Ring of Fire sunday 28 February 2021 Update Zee World

Ring of Fire sunday 28 February 2021 Update
Ring of Fire sunday 28 February 2021 Update

Ring of Fire sunday 28th February 2021 Update: On Ring of Fire sunday 28 February 2021 Update, Agni and Kishan’s wedding rituals start. They garland each other while family and guests clap. Sakshi locked in store room breaks door and escapes. Pandit chants mantras and asks Revathi to do bride and groom’s gathbandhan. Sakshi runs on road calling her aides. Panit asks bride and groom to stand for pheras. They both start pheras. Sakshi’s aide calls her and asks where is she, pheras have started. Sakshi says she will not let Agni and Kishan’s marriage complete and orders aide to execute plan B.

Ring of Fire sunday 28th February 2021

After a few pheras, Kishan and Agni sit. Power goes off for a second and returns. Pandit asks to continue pheras. Agni is seen unconscious in bathroom and Sakshi doing pheras with Kishen as Agni. Agni wakes up and finds herself in bathroom and realizes Sakshi took her place. She runs towards mantap, but Kishan fixes mangalsutra in Sakshi’s neck and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Pandit announces wedding is complete. Everyone clap.

Agni reaches calling Kishan. Everyone stand up in shock. Sakshi removes her veil. Everyone are more shocked. Revathi says she does not know how this mishap happened. Kishan tries to untie gathbandhan saying he cannot marry Sakshi and asks Sakshi why did she do this to her. Agni shouts why did she make a joke out of her marriage.

Sakshi adamantly says she is Kishan’s legal wife now and wanted to take revenge from Agni for snatching Revathi Daadi who was world to her, so she snatched Kishan from Agni. She reveals how she planned everything, sprayed hypnotic spray during pheras and made everyone unconscious for a few minutes and took Agni’s place locking her in bathroom, but left door open so that she can come and see her life shattered. Kishan’s father disperses guests while Agni stands crying, shattered.

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Agni confronts Sakshi that in lieu of taking revenge from her, she spoilt even Kishen’s life just because he loves me. Revathi slaps Sakshi. Sakshi shouts to beat her more. Revathi says shut up, she cannot be Baiju and Shristi’s daughter. Kishan confronts her next and asks how can she hate her sister so much, he does not want to know the reason, why did she spoilt his life, what is his mistake.

Sakshi says he loves the girl she hates more. He shouts shut up, he will never accept her as his wife and tries to snatch mangalsutra, but Devi stops him and says mangalsutra is not a simple thread and beads, he has taken 3 pheras with Sakshi and has to accept her. Agni says that way even she took 3 pheras and is Kishan’s wife now. Yashi says Agni is right. Father says they will get Kishen take pheras again with Agni as they will not accept Sakshi. Kishan drags Sakshi out saying he will never accept her as wife and will not let her stay in his house. Devi shouts Kishan in her Hemamalini style. Kishan angrily walks into his room. Chachaji thinks Kishan got 2 wives now, so they both cannot claim property, he will get family property now.

Ring of Fire sunday 28 February 2021 Update: Agni shatters after Sakshi marries Kishan by trick. Revathi consoles her. Agni says she does not know what to do. Revathi says everything will be alright. Agni hugs her. Yashi and Kishan’s father walk to Kishen’s room and console him. They then walk to Devi and say whatever happened is wrong. Chachaji enjoys sweets on the other side while his son and wife sit sadly and offers them sweets. They say no. He walks out smirking and thinking he will get property as Kishen has 2 wives now.


Chachaji brings Sakshi back home. Kishen’s father asks if he also thinks they did wrong. Chachaji says he did not say that. Police comes to arrest Sakshi. Inspector asks who is Sakshi Singh. Devi says Sakshi is her bahu now. Daadi asks who called him. Kishan says he and asks inspector to arrest Sakshi in fraud case. Inspector arrests Sakshi. Devi resists, but inspector drags Sakshi away.



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