Sacred Relationships Sunday 9th May 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Sunday 9th May 2021 Update
Sacred Relationships Sunday 9th May 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Sunday 9th May 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Sunday 9 May 2021, The Episode starts with Abir not seeing Mishti and leaving in his car. Mishti hugs Ananya and says everything is awesome, I have upgraded myself. She jokes. Ananya says I missed you so much, everyone missed you at home, I didn’t know you will stay there for two months. Mishti says I just wanted some time there. Ananya says if you told Kuhu, everyone would have known it, we have to spend two hours outside, I can’t take you home until the surprise is ready, where are your specs. Mishti says think I kept it somewhere and forgot, I have removed it to change my perception, so bye-bye specs.

Nanu says lets bet. Kuhu says we can’t force Abir. Kunal says Abir won’t agree. They all discuss and keep the condition. Nidhi says Kuhu will feed you by her hands if she loses. Nanu says done. Abir comes and asks what to do. Nanu says we feel Neha’s marriage rasam falling short, we want her to write something for her groom. Abir says a good idea. Nidhi says then you write good poetry for their marriage. Kaushal says Kuhu, he won’t agree. Kuhu says please write it. Abir thinks of Mishti and says Kuhu you are a winner, you don’t need my poetry. Kunal smiles. Abir says you are a winner, you can manage it alone. He says Kunal, I will just come and then we will go.

Kunal says Abir won’t write poetry, none knows him better than me. Nanu says fine, Kuhu will feed you food. Kunal says it’s okay, leave it. Ketki says no, we will complete the condition. Parul looks on. Ananya asks Mishti to have panipuri. Mishti recalls Abir and says I don’t want to have it now. Ananya asks how is Nannu, how was everything there. Mishti says it was tough, now I know it, Vishwamber’s decision was right. Ananya says he is the best, it’s his anniversary today, I got the perfect thing for your entry. Mishti asks what. Ananya shows the red balloons. Abir turns. Kunal comes. Abir teases him about Kuhu. Kunal says Kuhu is going home for the anniversary party, I will go after work. Abir says you took life’s best decision by calling off divorce, I m happy if you are happy. Kunal gets silent. They go. Mishti asks where will we get khichdi at this time. Abir and Kunal are on the way. They discuss work.

Sacred Relationships Sunday 9th May 2021 Update: Kunal hugs him and says I m glad you are working with me. Abir gets a message…. shall we have lunch together at the office today…. Abir says I m hungry, I ordered khichdi at the restaurant, we shall have it. Mishti also orders khichdi. Abir and Kunal come there. Their table gets occupied. They go to another table and sit. Abir and Kunal give the order. Kunal says keto… Abir says you are really following Kuhu, even her diet. The waiter says Khichdi is served to the customers at the entry table.

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Mishti says they came after us, I gave the first order so I want the khichdi. Meenakshi says much changed after Abir joined the office. Kaushal says yes, work is fun now, we shall have food. She says sorry, Abir and I will have lunch together. He says great, there are no differences between you two now, I will go and have food. He goes. She says I know Abir is upset, our problems didn’t end, I know everything will get fine, I wish you agreed to me before, then I would have not got Kunal in between. She asks the staff to get Abir to her cabin.


Parul calls her and says Abir called, he said he is busy in a meeting, he can’t come for lunch. Meenakshi says Abir if you are stubborn, I m your mum, I did everything for family, you have to accept that you love your mum. The manager says actually, they gave the order on phone so we prepared it. Mishti says it’s okay. The manager says whatever you order, it will be from our side. The waiter serves khichdi to Abir. Ananya says the waiter is giving your khichdi to them. Mishti says not fair. Ananya says let them eat, chill, will you go and fight. Mishti says that man is snatching my happiness.

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Ananya says he left your happiness on the table and went. Mishti goes and asks the waiter about them. The waiter says they went out to attend a phone call. Mishti takes khichdi from the bowl. She writes a note, sorry. She goes. Abir comes back. Mishti says I got it, lets eat. Abir and Kunal see the khichdi. Kunal says your khichdi is left half. He asks the manager is this your management, someone took our food. The manager says sorry. Abir asks him to parcel the food. Abir reads the note. sorry, it had my right, I have stopped leaving my rights.

Varsha and Jasmeet like decorations and praise Kuhu’s work. Jasmeet says Ananya went to get a gift. Varsha asks when is Kunal coming. Kuhu says he won’t come, we didn’t invite his family. Jasmeet and Varsha say everyone is upset with Meenakshi and Abir. Kuhu thinks it’s a matter of one month. Varsha asks why are you lying, Kunal called and said he will come, we are lucky to get such a son-in-law. Jasmeet says Vishwamber and Rajshri would be coming from the temple. They ask Kuhu what happened.

Kuhu says I was thinking is there anything missing. Ananya says of course yes. Ananya hugs Kuhu and asks where are Dadu and Dadi. Jasmeet says they aren’t at home. Ananya shows Mishti. They smile and hug Mishti. Kuhu says you became very smart. Mishti says we have to set up the party. Kuhu says it’s all set already. Mishti says good job Kuhu. She gets an idea.



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