Ring of Fire Monday 30 November 2020 Update Zee World

Ring of Fire Monday 30 November 2020 Update
Ring of Fire Monday 30 November 2020 Update

Ring of Fire Monday 30th November 2020 Update: On Ring of Fire Monday 30 November 2020 Update, Marriage celebrations start at Anurag’s house. Vidhvan makes arrangements over the phone. His amma says he should let women handle their arrangements and should not interfere. He smiles and says okay. He asks Brij if he invited everyone in the village. Brij says yes except one as his door was locked. Vidhvan asks to recheck after some time as he does not want anyone to complain that he did not invite in his son’s marriage.


Daadi asks to call Anurag down for haldi. Anurag comes down. Each family member’s face is focused on. Revati’s niece comes and her drama and boasting starts. She does not pay 50 rs to rickshaw driver. Revati asks Brij to pay and he pays 100 rs. Niece boasts that her grandfather married her aunt in this house after much taught. Everyone apply haldi to Anurag.


Celebrations also start at Shristi’s house. Her friends ask where is Poonam. Someone says her marriage is cancelled, so she did not come. Poonam goes to bring her. Her brother Sumer takes care of arrangements and asks vendors to make best arrangements like it is their sister’s marriage. Purshotam’s aunt comes and scolds why did he arrange marriage in just 2 days. Shristi returns with Poonam. Aunt asks why her friend did not wear party attire. Shristi says she is unwell. Aunt asks why is she looking so dull, she should go and get ready soon. Her haldi starts.

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Anurag gets ready in groom’s attire. Vishu asks musicians to play music well and dances. Divya joins her followed by Revati’s niece. They all dance in front of baraat. Vidhvan looks happily and Revati and Brij sad.

Ragini looks at her grandfather’s pic and tells him happy that she is marrying the man of her choice. Vikral asks Parag if he noted down gift list and scolds him. He scolds even his wife and she confronts that even she is from rich zamindar family, but is nothing in this house. He calls pandit and asks to find a marriage date. Pandit finds date after 1 month. Vikral then gets a call that Vidhvan is taking baraat to some other place today. He orders pandit if today’s date is fine for marriage. Pandit says yes, but he has to attend 2 other marriages. Vikral shows him gun and orders to start marriage arrangements.


The episode continued on Ring of Fire Monday 30 November 2020 Update as Vidhvan fumes in anger when his aid informs him that Vidhvan is taking Anurag’s baraat to some other place. He says he tried to be good and is facing all this, orders pandit to start marriage preparations and Parag to gather all their goons to kidnap baraat. Ragini says she will accompany him. He asks to get ready for marriage and greet baraat.

Guests start flowing at marriage venue and Purshotam greets them. His guests congratulate him that he got damad like Anurag so easily. Shristi gets ready as bride. He mother comes and says baraat must be coming soon. She says let them bear her nakhras and laughs. Mother asks if she is happy with this marriage. Shristi says yes.

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Vidhvan heads baraat towards marriage venue in bus and cars when Vikral with his men stops vehicles. Vidvhan asks what is happening. Brij says Vikral has come with his goons. Vidhvan gets out of car and asks what is happening. Vikral says baraat will go to his house. Vidhvan asks why so, it will go to where it has to. Vikral asks if he is selling his son to many other places. Vidhvan shouts what does he means. Vikral calls Brij. Vidhvan reminisces ordering Brij to return money and slaps him. Vikral says his drama will not work here and baraat will follow his vehicle. Vidhvan asks what if it does not. Vikral points gun on him. Anurag reacts. Vikral orders his goons to shoot Vishu. Vidhvan pleads not to. Vikral with his goons kidnaps Anuraag and baraat and spares Vishu and Vidhvan. At home, Daadi tells her marriage story and then Vidhvan and Brij’s. Vidhvan returns home with Vishu and informs what happened.

Ragini gets ready for marriage. Her amma says why she is forcing Anurag to marry her when he does not want to. She says she just knows that she loves Anurag and needs him.

Purshotam calls Vidhvan and asks when is baraat coming. Vidhvan informs baraat will not come. Purshotam shatters. Sumer comes and asks what happened. Purshotam informs baraat is not coming. Sumer promises he will bring baraat here and leaves.

This is the end of Ring of Fire Monday 30 November 2020 Update on zee world.


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