Sacred Relationships Monday 10th May 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Monday 10th May 2021 Update
Sacred Relationships Monday 10th May 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Monday 10th May 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Monday 10 May 2021, Abir coming to Meenakshi and Kaushal. He says sorry, I got late, I had ordered the food. Kaushal asks who ate half of it. Abir says whoever ate it, hope the person is happy. She says I got your fav food made and you are eating khichdi. He recalls Mishti and says it’s my fav. she says we chose this model, just see. He says mum’s choice is my choice. Kaushal jokes about his marriage. Abir asks about the fundraiser. Kaushal gives a card and says Nishant M, don’t know what does M stand for. Abir thinks Mishti.

Meenakshi says M for Meenakshi. She scolds Kaushal. Abir goes. Vishwamber and Rajshri come home. Everyone surprises him. Mishti comes singing Taare hai baraati…. She hugs him. Abir comes home and imagines Mishti and his moment. Everyone takes Vishwamber and Rajshri for puja. They get them exchange garlands. Mishti recalls Abir. Kuhu recalls Kunal. Kunal comes there. Parul sees Abir and gets sad. She gives him food. Vishwamber fills sindoor in Rajshri’s maang. Everyone claps. They eat sweets.

Rajshri says Ananya, you gave me the best gift, you got Mishti here. Ananya jokes. Jasmeet says Nannu didn’t come. Mishti says he will come and surprise you, he said sorry to Kuhu. Kuhu asks will you steal my Nannu also. Mishti says yes, I m Mishti 2.0, I can steal anything, just see what I do.

Varsha asks them to talk like normal people. Mishti asks how are you. Kuhu says my Kuhuness got increased. They laugh. Rajshri asks Mishti how is she. Abir comes to the room and asks what’s happening. Nidhi says Kuhu’s house has a function, they didn’t invite us, so we are trying to see. He says if Kunal is there, I m in. Nidhi says that’s not your Sasural. Abir says but Kunal is my brother, call him. Kunal answers Ketki’s call. Nidhi says I have to see Jasmeet’s bad clothes and jewelry. Nanu says I have to see if you have really gone there. Ketki says I want to see Kuhu’s decorations. Kunal asks Abir what do you want to see. Abir says just you. Kunal shows the decorations.

Mishti says everyone is fine, Nannu has there to support me. She laughs. Rajshri signs Vishwamber. Mishti says everyone who loves me knows I m here, I don’t know anyone else to know it. Kuhu looks on. Kunal says you all don’t embarrass me now. Nidhi asks Abir to scold Kunal. Abir says not done Kunal. Kunal goes in. Abir thinks I didn’t see anyone since that day. Kunal walks towards the door.

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Kuhu comes to him. Phone drops. Kuhu takes him out. Abir says don’t call again, they will want space with Kunal, I broke that alliance, so relax, I m fine. Nidhi, Nanu, and Ketki leave. Nidhi says Abir said right, Abir has moved on, how will Mishti move on, her relation broke, do you talk to Mishti. Ketki says no. Abir hears them. Nidhi says poor Mishti, she will remember him and cry every day, she won’t come to Rajkot. Rajshri says we would have been glad if Nannu came with Mishti. Jasmeet says my Nannu is a diamond. Shaurya says everyone praises children here. Rajshri twists his ear. Mishti gives the gifts sent by Nannu. Jasmeet asks does he have any GF. Jasmeet says I won’t get any London bahu.

Sacred Relationships Monday 10th May 2021 Update: Rajshri says let him decide, we should not tell anything. Jasmeet says I will get Punjabi bahu, who does all the work.

Mishti jokes. She says Nannu knows you will talk about marriage, so he is scared. Rajshri says Nannu will tell you when he wants to marry. Jasmeet says even Abir was a nice guy but what has happened. Kuhu says sorry, now go. Kunal says I came to wish Vishwamber and Rajshri. She asks him to go, they will get upset, it’s not his family. She says you wanted to divorce me, stop making fake relations with my family because they don’t make relations break. Kunal says you think my family won’t care if you go away. He tells about everyone. She says I stay with them, you want me to become rude towards them. He leaves.

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Mishti says sometimes people shock us, don’t worry, I forgot everything, I m fine, you can take his name and meet him also, I don’t care. Jasmeet says you are our Mishti, right. Mishti says no. Ananya says she is Mishti 2.0. Mishti says Nannu helped me a lot and changed me. She jokes and goes. Vishwamber says Mishti has moved on, I m proud of her. Mishti falls over the stairs. She cries thinking of Abir.



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