Sacred Relationships Monday 22nd March 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Monday 22nd March 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Monday 22nd March 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Monday 22nd March 2021 Update, The Episode starts with Kunal taking the garland in hand. Kunal and Kuhu exchange Varmala. Meenakshi looks on. Everyone claps. Kuhu hugs everyone. Abir goes to Vishwamber. Vishwamber says I need your help, can you send these pics to Mishti. Abir asks is Mishti not here. Vishwamber says she isn’t at home, what your mum said, Mishti and we did that. Abir says sorry.

Vishwamber says it’s not your mistake, I don’t know why Mishti said that, I will find out, today is Kuhu’s day. Abir says pics are sent, is Mishti at home, I will talk to Mishti, she should be here. Vishwamber says it’s good you thought so, Mishti is at the airport right now, her flight will take off in some time. Abir gets shocked. He says Nanu, she is going. Nanu says she didn’t go yet, Abir she didn’t leave.

Mishti gets the pics. She smiles. Ketki says we will take Ketki. Kunal thinks I don’t know how did this happen, I will never forgive Mishti, I trusted mum so much and she did this with me. Mishti says sorry Abir, what would I do, we can’t come together, you said if there is one percent chance, we should keep courage, I have some hope that we will meet again. Abir asks where did the driver go with the keys, how will I go. Nanu asks shall I call a cab. Abir says every girl has a dream that her prince charming comes on a white horse and takes her, now the story will change. He gets on the white horse.

Nanu says wow, very good, go fast, don’t come empty-handed, make me proud. He says I will change the story today. Nanu says all the best. Mishti says Kuhu we are sisters, I m happy that you got your ideal life partner, and I couldn’t walk with Abir. She sees a couple and smiles. The lady says I m not getting his toy, he doesn’t like anything. Mishti asks is it this one. The lady thanks to her. Mishti thinks will I get Abir. She recalls Rajshri’s words. She says Rajshri and her stories. Abir asks the people to move aside, sorry. The lady asks is the groom running away from marriage. He says I m going to get my bride, won’t you wish me all the best. She wishes him all the best. His wallet falls down. Dheere….plays….

Kuhu thanks the guests for the gifts. She asks Kunal is he fine. Kunal says I will just go with mum and come. Meenakshi says Kunal vents anger on me for no reason, it’s nothing serious. Rajshri says yes, the matter was nothing and it became serious, Mishti didn’t tell me anything. Mishti gets a call and says Abir. She gets Komal’s call and says yes, I m going to board. She thinks I wish a miracle happens and I get to see you once. Abir comes there. Abir rides the horse/mare inside the airport.

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He gets down and says you are the heroine today, don’t tell Mishti. He prays. The guard says the horse isn’t allowed here. Abir rushes in. Kuhu hugs Rajshri. She asks her is she missing her so much that she is crying. Rajshri says you will always be in my heart. Kuhu says I know you love me a lot, you are missing Mishti a lot, sorry. Varsha says Kuhu is happy. Shaurya says Kunal is a nice guy, Kuhu is lucky to get him. Parul hears them and smiles.

Sacred Relationships Monday 22nd March 2021 Update: Heli Daruwala comes to the airport. The guy takes a selfie with her. Someone collides with Mishti. Her boarding pass falls away. She looks for it. Abir says I have to get in to stop someone from leaving, I should have bought a ticket before, where is my wallet. The guard says you can’t go. The guards catch him and say come with us. Abir sees idols and prays. The guard stops Mishti and says if you go out, you can’t come in. She says I didn’t get my boarding pass. Abir hears the announcement and says I have to meet her, she will go, I run an NGO, look at my visiting card.

The guard says we don’t know any Abir from NGO, how can we trust you. Heli says what, don’t you read newspapers, don’t you know Abir. Abir says tell them that I m not a terrorist, Mishti will go, ask them to let me go. Heli says how cute, Mishti, tell me more. She tells the officers about Abir’s NGO, it helps the women of villagers, he is the star of the state.

Abir says let me go till security checkpoint. The guard allows him. Mishti gets her boarding pass. Abir says love is a big emergency. The man asks him to be serious. Heli says you do your job, I will keep my friendship. She takes Abir. Mishti gets sad hearing a lady’s talk. She thinks our story is left incomplete Abir. She cries. Heli says you can’t go ahead, show me her photo. He says I don’t have time. She says I will go in and look for her, come on, show me her pic. Abir shouts Mishti. Mishti turns. Heli sees her pic and says she is so cute. Abir says thanks, go now. She says I will find her, all the best.

He asks a man to call her. The man says sorry. He asks another man to stop Mishti from leaving. He gives his message. He says Mishti, it’s me Abir, please stop if you are hearing me. The people also shout Mishti’s name. Mishti hears her name and runs back. The lady says go inside please, I have to close the gate. Saathiya mere….plays…..

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