Sacred Relationships Thursday 8 April 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Thursday 8 April 2021 Update
Sacred Relationships Thursday 8 April 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Thursday 8 April 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Thursday 8th April 2021,  Abir saying a race till that tree, don’t cheat. Abir runs ahead. Kunal acts to get hurt and runs first. He says yes, I won. Abir says you won in race, but life… I m happy you are smiling, come I have to talk to you, tell me what’s going on, you were ready to run from the house for Kuhu, now you are sleeping on the sofa in your room, I came out of my room at night and saw this. Kunal says you may feel bad, but trust me. Abir asks is this about Mishti. Kunal says listen to me first, actually… Abir says you don’t know where to start, why did you tell Mishti to be ready that Kuhu is coming back.

Kunal says great, she is making you against me, they aren’t sisters, I m sure Mishti hates Kuhu. Abir says Meenakshi compelled her to do this, it’s about you and Kuhu. Kunal says no, everything is about you. Abir asks me? Kunal says I have to go to a meeting. Abir says fine, you go, I will come later. Mishti says thanks for getting me out here, I feel good. Rajshri says you asked Vishwamber to let us go like Kuhu got Kunal, you will also get someone, the day he comes in your life, you will forget me. Mishti says no, you are number one for me. Abir sees them and smiles. Mishti sees him and says whoever comes into my life has to understand this.

Abir thinks seeing them, I feel, hugging a mum lessens problems, but my mum hugs her sons when she has a motive. Abir greets them and says I came nearby for jogging. Kunal meets the lawyer and asks for some way. Lawyer says we have two ways, one to prove that she is in love with someone else. Kunal says she madly loves me. The lawyer asks is violent. Kunal says she never hurts me. Lawyer says we have to prove she is mentally disturbed. Kunal asks how. Lawyer says you have to stay as good husband in the court, the people will support you in the court, they will get against Kuhu. Kunal says I get it. Rajshri goes to attend Saraswati’s call. She goes. Mishti says I told Saraswati aunty to talk at this time. She asks what if Kunal saw us. Abir asks her to relax.

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She says there are problems between Kunal and Kuhu. Abir asks her not to worry. She says you were taking tension. He says Kunal didn’t tell me. She says we know Kuhu loves Kunal a lot. He thinks I don’t have the courage to tell you that Kunal ran away on the marriage day. Mishti says Kunal loves you a lot, you can do this, talk to him. He asks can you deal with this situation. She says yes, don’t underestimate me. He smiles. Nidhi comes to Meenakshi. Meenakshi sees Kunal and talks on the phone. She asks will you help me Kunal. Kunal says yes. Kuhu teaches English to Nidhi. Abir comes and asks what’s going on. Kuhu says I m multi-tasking. Abir says come to Mumbai for Kunal. Nidhi says honeymoon. Kuhu says Kunal won’t agree. Abir says I m going for Ganpati, you and Kunal come along, try. Meenakshi says parents forget themselves without children.


Sacred Relationships Thursday 8 April 2021 Update: Abir says husbands also have a responsibility towards wives. Kunal asks what. Abir says I m going to Mumbai for Ganehs utsav, I will be busy, you two can come. Kuhu says he won’t agree. Kunal says okay. Abir says you can’t refuse this time. Kunal says I said okay, when shall we go. Kuhu smiles. The doctor checks Mishti and says she is fine. Rajshri gets relieved and thanks to him. He asks Rajshri to show Mishti to a specialist in Mumbai, it’s a head injury, there shouldn’t be any risk. Mishti says relax, I m fine. She gets Abir’s call. Abir says agree to the doctor, it’s the sign you were waiting for. Rajshri asks whose call is it. Abir says it’s the call of the person you love and dream about. Mishti says the wrong number.

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Rajshri asks Mishti to visit the doctor, it’s important. Mishti says no need. Rajshri says no, just go. Mishti agrees and thinks Abir found some way. Kuhu says I m ready, Rajkot will rock Mumbai, come. Meenakshi thinks to talk to Abir. She gets Laxman’s call. Laxman says the number got traced, the call is coming from Mumbai. She says Mumbai….

Kuhu says I can’t believe it, I m in Mumbai. Kunal thinks I have to do as the lawyer says. Kuhu says I couldn’t come to Mumbai on a college trip as Mishti told the truth to them, she always tells the truth, Varsha asked me to go anywhere but after marriage, the truth hurts, I m happy now. Kunal says we want a suite which has two bedrooms, my brother is with me and it’s a family trip. Abir says no, what are the options for Kunal and Kuhu, I m not alone here. Kuhu asks who is with you. Mishti gets Abir’s message… I m here…. Jasmeet asks Mishti why did she get ready. Mishti says we may meet anyone in Mumbai, even Karan Johar. Jasmeet says I can get the heroine’s sister role, maybe he offers me a role in his next film. Mishti smiles and jokes.



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