Sacred Relationships Friday 7th May 2021 Update

Sacred Relationships Friday 7th May 2021 Update
Sacred Relationships Friday 7 May 2021

Sacred Relationships Friday 7th May 2021 Update: On Sacred Relationships Friday 7th May 2021Meenakshi throwing down Mishti’s painting. Abir catches it. Dheere dheere….plays…. Mishti comes home. She cries. Vishwamber hugs her. Rajshri and Kuhu also hug her. Mishti falls down and cries. Parul asks do you think you will win Abir this way. Meenakshi says you know me, Abir is my son. Parul says Abir just made Mehul out of his life, it wasn’t easy, now you are snatching his true love.

She asks what about my love, when a child is born, the woman just becomes a mother and thinks about the child, I did the same, I made sacrifices for the children, Abir won’t do anything to sacrifice his love, I m sure that one day, he will come to me and say thanks, it will be good if Mishti goes away from his wife. Abir comes and says Mishti isn’t in my life, but you won’t make her out of my heart, that day won’t come ever. He asks Parul to come with him.

It’s morning, Nanu says my tea doesn’t have sugar. Parul says sorry. Kunal asks did Abir go anywhere again. Abir says no, this is my house, I have to go office, I m going to NGO for big order. Kunal says I was also leaving, come. Parul thinks Abir has hidden sorrow behind his smile. Meenakshi comes and blesses Abir and Kunal. Kunal says Abir is going for big order. Meenakshi says my blessing is with both my sons. They leave. Mishti says if everyone sees me crying, they will also cry. Kuhu says I have made brownie, we both will sink our pain in chocolate sauce and eat it.

Jasmeet asks what happened to you. Mishti says she understands my pain. They eat the brownie. Mishti thinks of Abir’s words and coughs. Mishti and Kuhu cry. Rajshri asks them to eat slow. Vishwamber says Mishti, I have booked your tickets, you are going to London. Mishti asks do you want me to go. Vishwamber says I want you to move on, you wanted to do social service, Nannu is starting a new project, I told him about your experience, he is glad to start the new work with you. Mishti says I want to go to the temple first. Kuhu says I know it’s happening soon.

Sacred Relationships Friday 7th May 2021 Update: Mishti says I don’t want to cry, you also become as you want, then see no one can fool you, I promise. Kuhu hugs her. They cry. Abir sees the red balloons. He sees Vishwamber and Shaurya with some balloons. Vishwamber asks Shaurya to keep the things in the car. Abir reads bon voyage Mishti printed on the balloons. Meenakshi does charity at the temple. Pandit thanks her. She says it’s fine. She sees Mishti and says we have to go to another temple now Jugnu. Mishti passes by.


Abir greets Vishwamber. Vishwamber says you lost the right to get blessings. Abir says I know you are upset. Vishwamber says I m thankful to you that Mishti will learn a big lesson that person is responsible for his own happiness, once she learns this, your love and you won’t exist for her, she doesn’t need anyone, you don’t know what you have lost, you will always regret your decision. Abir thinks I lost everything, I will always love her. Vishwamber says I will keep Mishti away from you. Abir says I hope your attempt succeeds. Vishwamber goes. Abir buys some balloons. He thinks I m very weak, if Mishti asks me again whether I love her or not, I can’t lie, I hope she doesn’t come in front of me, Mishti is going forever. He leaves the balloons and runs.

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Meenakshi gives food to Mishti and says my big mannat got fulfilled today. Mishti says to make me out of Abir’s life, I used to feel bad seeing Abir fight you when Mehul tries to make Abir away from you all, I wanted to fight on your behalf, I wanted to save Abir, I knew Abir has a loving mother.

Meenakshi says yes, I love him a lot, so I m saving him from a girl like you. Mishti says I feel thank God, I didn’t marry Abir, if you were my Saas today, I would have not told this, I will tell you, you are the wrong aunty, you don’t love Abir, the mother who loves her sons don’t lie, don’t manipulate them, but you do, you have done that, you don’t trust your love, love doesn’t happen on conditions, it’s okay, you won’t understand this, I accept your charity, I will keep it safe, remember your mannat, you will lose both your sons instead this. Meenakshi looks at her. Mishti goes.

Mishti says sorry to disappoint you, I got much weak, I promise, when I return, I will become strong. She hugs Vishwamber and Rajshri. Jasmeet says one last selfie should be there. Abir is on the way. Mishti goes inside the airport. Na maaregi….plays… Abir comes there and runs inside the airport. He sees Mishti.



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