Ring Of Fire Sunday 29 March 2020 Update On zee world


Ring Of Fire Sunday 29 March 2020 Update On zee world: Parag helps Diya drink water and cleans her clothes when water falls on her clothes. Shristi passes by and senses an opportunity to take revenge from Ragini and alleges Parag that he misbehaved with Diya. Parag confronts her. Family gathers and asks what happened. Shristi alleges that he was misbehaving with Diya. Anurag angrily slaps and drags him away. Ragini asks what happened.

Ring Of Fire Sunday 29 March 2020 Update On zee world
Ring Of Fire Sunday 29 March 2020 Update On zee world


Ring Of Fire Sunday 29th March 2020 Update On zee world,  He takes her oath and says he did not do anything. Shristi continues alleging. Anurag yells he trusts Shristi. Parag says why will he create trouble for his sister and takes oath that he will not get rakhi from his sister until he clears his allegations. Anurag yells to get out. Ragini says whoever thinks her brother wrong, she knows he will not do anything wrong. She runs out behind Parag and says she knows he is right.

 He says then why don’t she come with him, she wants to help Shristi who alleged him wrongly. She says she is helping devarji/Vishu. Parag says he will help her, but will not come to this house again. She thinks if Shristi is taking revenge from her by alleging Parag.

Shekhar meets mukhyayan and asks her to convince Revathi to let Anurag do Ravan dhavan.

Divya tries to explain Revati, but Revati does not listen to her and locks her in a room Ragini goes to Shristi’s room and confronts that she is taking revenge from her by alleging Parag. Shristi says she does not know what she is talking. Ragini says she accepts wrong happened to her, that does not mean, she will harm others. Shristii as usual gives her one-sided explanation and Ragini walks away.

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Next morning, Ragini goes down for pooja and sees Shristi walking up. Revathi yells Shristi is ruining her house and prays god to send her away. Shristi goes to Divya’s room with food and asks what happened that day. What is the use now to ask. Shristi says she spoke what she saw and asks her to forget what happened yesterday. Vishu comes and hearing this thinks Shristi is not that bad. Drama continues.

Ring Of Fire Sunday 29 March 2020 Update On zee world, Shristi walks with Shekar in mela and asks where is Vishu. Shekhar says he must be playing with kids. Shristi thinks how to find out where is Vishu. Shekhar says let us watch Ravan dahan. Anurag also searches Vishu. A few men insist him to do ravan dahan. He says once Vishu is found, he will. Men say Vishu must be playing with his friends and hearing about Ravan dahan announcement, he will come running. Ragini stands next to Shekhar and searches Vishu. Revati and Dulari watch that and their jokergiri starts.

Ragini hears Shekhar’s goons talking about Vishu and tries to catch them, but they escape. A couple from another serial hold her. She shows Vishu’s photo and asks if they saw devarji. Man sees CCTV camera and says they can check footage and find out Vishu. They check footage. Woman says she saw Vishu’s watch near ravan’s idol.

Ring Of Fire Sunday 29 March 2020 Update On zee world, Shristi gets restless and holding Shekhar’s collar says she knows his truth, where is her husband Vishu. Vishu is tied in ravan. Anurag holds fire arrow to shoot idol. Ragini connects all the incidents and realizes Vishu is in Ravan idol. She shouts at misterji/Anruag to stop as devarji is in idol. Shekar pushes Shristi and forcefully snatches bow and arrow from Anurag and shoots idol. Ragini informs Shristi and they both rush to save Vishu. Idol bursts into fire. Shekhar laughs that Anurag’s brother is dead, now he will marry Vishu’s widow and take her to Switzerland for honeymoon.

Shristi and Ragini save Vishu and bring him. Shekhar is shocked. Shristi slaps him and says her husband is alive and even if he was dead, she would have lead life as widow in jail after killing Shekar. Police comes to arrest. Shekhar escapes. Parag holds him and gets him arrested. Drama continues


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