to me tomorrow. He says yes. She thanks him and asks him to sleep. She goes. Abir says you should go back, come, I will drop you. He gets Mishti home. Mishti says I feel strange if I don’t talk to Rajshri for two hours, you didn’t talk to your mom, why, what happened on the marriage day, you fought her because of me. He says no. She says I m the reason for all problems. He says you are the reason for global warming.

She says I m serious. He says mom and I aren’t talking as mom likes to control everyone, Kunal has grown up, but he is immature, I will find out what’s happening between Kunal and Kuhu. She thinks I m the real problem. He thinks how to tell you that Kunal ran away on marriage day. He says listen, takes a rest, meet me tomorrow. She says I will wait. She thinks I felt he wants to say something. She goes.

He says I want to tell you the truth, why did Kunal run away on the marriage day, Kunal will blame Mishit and she will blame herself. It’s the morning, Kuhu knocks on the bathroom door and scolds Kunal. Kunal asks her to go to her house. She says you are so disgusting. He says I don’t care. Nidhi comes and says Kuhu, I wrote an essay in English. Kuhu says essay. Nidhi says whatever, I want you to read it, who sleeps on the couch. Kuhu says Kunal. Nidhi asks where do you sleep. Kuhu says I also sleep here. Nidhi asks who sleeps on the costly bed. Kuhu says Kunal and I decided to sleep here close, we decided to share everything, see Kunal is waiting for me in the bathroom, save water, save a life. Nidhi says I have to go to work. She goes.

Kunal comes and asks do you have some shame. Kuhu says yes, I will have shame to fake love, remove your secret in the morning, I won’t lie then. Abir calls out Kunal. Kunal removes the blanket from the cough. Ketki asks what’s the secret. Abir says the secret is we are going jogging, you also come. Ketki and Kunal refuse to come. Abir says Kunal forgot me. Paul says this happens, you will do the same once you get married. Abir says I won’t do this. Kunal says no more drama, come. They leave. Nanu asks for tea. Paul says they are so happy together. Nanu says yes, none can separate them.

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Mishti hugs Rajshri and says everything is good when you are close. Rajshri says I like it when you are happy. Mishti says I m always happy. Rajshri says Abir is the reason this time, he got you back to us and saved you. Mishti says enough, do you all love me or Abir. Vishwamber says we love you. Mishti asks can I get my phone back. Rajshri says no. Vishwamber asks her to give the phone. Rajshri agrees. Mishti says there is one thing more. Meenakshi asks where is Abir. Kuhu comes and says Kunal and Abir went jogging. Parul says they went for a race. She gets tea. Meenakshi refuses and says I have high BP, I have stopped taking tea. She goes. She asks Laxman to find out, from where is he calling her. She prays.



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