Sacred Relationships Wednesday 5th May 2021 Update

Njoku Blessing ChibuikeApril 28, 2021

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 5th May 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Wednesday 5 May 2021, Abir seeing Mishti and running to her. They meet. Abir dances with her. Dheere Dheere….plays… Mishti imagines. Mishti gets the red balloons. She smiles. She messages Abir. Meenakshi asks if you don’t feel bad, shall I spend time with Abir. Kunal says mum is really talking about Abir, did she really pick me from the dustbin.

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Abir says truth is bitter, accept it. Kunal goes. Meenakshi asks Abir to come. He says I have to make imp calls, go and sleep. She says fine. Jugnu says I know you are going to meet Mishti. Meenakshi hears this and asks Abir to come soon. Abir goes and thinks to call Mishti.

He sees Mehul’s pic on phone and recalls. He says Mishti won’t judge me and will understand my feelings. Mishti snatches his phone and asks him to catch her if he can. He says the angry thief. He runs after her and stops her cycle. He says I caught you. She says we can’t run away from pain, it reaches our heart, we can’t forget it but make new memories, this was your space and now it will be ours. Abir looks at the decorated place. He says I don’t deserve this, no one said I had hurt them, they love me, I don’t deserve their love. Meenakshi says I have a right, I lived half of my life in fear that Abir can go away from me because of Mehul, I want to get free of this fear. Parul says Mehul went to jail, Abir knows the truth, don’t worry, I promise, we won’t let Abir go away. Mishti thinks Abir is worried, but I have to tell how I got to know about Mehul.

She says I know you can’t forget your dad. Abir says yes, you know why Kunal took me, mum called by mistake, dad could have hurt him. Mishti says I had promised you to tell you everything after engagement. He says but mum faced this alone. She asks what. He says mum risked her life if anything happened, if you stopped me, anything could have happened, you asked me to listen to her carefully, thanks for understanding me. She says I learned this from you, to love unconditionally. He says I m very lucky.

She says no, I m luckier, I think I should have accepted your marriage proposal that day. He says then it would be our first night today, now wait for all the functions to get over. She says even waiting for you is good for me, It good I didn’t accept the marriage proposal, your distance from mum got over, I m happy.

He says I m not perfect but you love me as if I can’t do anything wrong. She says even if you do anything wrong, I will not find it wrong, because you are the man I love. She covers themselves with his jacket. Varsha shows the marriage invite. Vishwamber says it’s good. Jasmeet comes and says I m ready.


The card falls. Rajshri holds it. Varsha says it would have been a bad omen. Rajshri says it didn’t happen until Mishti and Abir are together, everything will be fine. Nanu says we should take the card to the temple. Parul asks Meenakshi who has the card. Meenakshi says I have it. Nidhi asks if we get late then. Meenakshi says it’s the right time, Parul you said you are with me, will you come with me. Parul says yes. Kunal and Abir come and hug her. Meenakshi blesses them. She asks Abir to come with her to the temple. Kunal says I have no importance, mum is just asking Abir. Meenakshi says you very important. Abir says you are innocent and don’t understand.

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Mishti says when I come to your house, I will fix this in your room. She says Kuhu is right, I was boring before, these aren’t just seven colors, but seven rounds, we will together fill new colors. She hugs Abir’s pic. Abir asks where is Parul. Meenakshi says she went to get puja plate, I want to spend time with you. He says I m sorry, I will do as you say. She asks promise. He says promise, tell me once. She says I want you to spend time with me, become my support, manage the business with me. He says promise, promise. She says I want you to leave Mishti. He says promise. He gets shocked and asks what. Rajshri calls Mishti. Mishti’s hair get stuck.

She pulls out one paper bird she made. She gets worried. Meenakshi says I really want you to leave Mishti. Kunal talks to the family about the rooms’ renovation. Nidhi says we have to renovate Abir’s room also. Jugnu asks Abir to give that cycle to me. Kunal says you know it doesn’t work. Nanu jokes on Jugnu. Nidhi asks what about your room. Nanu says your room looks old, it needs Kuhu’s touch, I will ask her to design the room. Kunal thinks to tell them the truth.

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 5th May 2021 Update: Kuhu comes and says you removed the roller. Mishti says this got spoiled because of you. Kuhu jokes. She says why are you making these birds. Mishti says it’s personal. Kuhu gets Kunal’s call. Mishti asks did Kunal call. Kuhu asks why shall I say, its personal. Mishti says I m going to become your Jethani. Kuhu says I can get divorced to get saved from you. Abir says I m ready to support you, but I won’t agree to this.

Meenakshi says I knew, my son isn’t with me. He says I m your son, but I love Mishti, why don’t you understand this. She says a mum can know about the pain coming towards her son, I want to save you from coming pain. He asks do you think she can hurt you. She says yes, she will hurt you, you will get divided, you got away from Kunal. He asks shall I forget that Mishti got Mehul to you, she knew his truth for long. He gets shocked. She says Mishti knew that Mehul is going to trap you, she stayed silent, she danced and celebrated, she wants to join relation, not join her heart with you. He looks at her.


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