Sacred Relationships Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update
Sacred Relationships Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Wednesday 12 May 2021, Kunal coming home. He asks Kuhu not to make him a villain. He wishes Rajshri and Vishwamber. He gifts them. He says I got this other gift from the mailbox. Rajshri checks it and says the name isn’t written on it. She finds a saree. Jasmeet says it’s nice.

Rajshri says Kunal, the one who had sent the saree, tell him that I liked the saree, it’s beautiful. Kunal says yes, Badi Maa. She blesses him. Abir writes his diary. He thinks of Mishti. He writes about the one who had stolen the khichdi…. I won’t be impressed with Khichdi Chor, you will always be my angry Chorni. Meenakshi and Kaushal see some pics.

Nanu comes and jokes on him. She asks him to see the pics, it’s for Abir’s alliance. Nanu and Kaushal say Abir won’t agree, he isn’t ready. She says he will marry the girl of my choice. Nanu says he will never agree. Parul says then we will threaten him and make him agree, right. She taunts Meenakshi. Kunal looks on. Kaushal says Parul got funny. Nanu says fine, I will see the pics. Kunal asks Parul not to joke, Abir isn’t a social experiment, none knows Abir better, none can threaten him, he moved on, if Abir heard this, then….. Kunal goes. Parul cries and sees Meenakshi.

Mishti wakes up. Rajshri comes and hugs her. She asks how are you. Mishti says more amazing than before. Rajshri says much happy than necessary, did you remove your specs to avoid the truth. Mishti says I had many tears in my eyes and saw everything blurred, now I can see my happiness. Rajshri says you have learned to move on. She goes. Mishti looks for specs. She says how stupid, I forgot I don’t wear specs now. She messages Nannu and asks him to come soon. She chats with him. Abir greets Parul and takes blessings. Kunal tells about the meeting.

Meenakshi asks what do we want from this man. Abir says I need this help to launch my app. She says I will support you. Abir says we had a bet here. Parul says yes, Kunal won. Abir says then makes the loser complete the condition. Kunal says I m still here, you want me to miss the meeting for Parul. Abir says no, it’s for us, we can leave everything for elders, right. Kunal says you want me to eat noodles. Abir says stay here to have noodles by Kuhu’s hands.

Kunal says fine, make noodles, but add Zucchini. Parul asks what. Meenakshi says the veg which you think is a gourd. Parul says fine, I will make it. Mishti is at the tea stall. She sends a message to Abir by mistake. She leaves her tea and worries. She says I have to delete it before he reads. He deletes it. Abir comes to the same tea stall and drinks the tea. He likes the tea. Nannu asks his staff if everything is ready. He says you can’t get poetry written, poetry is imp, an imp client is coming, this deal should be cracked. He slips back. Abir holds his hand and asks are the clothes waterproof. Nannu says no, I m also not waterproof, I m scared of sinking, it means I shouldn’t fall in love, some poet said that. Abir names the poet and asks what are you doing here. Nannu says love got me here, this deal is a gift for my GF.


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Abir says Nishant M… Nannu asks Mr. Rajvansh, not fair, you saved my life, I have to give anything in negotiation. Abir says you may save my life and maybe I won’t need to ask anything. Nannu says ask anything, I will give you, except the one which I don’t want to give you. They shake hands. He says nice, how did you get this app idea, its true love, romantic songs. Abir orders a coffee. Nannu asks are you finding anyone or you have a deep story. Abir says everyone has a story, I want everyone to get their love, their partner, a life partner, or life long friend. Kunal comes to have noodles. Kunal asks everyone to go, the best condition will be fulfilled soon. Kuhu says it will soon end like our marriage. She sits to feed him noodles. He asks did you make it.

She says Parul made it. He says I have to do a lot for Abir. He eats. He says I will leave for the meeting. Kuhu says clothes aren’t good. Pastel colors will suit you Ketki. Nidhi asks Kunal to ask Kuhu and wear clothes. Kunal says I don’t think he needs to change, his clothes are good for poolside meetings. Nannu says I like your app, we will launch it and say we will join relations, don’t talk poetry in front of my GF, she may fall for you. Abir says I just came here for business, I have no time for love, can we sign the papers now. Nanu says there is a condition. He reads the poetry and asks Abir did you like this, do you know anyone who does Shayari. Abir says no. Nannu says my partner loves poetry, meet her and go.

Abir asks what does she like. Nannu says she is mad, none is like her, she looks modern but thinks traditional. Abir recalls Mishti. He asks where did you meet her. Nannu says London. Nannu asks him to fix the poetry. Abir asks what does she like more. Nannu says she likes khichdi, she makes origami birds by paper, she finds happiness in small things. Abir asks does she wear specs.

Nannu says no, listen to Abir, will you help me in fixing this poetry. Abir says sorry, I don’t do poetry. Nannu hugs Mishti and says you have come. Mishti says how can it happen that you call me and I don’t come. Abir hears her and turns to see. Mishti and Abir get shocked seeing each other. Mana Ke hum….plays….



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