Ring of fire Tuesday 3 March 2020 Update

Ring of fire Tuesday 3 March 2020 Update
Ring of fire Tuesday 3 March 2020 Update

This is the written episode of Ring of fire Tuesday 3 March 2020 Update.

Ring of fire Tuesday 3rd March 2020 Update on zee world

Ring of fire 3 March 2020 Update: Ragini breaks her relationship with Anurag and says he does not have to bear her more now. She tried so hard to win his heart, but failed. She goes to bring her bag. Daadi asks Anurag what is happening. Ragini comes down with bags and says she cannot stay in this house more.

Revati scolds Anurag what is he doing. Ragini asks her not to ask Anurag. She tried her best to win his heart, but he did not change at all. She was staying in this house for him, but when there is no relationship, why should she stay here, her house is much bigger than this. Shristi also walks out. Vishu tries to stop her and says he is her husband and she has to obey him and not go out. She says if he respects her, he should let her go. Both bahus walk out at once like they came in after marriage. Agnifera…Agnifera..song..plays in the background.Ring of fire Tuesday 3 March 2020 Update

Revati goes to Vishu and tries to convince him that Shristi is unfit for him, so went away without respecting his feeling. He says she sent Shristi and bhabhi away.

Vikral asks Parag why did Ragini called Narad. Parag says he does not know. Vikral scolds what kind of brother he is, he does not know how his sister is, she must be in some trouble. Ragini enters and says she cannot be in trouble with what he taught, she knows to fight this world. He gets happy seeing her and asks if damadji came. She says he is busy in his Patna project, so he sent her alone. Vani says let us go inside and speak.

Shekhar takes Shristi to Pooja’s house. Pooja says Shristi is her best friend and she can stay with her till she wants. Shekhar says Shristi did right by walking out, she should have done it long back.

Ragini prepares samosas and other snacks for Vikral and family. Vani serves it and says Ragini herself prepared it. Vikral gets very happy and praises her. Parag and Narad also taste samosas. Parag says it is tasty, but Ragini adds more spices when her mood is off. Vikral says she prepared it and it is a big thing. Ragini says marriage teaches everything. Vikral says credit goes to Anurag and he will call Anurag and thank him. Parag also insists. He calls Anurag. Ragini nervously says Anruag must be busy, so he so should call later and enjoy samosas. Anurag picks call and says hello.Ring of fire Tuesday 3 March 2020 Update

Vikral calls Anurag to thank him for changing Ragini. Ragini gets tensed and says he must be busy in his Patna project. Anurag sees Vikral’s call and thinks why he is calling. He calls back. Ragini takes phone and says papa wants to talk to him, but she told him how busy he is. She goes aside and tells him to listen carefully, if papa calls him, just tell that he is very busy in his project. Anurag disconnects pone confused.

At night, Ragini looks at Anurag’s photo and feels sad. Anurag also reminisces Ragini while changing his clothes, looking at bed, etc. Shristi and Vishu also reminisce each other in and feel sad. In the morning, Ragini serves tea to Anurag in the morning. Anurag wakes up shocked and thinks if she really came back and bites her. Dulari shouts and he realizes it is Dulari. Ring of fire Tuesday 3rd March 2020 Update

 She scolds him he should pinch himself to check reality and walks yelling he is acting weird since Ragini went away. Ragini also prepares tea for herself and Anurag and thinks she is habituated to serving tea to Anurag daily. She throws one cup in drain. Vani comes and asks why did she wake up so early. Ragini says she is habituated to wake up early in her sasural. Vani asks her to relax in her maika and says some girls love maika more than sasural.

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At home, Brij tells Revati she should not have sent out Ragini, if Vikral will know, he will kill them. Revati says she wanted to kick out Shristi, but Ragini also walked out. Anura should should have stopped her. Vidhvan hears that and shouts at her what the hell she did, does ont she get tired with her conspiracies. She in her chirpy voice says they themselves walked out. H warns her to speak to him only if she gets back both bahus home.

Ragini picks sindhoor to apply on her forehead, but angrily throws it away Vani gets litti choka for Ragini. Ragini says she will eat till her tummy is full. Vani looks at her carefully.Ring of fire Tuesday 3 March 2020 Update

 She gets tensed that Vani saw her back injury. Vani asks why she is not wearing sindhoor, yesterday she brushed off when asked about mangalasutra and today sindhoor. Ragini says she left her sindhoor at her sasural. After sometime, Ragini gets frustrated reminiscing all the recent evetns and changes back to her old avatar.

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