Sacred Relationships Teasers May 2021

Sacred Relationships Teasers May 2021
Sacred Relationships Teasers May 2021

Sacred Relationships Teasers May 2021 on starlife.

Saturday May 1 2021

Episode 170.

Mehul was worried about Kundal’s reaction to Abir’s marriage. Elsewhere, Mishti was confused about learning about Mehul’s truth.

Episode 171.

Abir and Kunal gave a dance performance while Mishti panicked tried to contact Abir. Meanwhile, Mehul sent several messages to Mishti using an ABIR cellphone.

Sunday 2 May 2021

Episode 172.

Mehul squeezed Mishti and trapped her in the hut when she decided to expose it. Later, Mehul asked Abir to sign several legal papers.

Monday May 3 2021

Episode 173.

Meenakshi and Mishti work together to expose Mehul. Then, Nidhi asked Kunal to do rituals during the Gordhana Abir and Mishti ceremony.

Episode 174.

Mishti and Kuhu danced together to stop Mehul from going while Meenakshi brewed a plan against him. Then, Ritual Gordhana Abir and Mishti are celebrated.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Episode 175.

Mehul threatened to kill Meenakshi after he refused to submit his property. While Kunal was held by a telephone call, Mehul played the trick to mislead Abir.

Episode 176.

Abir executed his smart plan to make Mehul admitted when the police arrived with an arrest warrant. Then, Mehul did an unimaginable thing.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Episode 177.

Meenakshi and Parul are happy with Kunal and Abir’s bond while Jasmeet praises Mishti. Then, Meenakshi was not happy with Mishti being part of the life of Abir.

Episode 178.

Mishti was surprised when Abir revealed the unexpected truth about Meenakshi. Then, Meenakshi demanded and misled Ager.

Thursday May 6 2021

Episode 179.

Meenakshi provoked Abir against Mishti to stop him from marrying him. Then, Abir was stunned when he learned that Parul was Kunal’s native mother.

Episode 180.

Abir was broken hearted when Meenakshi gave him a surprising ultimatum. Then, a emotional Kuhu expressed Kunal that he could give their marriage another opportunity.

Friday May 7 2021

Episode 181.

With a heavy heart, Abir participated in his pre-marriage ritual with Mishti. However, the explosion was unusual to make everyone surprised.

Episode 182.

Kunal faces Abir about Mishti. Then, Mishti was broken hearted when Abir made a surprising statement about their marriage.

Saturday 8 May 2021

Episode 183.

An emotional Mishti blew her heart to her family while Abir stated his company’s decision to Meenakshi. Then, Vishambar plans to send Mishti from India.

Episode 184.

Rajvaanshs anticipated Neha’s arrival when they prepared for Aber’s wedding. Then, Neha made recognition of Ager Personally during Sanget preparation.

Sunday 9 May 2021

Episode 185.

Kunal saved the Kuhu from making a mistake when Abir provided an amazing performance with the family. Not aware of Mishti’s presence, Abir went up to the same bus.

Episode 186.

Mishti who was rejuvenated met his mother after arriving in India while Abir visited the same cafe. Then, the entry destroyed Mishti leaving everyone who was fascinated.

Monday 10 May 2021

Episode 187.

Abir and his friends made a video call to Kunal to peek at Maheshwari’s celebration. Then, Kunal left the function after arguing with Kuhu.

Episode 188.

Abir missed Mishti and reduced his mind in the last diary while waiting with enthusiasm to meet Nannu. Later, Abir will surprise great.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Episode 189.

Broken heart to see Mishti and Nannu together. Then, Abir tried to save him from sinking and found a surprising truth.

Episode 190.

Abir and Kunal heard the secret conversation of Mishti and Nannu. While Varsha spied on Jasmeet, Kunal insulted Mishti at their business meetings.

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Episode 191.

Mishi remembered the secret deal he made with Nannu in London. While Abir was confused by his request, Kuhu lost cool when Kunal misunderstood him.

Episode 192.

Afraid, Abir destroyed Meenakshi’s laptop to hide the surprising facts from him. Then, Nannu tried to divert Kunal’s attention and gave Ager and Mishti some time alone.

Thursday May 13 2021

Episode 193.

Abir was jealous after seeing Nannu teasing with Mishti. A surprise waited for Abir and Kunal during the offsite trip while Nannu prepared for Mishti’s birthday.

Episode 194.

The jealousy will be drunk after seeing Mishti and Nannu dancing together. Meanwhile, Meenakshi arrived at Mishti’s birthday party looking for it.

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Friday May 14 2021

Episode 195.

Drunk Abir acknowledged his true feelings to Kunal and Meenakshi. Then, Meenakshi gave a strong warning while Mishti suddenly disappeared!

Head-up! Sacred relationships changed time to 21H00 and 21H30 starting today, after the LOVE series final match last night.

Rebroadcast of Family Recrets took over the previous time at 19h00 and 19h30.

Episode 196.

Kuhu fell unconscious at the party while Kunal felt bad after Nannu asked him about him. In the middle of the forest fire, Abir and Mishti were stuck in a deep hole.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Episode 197.

Abir claimed his feelings for Mishti in the middle of forest fires. Then, he met the accident while saving him.

Episode 198.

Abir was worried after he learned that Mishti had difficulty breathing. While Meenakshi faced Kunal, Kuhu left the hospital with tears.

Sunday May 16 2021

Episode 199.


