Sacred Relationships Wednesday 31st March 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 31st March 2021 Update
Sacred Relationships Wednesday 31st March 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 31st March 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Wednesday 31 March 2021, Kuhu pretending to be talking to Kunal on call. She appears happy to everyone. Kuhu says you think I will lose you easily, you aren’t coming to pick me, fine I will come alone. She says it’s my first earning after marriage, same old office work, it’s okay, he will earn and I will spend it. She asks Rajshri to come for Janmashtami.

Rajshri says we will do as you say. Shaurya hugs Kuhu. Vishwamber says to ask the driver to drop Kuhu. Kuhu cries. Jo tum Gaye….plays…. Mishti walks on the road. She thinks of Kuhu and Varsha’s words. Someone snatches her phone. She sees the man speeding up the bike. Mishti says this phone has my and Abir’s pics, I will get it back. She sees the man in the mirror and gets alert.

Parul says Kunal should have come with Kuhu by now. Nidhi says I don’t know why they didn’t come. Jugnu says I heard sons leave their mothers after marriage. Nidhi scolds him. Jugnu takes sweets. Nidhi asks is this for Kuhu. Parul says it’s for everyone and Kuhu especially. Nidhi asks Ketki to go and study. Ketki says college is over. Nidhi asks her not to marry. Kuhu asks why, she will marry soon, see what I got for Ketki, aviators. Ketki says you are the best. Mishti and the man roll on the ground. She gets angry and says, you, thief…. She sees Abir and removes his helmet. He says you did this, not me. He takes her and shows her the decorations. She smiles. Dheere dheere….. plays.

She says sorry, I refused to go on a date with you. He says you refused the date but agreed for the whole life, lets capture this moment. They take a selfie. She sees the dirt on her face. Kunal comes home and thinks Kuhu would have told everything to her family. Nanu says come upstairs Kunal. Kunal thinks I can face everyone but I can’t live with Kuhu. He comes to everyone and asks where is Abir.

Nanu says we need to talk. Kunal says not here. Kuhu comes and asks where Nanu scolds him here, he didn’t even come to pick me. Nanu asks Kunal to get his ear to him. Kunal says Kuhu I need to talk. Nidhi jokes. Kunal and Kuhu come to their room. He asks what’s all this. She says it’s been one day that we got married. She goes to cut the cake. She says come, I want to celebrate, let’s cut the cake. He throws away the cake.

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 31st March 2021 Update: Abir and Mishti smile. Dono milke….plays…. They hold hands. She asks why did you steal my phone. He says I love angry thief, I will have some effect. She says a thief in helmet. He says a little surprise for you on our first date. She says I thought you will get upset with me. He says I tried but couldn’t. She asks aren’t you angry about the BF thing, you don’t seem to be such a guy who gets mad if my ex-BF shows up. He says how do you know, maybe I m psycho type guys. They joke.

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He says it makes no difference that you had an ex-BF, but you aren’t telling me his name. She says relax, I just have a BFF, he is my cousin’s husband, he is the best. He says who am I then. She says you are an idiot. He says I can do anything for you. She says thanks for making my bad day beautiful. Kunal asks why did you come back. She asks why did you bring me here. He says I don’t accept this marriage. She says but you married me, its not a joke. He says I will tell the truth to everyone. Abir goes Shayari….. truth is just love…. Abir and Mishti hold hands.

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 31st March 2021 Update: Kuhu locks the door. Kunal says I have no time for your nonsense. She says even I have no time for your nonsense, I will tell them that you want to send me home, you are the reason, you are characterless, you are a womanizer. He says go, try. She says fine, I will tell them that you have a problem. He asks what problem. She says that problem which Ayushman had in a movie. He says I don’t watch movies. She says you watch cricket, right, what happens when batsman is not in form, he goes to the pitch and comes back with doing anything. Kunal stops.

She says I will tell everyone that you have that problem. He asks what. She says yes, no husband duties, so Shweta left you then Mishti and now I will leave you. He says you are so disgusting. She says yes, I m learning from the best. He asks are you threatening me. She says yes. Abir holds Mishti close. She gets away. He says no need to feel so awkward, this view, this lake won’t go anywhere, they are here for a lifetime, and we also have a lifetime. Kuhu and Kunal argue. He says you always wanted to marry me, desperate. She says yes, I was desperate and mad, but true, you don’t know the difference between truth and lies.

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Nidhi asks them to come for puja. Kunal goes. Kuhu cries and says I did a good job, at least Kunal won’t be sending me back home now, I won’t let anyone know the truth of our so-called happy marriage, not even Mishti, she ruined my life, I won’t let her laugh on my misery. Abir says you are angry and violent for me, and a coward for others. Mishti says as if you aren’t scared of anything. He says never. She says you run away from the home for small issues. He says you also left the house, you can boss around just me.

She says your jokers are weird like you. He asks do you want to prove that you are not a coward. She says no need, what would you make me do. He says let it be, you can’t do it. She says tell me, what is it. He says its Janmashtami tomorrow, tell me I love you in front of everyone. She says you are pulling my leg, fine I accept your challenge to prove it. He says well done, angry Chorni.



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