Sacred Relationships Wednesday 21st April 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 21st April 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 21st April 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Wednesday 21st April 2021 Update, Abir and Kuhu greeting everyone. Mishti signs Kuhu. Kuhu hugs her family. Rajshri thanks Abir. Rajshri asks Mishti to get sweets for Abir. Kuhu says feed him well, I will be living here, no dieting. Abir says I will miss your hashtags a lot. Varsha asks didn’t Kunal come. Nanu says Mehul is using our weakness, Kunal and Abir are fighting and Kuhu left for Maayka, Abir thinks you are wrong, say the truth to Abir, it’s too much now, we will do it, you have to listen to me.

Meenakshi asks what will you make me do, the children have grown up, they can decide for themselves, shall I force Kunal to live with Kunal, you will ask me to make Mishti my bahu. He says yes, what’s wrong with this. Parul and Nidhi come home. Parul says we went to Dandiya hall. Nidhi says it’s a theft. Meenakshi asks what. Abir and Mishti lie about Kunal and Kuhu’s fight. Varsha asks did you tell him and come. Kuhu says yes, it depends on my mood.

Jasmeet asks her not to lie. Mishti says yes, it’s tough to get out of lie traps. Rajshri says we all lie such, I lied many times to spend time with Vishwamber, we had a big family. Abir asks if the lie is big then. Rajshri says lying to the family is a very bad thing, if the lie is told so that hearts don’t ache, then it’s not so bad. Nidhi says we went to the hall and saw CCTV footage, you were wearing a necklace there, did you go anywhere else. Meenakshi says no. Nanu asks her to say the truth. She says I have come home with you in the same car. Parul asks why will she lie. Mehul asks why not, she can blame me for theft and make me out of my sons’ lives, right. Nidhi says yes, this may happen.

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Mehul says theft has happened after I came home. Nidhi asks are you saying this or Meenakshi. Meenakshi says truth is, I had the necklace on my neck, now it’s missing, I never got happiness until you were in my life, everything came in my life when you went, its same bad luck when you returned. Mehul says accept your mistake, you can check my room, I have to go to my doctor. Meenakshi says stop, Mehul I don’t need any necklace to make you out, my family is with me, I can defeat you anytime I want. He goes.

Abir says I shall leave now. Rajshri asks him to sit. Abir says NGO organized Raavan daahan, I have to go. Rajshri says it’s good. Kuhu says I m so happy to get a room for myself, Mishti is going with Abir, it’s NGO work. Rajshri asks them to come back soon. Mishti says no. Abir says yes, I will drop her on time. He signs to thank Kuhu. Meenakshi puts money in an envelope. Nanu asks may I come in. She asks him to come, no need to ask.


He says you were right, if we don’t trust each other then Mehul will win, I asked you that night when people came with Kaalik, I won’t do this. She thanks him and says I can’t do anything wrong. He says I can save all of us from this trouble, trust me. She says I will always trust you, I have some small work, I will just come. He goes. She says I can’t leave anything incomplete. Abir calls Mehul and says I m going to talk to Mishti. Mehul blesses him. Abir says my decision is different, world and time are against me. Mehul says I have to go and meet my friend, I will call later, I m always with you. Abir says I know. Mishti comes. Abir asks can we talk. Meenakshi calls someone and asks where are you. The man says Raavan Dahan grounds. Abir and Mishti also come there.

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Meenakshi goes to meet Laxman and pays him money. He says I will be away for some days. Mehul meets the villager man and smiles. Raavan is seen behind him. He recalls stealing Meenakshi’s necklace. Abir says Mishti, it’s important to talk, I m sorry, I lied to you. Mishti says it’s okay, you were protecting Kunal. He says yes, but my family won’t let us stay together. She says we can’t change this. He says I can just say that when my family tries to hurt you, they will find me standing before you, but is this right, that we live in this stress all life, I don’t want this to happen with you. She asks what do you want to say. He says I love you Mishti, my fate is on one side and love on another side.

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 21st April 2021 Update: Mishti asks is fate failing or you giving up, I won’t let our love fail, are you leaving me by talking about fate, you think it will be difficult for me, did you come here to say goodbye to me, I don’t want your sympathy, I m more strong than you, when my parents left me, I could have cried, but I taught myself to dream again and trust, you taught me to love, you are not alone in this relation, I m also there, you are mine also, I won’t let you go anywhere. He asks how did you think so, it day of evil ending, nothing bad will happen, the bad for me will be you going away, this won’t happen. She hugs him. She says I felt… He says I didn’t mean that. He jokes and asks why will I leave now, I was scared that some things can happen again, dad is saying right. He recalls Mehul telling him.

The lady asks Abir will he burn the Raavan. Abir says we both will burn. He says I won’t lose and won’t let you lose. Mishti says me too, we will burn every bad thought with this Raavan. Mehul says don’t show me your face again, Abir is always around me. He takes the man aside and scolds him. The man says I didn’t get my money before. Police clear the place. Abir says I have promised you and myself also, I promised Vishwamber as well, I can’t be a liar. He burns the Raavan. Mishti and everyone clap. Abir and Mishti see each other. Abir says we should listen to dad, after marriage, we shall stay in a different house. Mishti gets shocked.



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