Ring of Fire Sunday 14 March 2021 Update Zee World

Ring of Fire Sunday 14 March 2021 Update
Ring of Fire Sunday 14 March 2021 Update

Ring of Fire Sunday 14th March 2021 Update on zee world: On Ring of Fire Sunday 14 March 2021 Update, Agni panics when Revathi daadi is brought to the hospital severely injured and unconscious. Doctors take Revathi to ICU. Agni informs the family. The family rushes to hospital. Sakshi panics next and asks how is daadi. The nurse says the patient has lost a lot of blood and they cannot say anything. Peon comes out and says a good samaritan brought daadi on time and saved her life. Agni and Sakshi ask who is he. Peon takes them to Sameer. The family is surprised at Sameer. Sameer walks away. Sanjay fumes that he wants to kill Revathi and his son saved her. He walks away saying he will check how many they have to pay for treatment.

Mukhri shows her Revathi’s accident spot’s CCTV footage. Agni checks and says it is no accident but an attempt to murder, he should go and check the accident spot personally. Sanjay hears that hiding and determines to kill Revathi before she wakes up and reveals everything. Agni on the other side cries reminiscing the nurse’s words. Kishan passes by and seeing her crying consoles her. KD praises Sameer for saving Revathi. Sameer says he would have done the same with everyone and does not care who’s daadi she was. Agni hears that and says he does not have feelings for family, how can one expect any feelings for others.

Sanjay hits the doctor’s head and making him unconscious wears OT uniform and walks towards Revathi’s OT. Agni stops him and asks what reports say. He ignores her and walks away. She walks to the doctor’s cabin but finds a doctor there who says someone hit his head and made him unconscious. Agni rushes towards OT. Sanjay disguised as a doctor tries to inject poison into Revathi’s body when Agni walks in.

Ring of Fire Sunday 14 March 2021 Update: Sanjay points the knife on Revathi’s neck and warns Agni to back off. Once she moves back, he runs. She runs behind him and pins him down. He pushes her and escapes again. She runs again and clashes with Sameer. Sameer holds her hand and shouts if she can apologize to him. She scolds that culprit who wanted to kill her dadi came back to kill her. Sameer jokes on her. The doctor comes out after surgery and informs that due to age and severe blood loss Revathi went into a coma. Sanjay joins them and asks what happened. Agni sees his hand injured and asks what happened to him. He says due to rust in the lift. Their conversation continues.

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The doctor informs that Revathi has gone into a coma due to severe blood loss and age. Sakshi panics and shouts at the doctor to treat daadi soon and alleges he is not treating her properly. Argument starts. Doctor asks to tell him which treatment to use then. Kishan’s family asks Sakshi to show her expertise. Agni supports Sakshi and says Sakshi is not a doctor. The family stands shocked. Sanjay asks when will Revathi get out of the coma. The doctor says they can take Revahti home as he does not know if she will get out of the coma within a month or years. Sanjay relaxes.

Family brings Revathi home. Agni fumes she will not spare the culprit who harmed Daadi. Sakshi insists to tell her in detail. Agni describes how a man tried to kill Daadi entering OT disguised as a doctor and Mukhri’s brought video evidence. Sakshi walks away calling her aide to meet her right now. Agni also calls Mukhri and scolds to find out any evidence of who saw the accident. Yashi brings food for Agni and insists to have it. Agni says she will come in sometime and walks into Sameer’s room to apologize to him, gets shy seeing him wearing the shirt.

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Sameer yells if she does not know the culture of knocking and entering other’s rooms. Agni thanks him for saving Daadi on time. Sameer says he helped an old woman, if she wants to thank him, she should have coffee with him. Agni says he is still stuck at coffee and has coffee with him, then says that is all she can do and walks away. Sameer thinks he likes her challenges.

Ring of Fire Sunday 14 March 2021 Update: Sakshi’s aide meets her. She orders him to find out any evidence of who saw daadi’s accident. He stands acting weird. She finds him having marijuana, scolds him, and sends him away. She unable to bear pain smokes marijuana and blabbers she loves Daadi and does not want to lose her. Kishan passes by and enters the room seeing her condition. She continues repeating the same.

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