Ring of Fire Thursday 3 December 2020 Update Zee World

Ring Of Fire Teasers December 2020
Ring Of Fire Teasers December 2020

Ring of Fire Thursday 3 December 2020 Update: On Ring of Fire Thursday 3 December 2020 Update, Shristi scolds Vishu if he knows what marriage is. He says Dulari did teach her. Shristi says they are not married really and asks him to go out. He says daadi told to stay in the room. She insists. He leaves the room and runs away. Daadi notices it and enters the room to give Shristi some moral gyaan. Shristi tells she does not consider this marriage. Daadi says Vishu is an uncut diamond and she should mould him the way she wants.

Revati sees Anurag working on the sofa in the living room and tells him that marrying Ragini is a destiny. He continues fuming and says Ragini is unfit for him. Ragini enters and asks what is the problem in her, she does makeup to look good and is learning English for him. He continues yelling. Revati says Ragini brought milk and jalebis for him to sort things out but he is getting so adamant. He gulps milk in one go and says if things can sort out by drinking milk, he will see what will happen. Drama continues.

Brij’s wife makes Vishu sleep on sofa. Brij returns home in the morning and sees Vishu sleeping on sofa, thinks why he is sleeping here. Vishu says Shristi is sleeping in his room, so he is sleeping here. Brij takes him out and gives him moral gyan that Shristi is his wife and it is his duty to control her. He says husband and wife sleep in single room like he and his aunt sleep and continues his moral gyan.


Ring of Fire Wednesday 2 December 2020 Update Zee World

Ring Of Fire Teasers December 2020 On Zee World

In the morning, Divya goes to Shristi’s room to give tea and does not find her. She informs family. Dulari says she must have eloped stealing something from home. Ragini comes down and says even Anurag is missing, they both must have eloped together. Vidhvan says they are responsible for this situation. Ragini calls Narad and asks him to get her gun. Vikral hears that and reaches Vidhvan’s house. Vidhvan starts insulting him and says if he had not forced Ragini and Anurag’s marriage, this would not have happened and says he would respect stranger, but not a goon, be it his relative. Vikral fumes and points gun on his forehead. Brij confronts that he cannot insult them in their home. Ragini warns him to back off. Vishu confronts she cannot insult his chacha. She raises a hand to slap Vishu.

Vishu confronts Ragini for insulting Brij. Ragini shouts how dare he is and raises a hand to slap him. Shristi enters and warns her to stop. Ragini asks where is Anurag. Shristi asks how will she know. Vikral asks where is Anurag babu. She says he should ask it to his daughter as the only wife can know about her husband’s whereabouts. Revati asks she can at least tell she had been. Shristi shows notes and she had called her friend outside the village to get notes. She says she will not do anything which will harm this family’s dignity and walks to her room. Dulari comments she shut everyone’s mouth with her reply. Revathi warns her to shut blabbering her nonsense. Brij says his men are searching Anurag through the Zilla and he will be found soon.

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Brij’s wife tries to feed Vishu, but he continues panicking and rejects food. She leaves. Shristi enters the room and asks why he is not having food, why Ragini scolded him. He says he told truth. She says he cannot take the wrong route to confront wrong. He starts eating food. She smiles. Ragini angrily tries to enter her room but stops seeing Daadi passing by.


Vikral returns home and over phone orders minister to check London flight’s each passenger detail and find out if Anurag is boarding flight. He tells his wife if Ragini was here, she would have solved the problem within seconds. Wife says she already warned him not to do this forceful marriage. He shuts her mouth.

Shristi then sees Daadi asking Vidhvan why he is looking tensed. Vidhvan says he got Anurag educated so that he can take house’s responsibility, but he failed. Daadi consoles him that everything will be alright. Shristi then goes to her room and writes on the laptop if what Anurag did was right, if running away from self is a solution.

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Ragini picks his gun and tries to leave the house, but Revati stops her and says she just got married yesterday and cannot get out. Ragini says she is modern age savitri and is going out for her mister. She takes her blessing forcefully and leaves. Dulari comments that both bahus are not at home.

Anurag reaches the hotel and calls his friend to get his London ticket at any cost. He walks out of the hotel room hiding his face. Goons surround him in their car and get him in.

Brij’s sister’s husband enters home. Brij warns him to stay away as he died for them when he married his sister without consent and is a big goon. The man asks he was a goon in college, but their samdhi is zilla’s biggest goon, their eyes are blind with Vikral’s money now. Brij stands silently.

Ragini reaches hotel and after a slap, manager confesses that Anurag had come here, but left. Ragini fumes that whole Zilla knows that she is searching for her mister, but how could he let her go. She gets a call that someone else took Anurag towards home.

This is the end of Ring of Fire Thursday 3 December 2020 Update on zee world.

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