Sacred Relationships Sunday 21st March 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Sunday 21st March 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Sunday 21st March 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Sunday 21st March 2021 Update, The Episode starts with guests asking about Kunal. Shaurya says Baraat takes time. Varsha asks why are they not answering, I m feeling scared. Shaurya answers the call. Mishti hears Varsha. She says Baraat didn’t reach, why, Kaushal and Atul left and then Abir. The driver gives her luggage and goes. Mishti says is anything wrong happening.

Shaurya says I will go to Rajvansh’s house. Rajshri asks will you tell you that you were doubting them. Varsha says he will say anything, just go. Kunal is in a hotel room. He says sorry Kuhu, if I married you, that would be worse because I don’t love you, I didn’t wish to marry you. Meenakshi comes to him. He hugs her and asks how did everyone react, did Maheshwaris call, they would have come home, I hope Nanu doesn’t get sad, what happened.

She asks do you love me. He says a lot. She asks and Abir. He says I can give my life for him. She asks will you do what I say, swear on me. He says I will do anything, just tell me. She says you have to marry Kuhu. He gets back. Mishti says Meenakshi has disconnected the call, I have done this for my family, if this marriage doesn’t happen, how shall I find out. Kunal says no, I can’t marry her. She says you had sworn on me. He says I faked love to Kuhu on your saying, I wrote a letter and eloped on your saying, why, did Mishti do something. Meenakshi thinks how to say I m doing this to save you from your life’s biggest truth. He says Maa, answer me, what happened. Abir comes. They get shocked.

Mishti messages Meenakshi… I want proof that marriage is happening, send me pics of Jaimala. She says I have done this for this marriage, if Meenakshi doesn’t send pics, I will come back and not lie to the family this time. Abir says you are getting married, you are hiding here, it’s about a girl’s life, learn to keep your love. Kunal says you don’t know. Meenakshi thinks Abir can’t know it. Kunal says the real reason is…. Abir’s phone rings. She says tell dad that we are reaching there, we can fight later. Abir says Nanu, Kunal is coming, wait outside Maheshwari house. Kunal asks what’s happening.

Sacred Relationships Sunday 21st March 2021 Update: Nanu says play the dhol, dance. They all dance. Atul is in groom’s disguise. Kaushal asks Nidhi to dance. She says Atul would be feeling hot in sehra, give him juice. He says let him do this for family, we have to do this and use duplicate till Kunal comes. Parul says don’t know Kunal will come or not. Nidhi asks will you make Atul sit in mandap. Kaushal says not bad, Atul won’t get a girl like Kuhu. Nanu asks them to talk slowly. Ketki posts the Baraat video. Mishti and Kuhu reach. Mishti says where is Abir. Kuhu says they are dancing on low energy. She hears the Baraat sound. Rajshri thanks, Lord. Mishti gets up to leave. She imagines Abir. She says he would be there.

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Kunal says you lied to me. Abir asks what lie. Kunal says such a big lie, why, mum told me that Nanu is ill. Abir asks what’s your problem, you are fighting on these small things, you are not thinking about ruining an innocent girl’s life, Kuhu is waiting for you, I sent Atul. He asks Meenakshi did she convince Kunal to run to keep him away from Mishti. He says I m feeling ashamed to call him my brother today, are you coming with me or not, you love Kuhu, your mum isn’t ready for this, will you take a stand for your love or not, tell me are you my brother or not, I have the same right on you like her, will you hold my hand today or leave me, if you leave my hand today then we will never be together, I m waiting in the car, Atul would be reaching there in Baraat, if you don’t come, I will go somewhere far. He goes.

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Meenakshi says he said this to me, what would I do. Kunal says we will tell truth to Abir. She says no, come with me. Kunal asks why are you punishing me by putting me in loveless marriage. She thinks I have to hide the truth. She says you had sworn on me, one son had broken my heart and the other had broken the swear. Abir gets Parul’s call. Mishti imagines Abir again. She goes. Rajshri says we should welcome the Baraat. Jasmeet dances in the Baraat. Kaushal says we needed time to change groom.

Jasmeet asks what. Nanu says we had to take time to change the groom’s sherwani. Jasmeet says it’s fine, the groom shouldn’t be wrong, Kunal shows me your face. Atul worries. Nidhi stops Jasmeet. Vishwamber asks where is Meenakshi. Jasmeet asks where is Atul. Rajshri misses Mishti. Varsha welcomes Kunal. Jasmeet jokes. Kunal lifts the sehra. Everyone smiles. Abir smiles. Nidhi gets fainting. Kaushal holds her. Meenakshi stops Parul and says I don’t need your support now. She says I m sorry, we made you wait a lot. Ketki says Kunal is yours from now.

Varsha pulls Kunal’s nose. Nidhi sees Meenakshi. Kuhu comes in the mandap. Abir says welcome to the family. Kuhu thanks him. Atul comes and asks Ketki to help him in work. Ananya says I know whom you are finding, I have the shoes. Abir looks for Mishti and thinks whom to ask. Kunal stands upset. Meenakshi asks him to take garlands in hand.

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