Sacred Relationships Thursday 6th May 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Thursday 6th May 2021 Update
Sacred Relationships Thursday 6 May 2021

Sacred Relationships Thursday 6th May 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Thursday 6 May 2021, The Episode starts with Meenakshi saying if I didn’t tell you about Mehul, our family would have come on the road, you met Mishti yesterday as well. He thinks of Mishti. Mishti opens their eyes. Kuhu says how will I apply kajal. Mishti says you leave it, I will do it myself. Kuhu says you can’t do with Mishti look today. She jokes about Meenakshi. Mishti says she is your Saas also, you didn’t tell about Kunal.

Kuhu asks her to get ready silently, focus on her marriage. Mishti says you are my sister, I don’t want you to lie to Rajshri again. Kuhu asks what would I do being in my place. Mishti says if he didn’t love me, I would have left him. Kuhu says just imagine, if Abir says sorry Mishti, I can’t marry you, will you leave him or fight for your love. Mishti says he won’t do this.

Abir says Mishti knew it and didn’t tell me, come, we will go and ask her. Meenakshi says no, she will make a new excuse, I want to tell you, she knew this truth since Karwachauth day, she was in Rajgarh. Abir says I got her back from there. She asks did she tell you the real reason, you would think how I know this. She shows her bangle, and says I sent this for Mishti to Nanu, Mishti left this there, Mehul gave this to me, she didn’t tell anything to us, I sent Laxman to Rajgarh, he told me the truth, then I got to know that she was in the police station, she learned Mehul’s truth, when I got the proof, I exposed her, but she stayed quiet, she knew you could have jailed, she cared for her own safety, I don’t want her to become my bahu, why don’t you leave Mishti.

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Mishti says I love him, even if he says he will leave me, I will fight for him, he also loves me, what’s the reason for you to fight, Kunal doesn’t value you, learn to respect yourself, else no one will respect you. Kuhu recalls Abir’s words. Mishti says Abir loves me, he will never leave me. Abir says Mishti didn’t wish me to leave the house, it was my decision. Meenakshi says it was a drama. Abir says she wanted to tell the truth, I fell weak, she gave me support, I told her that we will run away and marry, I know when we come back, we can’t manage anything, Mishti didn’t wish the marriage to happen without your blessing. She says you don’t see your mum. He says you don’t see your son.


She cries and stops him. She asks why aren’t you understanding me. He says I heard you knew it, you didn’t do anything to help Mishti, Mishti was gathering proof against Mehul, you stayed silent, you knew Mehul is a dangerous man, you didn’t tell me, you didn’t send anyone, what if anything happened to Mishti, you thought to hit two targets with one arrow, you are expecting me to support you. She says I just want you to support the family. He says everyone will support me, who will support you, don’t do this, please, you will fall lonely. He leaves. Parul comes and asks why did Abir go, he dropped his marriage card, why are you crying.


Sacred Relationships Thursday 6th May 2021 Update: Meenakshi says you promised me that you are with me, it’s time, you keep your promise. Parul asks what shall we do. Meenakshi says we have to stop Abir. Kuhu says don’t tell anyone that I dressed you up. Rajshri and Varsha come. Varsha asks Mishti to wear different earrings. Mishti says it’s special earrings. She recalls Abir. Rajshri compliments her. Mishti says I have to control my happiness. She goes. Abir leaves. He cries and drives the car. Dheere dheere…plays… Meenakshi follows him. Vishwamber says Mishti’s marriage should be something special. Rajshri says you want to get her married at some big place.

Mishti asks him to say. He asks why don’t we take Mishti’s baraat to Rajvansh Sadan. Mishti says wow. Rajshri says like we took Akshara’s baraat. Mishti says you are world’s coolest parents, I m ready, Abir becomes everyone’s fav, he should also know. Abir says I can’t leave Mishti. Meenakshi says I know you can leave much for Mishti, I want to see if love is imp or family. He says I m not scared of your threatening. She says if you marry Mishti, there will be two functions in the house. She calls Parul.

She says the first function of your marriage, Abir, and second card…. Parul gets shocked. Meenakshi says to read the card. Abir asks her not to torture Parul. Meenakshi says she has come in between. Parul says don’t do this. Meenakshi says Abir thinks I never did anything for anyone in my life, not for anyone, today he should know what sacrifices I gave for my family so that he has to keep his mum ahead some time.

Abir reads Kunal’s naamkaran. Parul cries. Abir reads the invite, Meenakshi invites you for her stepson Kunal’s naming ceremony, Parul and Mehul’s son. Abir gets shocked. He asks what’s this bad joke, can you fall to this level. Meenakshi says Abir thinks I m lying. Abir asks what’s this. Parul says a big truth of this house, Babuji, Meenakshi and I had hidden this, Kunal is my son. Abir gets shocked.



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