Ring Of Fire Update Friday 28 February 2020

Ring Of Fire Update Friday 28 February 2020
Ring Of Fire Update Friday 28 February 2020

This is Ring Of Fire Update Friday 28 February 2020.

Ring Of Fire Update Friday 28th February 2020 on zee world

On Ring Of Fire Update  28 February 2020: Anurag’s friend invites Ragini for a dance. Another friend drops juice on her feet and tries to wipe it. Ragini feels weird and says she can clean herself. He apologies and asks if they can be friends. She says okay. Back at home, Revati gets when Ragini does not pick call. Dulari says Ragini must be enjoying with Anurag, 

so she need not worry. Revati relaxes. Anurag’s friend tells Anurag is dancing with is friends, even she should learn dance from him. Ragini thinks he is right and dances with him. He touches her in appropriately. She thinks what kind of dance is this and falls down. Anurag’s female friend yells what is she doing.

Shristi calls her friend Pooja and asks if she is coming tomorrow with scootie as they have to reach exam venue on time. She then packs her bag. Vishu gives her pen and asks to write her exam with it.

Anurag’s friend continues to touch Ragini inappropriately in lieu of a dance. Ragini gives him a tight slap. Anurag yells what the hell is this. Ragini says he was trying to touch her. Anurag shouts at her to get out from here. Ragini returns to her room fumes she is tolerating all nonsense because of her mister, else she would have killed him.

Nobody dared to touch her till now, but that dog was touching her because of mister. Anurag enters and yells if she cannot handle all this, she should accept that she is unfit for him. She confronts if he thinks touching stranger woman is western culture, she hates it. In their culture, the pray dance forms and it is part of their life.

Ring Of Fire Update Friday 28 February 2020

Argument ensues. She says if he had informed her before, she would have practiced wearing short dress. He says she cannot. She says she can. He gives her a transparent short nightie and asks to wear it if she dares to. She goes to bathroom to change it.

Veena gets tensed with Parag does not pick call, thinks what will happen if Vikral will return home and ask about him. Virkral returns. She says she will serve food. He asks to tell first why she is tensed. She says Parag did not return yet. He says Parag had called and informed that he has gone to his friend’s wedding in Patna and Narad is with him.

Ragini goes to bathroom and is shocked to see short transparent night, she thinks her mister wants her to wear this, she will do it for him. Anurag eagerly waits thinking she will not wear it and will accept her defeat.

 Ragini comes out wearing bath gown over nightie and says she understands difference between touching waist and smearing it sensuously, his friend tried to harm her self-respect and she slapped him, if he does again, she will slap him again. Anurag thinks if his friend was wrong and if he did mistake by not knowing the fact and scolding Ragini.

Ring Of Fire Update Friday 28 February 2020

Ragini says if he wants to wear this piece of cloth, she will for him. She removes her bath gown revealing nightie and stands crying trying to hide her modesty. Kuch khaas hai, kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai…song..plays in the background. Anjurag walks to her and dorns her bath gown back and leaves saying I am sorry. Ragini gets happy seeing his changed tone.

Shristi gets ready for her exam and touches Vidhvan’s feet to take his blessings. He blesses her. She says her father used to bless her like this. Vidhvan says her father will bless her similarly. Dulari tells Revati that she did her job. Shristi says her friend is picking her. Vidhvan says she should go with Brij. Revati says if she ants to go with friend, why he is forcing her. Vidhvan agrees. Shristi tells Vishu that she will write exam with his gifted pen. He gets happy.

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Ragini in her hotel room reminisces yesterday’s all incidents and thinks she was not wrong, even then her husband does not trust her. Anurag’s friends come. Ragini says Anurag is not here. They say they came to talk to her and apologize for their mistake. She warns not to misbehave with others again.

They walk out. Anurag hears their conversation. Ragini thinks he heard them and must have realized she is not wrong. She tells Anurag if he needs tea, she will prepare whichever he likes. He says no thanks and asks her to get ready, they are leaving home.

Shristi goes to exam venue and finds her hall ticket missing. Peon does not let her in without exam. Shristi requests Shekhar to let her in. He scolds her how can she be so irresponsible, he cannot break rules for anyone. Shristi calls Chutki bahu and asks her to search her hall ticket in her room. Chutki searches with Vishu.

Divya comes and Chutki asks also her to search. Vishu unfills dustbin and hall ticket falls down. Chutki picks it and asks Divya what is it. Divya checks and says it is Shristi bhabhi’s hall ticket. Vishu says he will go and give it to her and runs taking Chutki’s mobile.

Parag with Narad boasts in front of hotel manager that his Vikral Singh’s son and came here for some work, nobody should are stop him. Narad sees Ragini and Anurag leaving hotel and signals Parag to sand silently. Ragini notices them from back, walks in front and asks what are they doing here. Parag nervously stammers.

 Narad says they came for a business meet. Parag is meeting is over and they are going home. Ragini says then they will go together. Anurag says they cannot in single taxi. Parag says they will take 2 taxis and orders manager to book taxi.

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 Ragini travels with Anurag, chattering in her usual style. Ragini sees fruit vendor and stops car. She leans over Anurag and buys litchi. Anurag’s heart softens for her. Ragini enjoys litchi. Anurag thinks even he is hungry. Ragini shares her bitten litchi and he eats silently and asks if she is hungry. She nods yes. He asks driver to stop car at a dhaba. Ragini thinks how come he changed today.

Vishu continues running and tries to take lift, but nobody stops. Shristi on the other side requests officer again to let her write exam. Offer does not permit. She calls Chutki. Vishu picks call and says he is bringing her hall ticket. She asks to reach before 9 a.m. He asks not to worry and continues running.

This is the end of  Ring Of Fire Update Friday 28th February 2020

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