Sacred Relationships Saturday 8th May 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Saturday 8th May 2021 Update
Sacred Relationships Saturday 8th May 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Saturday 8th May 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Saturday 8 May 2021,  Abir coming to meet Mishti. They hug. Dheere dheere….plays…. He gives her pendant back. She says you had thrown this in the lake. He signs no. He makes her wear it again. He holds her hand and says after you went… She says you dived inside the cold water and got it, you didn’t let me go. He says you are my life, no one lets life go easily. She asks if your mum knows I m here and tells truth to Kunal. He says I won’t let her say. She says everyone knows about our breakup, what if your mum fixes your marriage anywhere. He says I won’t marry. She says whatever is mine, I will never give it to anyone. Alarm rings.

After two months, Abir wakes up from sleep. He sees Kunal and his pic. Nidhi says you can’t run now, it’s Sangeet today, and marriage is tomorrow, come out. Abir says I will just come. Nanu and everyone dance. Kuhu teaches them. Meenakshi says I need to talk, when we have rockstar like dad, why to call SRK, people used to call dad superstar Rajesh Khanna. Nanu says I m still young. Kuhu laughs. Meenakshi says many younger men have come now, so I have to talk to the SRK team. Kuhu hugs her. Meenakshi says my house looks happy after a long time, it deserves happiness. She sees Abir weds Neha board.

Jasmeet gets a happy anniversary board Maa and Babu Ji and shows it to Varsha. Varsha asks did you take Kuhu’s help. Jasmeet says no, Kuhu forgot me. Varsha says you can manage the function. Jasmeet shows Kuhu’s pics. Varsha says Abir’s marriage. Kunal collides with Kuhu. He argues. She says I m sorry and goes. Rajshri says Nannu, tell Mishti I won’t talk to her, why isn’t coming on our anniversary. Varsha asks her to come. They lie to Rajshri about Nannu’s marriage.

Rajshri says don’t worry, Mishti won’t let Nannu get spoilt. Jasmeet thinks Abir agreed to the marriage in just two months. Parul asks Kunal to have breakfast. Kunal says no, she is going to come now and then Abir… He turns to Abir and smiles. Abir comes downstairs. Ud chala…plays…. Abir acts happy. Abir says I m hungry. Kunal says I m on the keto diet. Abir says I will eat everything prepared by Parul. Nanu says eat it fast, when Neha comes, she will say aren’t we ready yet. Neha comes and says I have come.

Everyone smiles. Jugnu says Bhabhi has come. Neha says don’t call me by this tacky word, I m fine as Neha, aren’t you already, morning is the best part of the day. Nanu says we were preparing this for you. Neha says aw, it’s so good, Kuhu decorations are amazing, when will SRK come, I m excited. Ketki asks what will happen now. Kunal asks her to be silent for some time. Neha asks Abir to focus on her, it’s Sangeet today. Abir asks how can I forget this. She says you didn’t give me any gift. He asks what do you want. She says something personal. Kuhu says sorry, SRK can’t come, he has gone for Ted talks. Neha shouts no. She says you promised Nanu that you will get whatever I want. Nanu says yes, I didn’t know you will ask for a human, I will dance in sangeet.


Neha says Abir, you said I will get a dream wedding. Abir says you want the sangeet to be romantic, it will be more romantic, flowers will shower on you, lights will surround you, music will play in the background. He shows the arrangements demo. She smiles. Abir says it will be the most romantic day of your life, ask mum, she knows if Abir makes any promise, he fulfills it. Neha thanks him and hugs him.

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Jugnu comes and asks did anyone orders Mishti Doi. Everyone looks on. Jugnu says I will return it. Abir says maybe it came on the wrong address, come on guys, don’t get serious, we have to make this sangeet rocking. Neha thanks Abir and everyone for giving her a dream wedding. Meenakshi hugs Neha. Neha says I will go and get ready now. Kuhu asks what will we do now. Kunal says Kuhu got scared, Sangeet will be best. Abir says right, I will just come. Abir sees Mishti doi written on the sweets box and recalls Mishti.

Everyone comes in the Sangeet function. Nidhi asks Kuhu to manage everything. Neha asks Abir where was he. He says I was preparing for your romantic evening. She says we have no time now. He says everything is happening as you want. She says yes, but you have to answer me, you convinced me so I said yes, what happened to you, I m tensed.



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