Kunal apologized to Abir when he would admit his feelings to Mishti. Elsewhere, Meenakshi was stunned after studying surprising facts.

Episode 200.

Mishti hid his accident from his family while Maheshwaris planned a party for his birthday. Then, Meenakshi assigned a secret task to Kunal.

Monday May 17 2021

Episode 201.

Vishambar asked Mishti about the accident while the last he hid the truth from him. Then, Abir planned a romantic surprise for Mishti.

Episode 202.

Kunal became afraid when Kuhu told him about Nishant’s seizures. While Abir and Parul made a firm decision, Mishti left Kunal fell silent.

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Episode 203.

Kunal faces Abir about his real mother while Mishti realizes his mistake. After meeting the accident, Kundal’s life fell into a big danger.

Episode 204.

Kunal has difficulty accepting the truth about his origin. While Mishti became emotional after finding her pendant, Abir misunderstood his statement.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Episode 205.

The Battle of Abir and Mishti increased while Maheshwaris would be surprised. About Kunal and Kuhu talks, Meenakshi made revenge decisions.

Episode 206.

Meenakshi had a scary dream while Nannu refused to help Mishti emotional again. Then, Vishambung was stunned by Meenakshi’s request.

Thursday 20 May 2021

Episode 207.

Kunal and Kuhu share emotional moments. While Rajajvanshs sang for Kunal to make him feel special, Vishambhar spilled beans to Nannu.

Episode 208.

Maheshwaris was stunned by Meenakshi’s proposal while Vishapah wanted Nannu and Mishti to get married. Then, Mishti heard the surprising facts.

Friday 21 May 2021

Episode 209.

While Nannu asked Rajshri’s question, Meenakshi gave a strong warning to Mishti. Then, Abir was broken hearted after meeting Mishti.

Episode 210.

Abir decided to apologize to Mishti and acknowledge his feelings for him while Vishambhar repaired his behavior with Nannu. Then, Mishti wrote a letter to Abir.

Saturday 22 May 2021

Episode 211.

Meenakshi managed to create a misunderstanding between Abir and Mishti. While Mishti was worried, Abir was stunned after reading the letter was written by him.

Episode 212.

Abir Stuns Mishti by tearing up the letter and guilty with him. After Ms. Nannu gave a gift on several jewelry, Mishti made an appointment for himself.

Sunday 23 May 2021

Episode 213.

Abir learned about Mishti’s involvement with Nannu after he arrived at Maheshwaris along with Kuhu. Later, Mishti was sad to ask Abir to leave home.

Episode 214.

Kuhu faced Abir after he forced his anger to Mishti to meet Parul. Then, Abir found a surprising piece of news about the party.

Monday 24 May 2021

Episode 215.

While Mishti and Nannu took a compatibility test in front of the family, Kunal studied the truth. Later, Abir who was angry made a surprising declaration about Kunal.

Episode 216.

After being slapped, Kunal realized his mistake because Parul finally said the truth. Then, he received a shocking phone call and decided to stand up for Abir.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Episode 217.

Maheshwaris was surprised when Abir participated in the Mishti and Nannu ring ceremony. Then, Ager Memories about his engagement with Mishti.

Episode 218.

Mishti indirectly asked Abir to leave his house while Yashpal refused to let anyone help meenakshi. Then, Abir told Kuhu that he wanted Mishti back.

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Episode 219.

Nannu watched Mishi disappeared from his room late at night while Kuhu desperately tried to make him meet anger. Then, the police arrived to catch Parul.

Episode 220.

After Parul was arrested, Meenakshi gave a surprising ultimatum for Abir. While Kunal tried to change Meenakshi’s mind, Kuhu heard their conversation.

Thursday May 27 2021

Episode 221.

Abir who disguised joined the celebration in Maheshwaris. While Parul was disgusted by Meenakshi’s selfish intention, Abir faced Mishti.

Episode 222.

While Meenakshi made a surprising statement, Abir played a brilliant trick to release Parul. Then, Vishambar scolded Mishti to meet Abir.

Friday 28 May 2021

Episode 223.

Meenakshi made a surprising statement to Nannu while Abir created a scene at Mehendi Mishti’s ceremony. Then, Abir saved Mishti’s life.

Episode 224.

After the fight broke out between Abir and Nannu, Mishti was asked to choose between the two. He left everyone stunned by his decision.

Saturday 29 May 2021

Episode 225.

Mishti and Abir were surprised to meet each other at the temple. Abir took a stand for Mishti while Nannu decided to clean things with him personally.

Episode 226.

While Meenakshi offers to help Nannu, celebrations in Maheshwaris are filled with nostalgia. Then, Abir said the truth and tried to win back Mishti.

Sunday 30 May 2021

Episode 227.

Abir vowed to stop Mishti’s marriage while Meenakshi quietly met Nannu. During the Mishendi Mishti ceremony, Maheshwaris was surprised to see Abir.

Episode 228.

Nannu executed Meenakshi’s Master Plan to issue Mishti from the life of Abir. Then, Abir got a surprising reply when he asked Mishti to marry him.

Monday 31 May 2021

Episode 229.

Abir and Nannu became a fight at the hospital when he tried to expose the last mistake. Then, Abir met a serious accident as he rushed to meet Mishti.

Episode 230.

While Nannu decided to go to London with Mishti, he submitted a surprising request before Rajshri. Then, Meenakshi questioned Nannu about the existence of Abir.



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