Sacred Relationships Tuesday 13th April 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Tuesday 13th April 2021 Update
Sacred Relationships Tuesday 13th April 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Tuesday 13th April 2021 Update on starlife: On Sacred Relationships Tuesday 13 April 2021,  Abir coming to the temple. He collides with a man. The goons take Mehul away. Mishti and Abir look around. They don’t see Meenakshi. Mishti says aunty isn’t here. Abir cries and sits praying for his dad. He says I feel he is around me. He says Mishti, mum has all the answers, she made me away from dad. Meenakshi thinks it’s a bad omen that Mehu, has come to Rajkot, he may do this again, why did I fall alone. She turns and sees Parul. She says you.

Parul says you gave me respect, family, and friendship. Meenakshi says then I broke your trust, you want to say this. Parul cries and says I have come to take a step today, give me a chance. Meenakshi asks how Kunal doesn’t talk to me, Abir and I have many differences and my Parul isn’t with me. Parul hugs her and cries. She says I m always with you, share your problem with me once, what’s the matter, are you worried about Kunal and Abir. Meenakshi says you chose your son Kunal. Parul says no, I love Abir also. Meenakshi says yes, but not more than Kunal. Parul says give me one chance, I will do what you say. Meenakshi says fine, but remember, it’s your last chance to win my trust.

Abir asks where is mum. Jugnu says she went out. Nanu asks Abir to come upstairs. Rajshri asks why. Mishti says don’t call them now. Rajshri says Yashpal knows it already. Mishti says I m asking you to stop because of Abir’s dad, not mum, Abir doesn’t believe her, Abir thinks she has hidden a lot about his dad, that’s why they have tensions. Rajshri asks what happened today. Nanu says it’s your Nani’s Shraddh today. Abir asks is my dad alive or…. Nanu asks why are you asking.

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Abir says it’s 20 years, I will ask someday. Kaushal asks him to talk in front of Meenakshi. Abir says fine, she will not answer me, Nanu won’t lie to me. Rajshri says if she lied, then she would have some reason, Abir should support the one who is with him, not the one who won’t come back. Mishti says Abir always thinks about why his dad left him like I think why my parents left me when I have you all, I can’t stop Abir, I m afraid that he may fight his mum again, they both have much tension because of me. Rajshri says fine, go to Abir, talk to him, he is sensible, he is a human, you can be with him.

Nanu says there was a big fraud in the company, I trusted him, he cheated me and ran away, Kaushal was young, I got unwell, Meenakshi got you to me and wanted to help me. Abir says I want to know the truth. Nanu says it’s the truth. Abir says fine, where is dad. Nanu says I don’t know Abir. He talks to Lajwanti’s pic. Abir thinks Nanu won’t lie, mum has all the answers. Kuhu and Ananya are at cafe.


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They talk about in-laws members. Kuhu says it means Kunal can change also. Ananya asks is there any problem. Kuhu lies and says it’s my friend’s story. Ananya says maybe that guy is hiding an affair. Kuhu worries. Abir asks someone to fix the bugs, he has to trace new numbers. Nanu says you didn’t say what happened there, shall I ask Vishwamber. Abir says you don’t worry. Nanu says don’t be angry. Abir says no, I m disappointed. Nanu says it means you are upset. Abir says none knows your daughter more than you, you are saying you don’t know, I blindly trust you. Nanu says I know the entire truth, your dad left us, he disappeared, he never came back, don’t know where is he. Abir asks won’t you have a problem if I find him. Nanu says I will have a problem, but I won’t stop you by any oath. Abir gets a call. He goes. Nanu says Meenakshi, where are you.

Sacred Relationships Tuesday 13th April 2021 Update: Abir says I didn’t shout at anyone. Mishti says I came to choose a ring for me, our relation will be fixed. He smiles. She says this has a three-carat diamond, its worth 50 lakhs, shall I buy it. She jokes. Laxman comes to ask for a rope. Mehul struggles in the car. Abir says I want to give you precious ring, my hand lock will be expensive than any diamond ring. Mishti says you know me well, I hate you. Abir says I hate you too, Mishti. Kunal hears him and thinks I hate Mishti.

He goes. Abir says mum didn’t come home. Mishti says we can go to any extent to know the truth, we should try once. Abir says fine, I will come to you. She asks him to come near the market area, Devi Maa idols are there, shall we have a cycle race. He says you didn’t lose for since long, I m coming. Nanu worries. Meenakshi touches his feet. She says you don’t need to worry, I have handled everything. He asks did Mehul come here. She says don’t worry, if he tries to meet Abir, I will put him in jail. Nanu says Abir wants to find him. She says Mehul left, Abir can’t find him. Abir looks on and shouts you lied to me.

Ananya hugs Kuhu and goes. Kuhu asks who will have an affair with a rude man, he can fool anyone, I will ask Kunal. She sees Kunal with someone and says he really meets girls. She calls Kunal. He says I m in a meeting. She says you are at office. Kunal says I m working. The lady gives divorce papers. Kuhu comes and takes the papers. Kunal gets shocked. Kuhu asks is this your office, what’s going on. Abir says I had no hope with mum, you lied Nanu, you broke my trust. Nanu says we did this for you. Abir says you were never with me. Nanu says that man isn’t right for anyone. Abir says that man is my dad, you are a liar. Meenakshi scolds him. Abir says I don’t want to talk to him.



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