Sacred Relationships Sunday 18 April 2021 Update

Njoku Blessing ChibuikeApril 15, 2021

Sacred Relationships Sunday 18 April 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Sunday 18th April 2021 Update, Rajshri and everyone worrying for Mishti. Shaurya says Kuhu is Rajvansh bahu, but Mishti isn’t related yet. Mishti comes and says they all said uncle can stay at home, Meenakshi said it’s Abir’s birthday and everything will happen as he wants. Vishwamber says its good. Rajshri asks Mishti to rest. Mishti sees Varsha and says I know what you are thinking, everyone is fine there, Kuhu planned a surprise party for Abir, everyone likes Kuhu there. Varsha smiles.

Mehul says when I saw you for the last time, you were sleeping in my lap, you have grown up now. Abir says even my questions have increased, I don’t know what to ask. Mehul says we will start it with your mum. Parul asks Meenakshi to play sitar and calm her heart, then she will know what to tell Abir. Meenakshi plays the sitar. Mehul says I know, it was tough for you both to get raised without me, whatever Meenakshi thought and told about me, there would be some reason, she has a right. Meenakshi recalls little Abir asking for his dad. Abir says I will go away that you never find me. She slaps him and says so sorry, you don’t tell this to me again, I can’t live without you. Abir pushes her and says I want my dad. Meenakshi cries and stops playing the sitar. She says Parul, I know what to do now.

Mehul says there are two perceptions to see everything, she is seeing me from the point that she finds me wrong, I m seeing just darkness. Abir says it means we may have reason to hate someone, but maybe we are wrong. Mehul says you kept me alive in your heart. Abir says take rest now, I want to know you from tomorrow. Mehul says I want to know about my dad. Nidhi asks Nanu about Mehul. Kaushal asks about children to send her.

Nidhi gets scared seeing Meenakshi. She goes. Nanu says come, we will go to Abir and show this. Meenakshi says stop. Nanu says Abir loves me a lot, I will talk to him. She says yes, you will give the papers to him tomorrow, its his birthday, then Abir will ask all the questions for which Mehul doesn’t have answers, Abir is stubborn, I don’t want him to leave family, trust me, Abir will ask Mehul to leave.

Rajshri comes to Mishti. She asks are you preparing for some exam. Mishti says no, NGO work. Rajshri says we will keep hair massage tomorrow. Mishti jokes. Rajshri says you learnt taunts from Jasmeet. Mishti hugs her. She says Abir is upset, he will talk to his family. Kuhu comes to room and sees Kunal sleeping. She says its good he slept, else he will start again, where were you…. He wakes up and asks where were you, with whom. She says you are scaring me. He says I m angry. She recalls Abir’s words. She says its happening because of Mishti, you met her on unlucky day, see what Mishti did. Kunal says I don’t know what to do. She says I have a suggestion. He asks what. Rajshri says I m sure that my upbringing is right, people expect girls to sacrifice dreams for others, we taught you to understand own needs and not sacrifice dreams, but think of the situation and way, you did right, you could have got stubborn and asked Abir to talk about alliance first, you respected his heart and needs, you are sensible, your alliance will form with Abir. Mishti hugs her and says I love you.


Abir says Mishti did this for me, maybe my family won’t understand this, I have to talk to Kunal, else mum and Kunal will hate her. He turns and sees Kunal. Kunal hugs him and says happy birthday, no fights today. Abir says its best birthday of my life. Kunal says we will party, we will talk just about you. Abir says fine, I stay annoyed with mum, I don’t hate her, can’t you give a chance to dad, please, don’t hate him.

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Its morning, Jugnu gets a call for Abir. Vishwamber wishes Abir and asks how are you. Abir says very happy because of Mishti. Vishwamber blesses him. Mishti hugs Vishwamber. Abir gets Mishti’s message. He says my happiness lies in Mishti’s happiness. He plays Mishti’s audio message. It doesn’t stop. Vishwamber hears it and sees Mishti. He says Mishti’s voice. Abir says it was a bird. Vishwamber says fine, you hear the bird sound. He ends call. Mishti smiles. Abir smiles hearing the poetry and replies thanks, it was necessary for me. Mishti says I hope someone does this in his family. Nidhi wishes Abir and gifts him. Abir thanks her. Ketki says Abir doesn’t need a backpack, he won’t go anything. Nidhi says I washed my saree and Abir’s bag, the bag turned pink. Abir says I can take the pink bag and remember you.

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Nanu comes and hugs Abir. Kuhu says cake time, I have ordered this cake. Kunal says you said you will wait for me. Nanu acts young. Nidhi asks are you looking for your dad. Abir says and mum also. Meenakshi says I m always with you Abir. She sees Mehul coming. She wishes Abir. Kuhu says lets go live. Abir cuts the cake and feeds to Meenakshi. She gifts him and blesses. She says your project got sanctioned, congrats. Abir says wow. She says I requested them that I will give the good news to you. Abir says thanks, its best gift. Abir takes cake to feed Mehul. Nanu says you have grown up, I can’t buy anything by money, so I m giving this. Abir says I will always like your gift. He checks the envelope.


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