Ring of Fire Friday 6 March 2020 Update

Ring of Fire Friday 6 March 2020 Update
Ring of Fire Friday 6 March 2020 Update

This is Ring of Fire Friday 6 March 2020 Update

On Ring of Fire 6 March 2020 Update: Ragini tells VDO and Narad that good her work is done peacefully. She asks VDO to TTGKtake care of his heart and leaves with Narad. At Vidhvan’s house, Divya informs Arjun that Vishu is no where at home. Dulari hears that and calls Revati and informs her.

Revati shouts he must have gone to meet SKristi, she ruined her both sons’ lives. Vidhvan shouts that she should look into mirror to see her sons’ real enemy. She thinks how did her 36 characteristics match with him, since they are married, he is fighting with her always.

Ring of Fire Friday 6 March 2020 Update

Shekhar and Shristi return to their office. Shristi tells Shekhar that the have to file petition for new client, so their party is canceled. Vishu waits for Shiristi and seeing her runs and hugs her, congratulates her for passing exam and gives her gift, says he made it. She says he should not have come here.

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 Anurag enters and says Vishu came again without informing family. He congratulates Shristi and tells Vishu can spend some time with Shristi, asks Shristi to drop Vishu near bus stop in the evening. Vishu gets happy. Anurag leaves. Vishu asks Shristi to show her court and walks with her.

Ragini walks with Narad towards Shekhar’s office asking him to bribe lawyer and ask him to stay out of babuji’s case. She walks into office and remembers Shekhar coming to Anurag’s house with Shristi and Revati alleging him that he is spoiling their family peace with Shristi. She says he is Shekhar.

She warns him to stop getting into his babuji’s way. He asks her to explain her babuji to return his client’s land. She angrily warns him if he does not like his extremities intact. Narad gets a call and informs Ragini that Parag met with an accident. Ragini panics and rushes out with him.

Vishu with Shristi sees court and says it is very big and asks if she protects law. She smiles and says yes. He says she looks so pretty smiling and says he can tell for sure that nobody can love her more than him. A romantic song plays in the background. They both enjoy shopping and each other’s company.

 They then wait for Anurag at a bus stop when a few goons flirt with Shristi. Vishu warns them to dare not flirt with his wife.

Ring of Fire Friday 6 March 2020 Update

 They start misbehaving with Shiristi and they both run away. They follow and start misbehaving with Shristi. Vishu confronts and fights with them. They hit Vishu and push him down. His head hits a stone and he collapsing severely injuring his forehead. People nearby see their fight.

Shristi shouts for help. Goons see people coming and run away. People see Vishu injured and ask Shiristi to call car. She calls taxi and takes Vishu to hospital. Doctor says he has lost a lot of blood and needs transfusion.

Shristi rushes Vishu to hospital and pleads doctor to treat Vishu. Doc asks how did he injure. She says a few goons attacked them. He says it is a legal case and police should be informed first. Shristi says he cannot deny treatment first, else she will take action against his hospital. He asks who is she. She says she is a lawyer. He takes Vishu for treatment. Shristi informs Anurag.

Ragini scolds Parag for injuring himself and asks why did he ride bike when he has cars. He says his friend bought new foreign bike, so he rode it. She scolds to rest silently while she speaks to doc about his treatment. She walks out. Anurag rushes to hospital and asks Shristi how did he accident happened. She explains him whole incident. Ragini sees them and blood on Shristi’s sari and thinks whose blood it is.  Ring of Fire Friday 6th March 2020 Update.

Doc comes, and Anurag asks how is Vishu now. Doc says he did stitches, but Vishu lost a lot blood and needs blood transfusion. Ragini gets worried. Doc tests Anurag’s blood and says his blood group did not match with Vishu’s. Ragini enters and says she wants to donate and her blood group is universal O positive. Doc checks her blood and says she can donate.

Anurag informs Vidhvan that Vishu met with an accident and explains him whole situation. Vidhvan worriedly informs family, asks Brij to take care of maa and rushes towards hospital. Revati rushes behind him.

Ragini sits on a bench after donating blood. Narad brings her juice and insists to have it as she just donated blood. She says she does not need it. Anurag notices her silently. He sits outside operation theater and asks doc how is Vishu now. Doc says he is fine and will be shifted to ICU, will gain consciousness in 4-5 hours. Anurag tells Shristi that Vishu grew up so soon and took up his responsibilities so nicely. Shristi says he should, Ragini followed her responsibilities long ago. Doc gives medication list and asks Anurag to bring it. Ring of Fire Friday 6 March 2020 Update

Shristi prays god to cure Vishu soon. Vidvhan enters with Revati and Divya and asks Shristi how is Vishu now. Revati starts yelling at Shristi that she will take her son’s life and to get out of here. Vidhvan asks her to stop yelling. Anurag comes back and says she is scolding a woman who saved Vishu’s life.

Ragini takes Parag home. Vani asks Parag how he got injured. He says he was riding bike imaging Salman Khan and slipped. Vani scolds him. She sees bandage on Ragini’s hand and asks what happened to her. Ragini thinks she informs her that Vishu is injured, she will go to hospital, so she should not tell her truth. She tells that she donated blood to a needy person. Vani says she did good.

Vidhvan and family waits outside ICU. Nurse says Vishu is awake now. They all rush in, but Revati stops Shristi. Vishu asks where is Shristi. Vidhvan calls Shristi in. Vishu asks Shristi to sit near him. Revati angrily gives her way. Vishu tells Shristi that he protected her dignity as promised. Nurse asks everyone to go out and only one person stay at night. Vishu says Shrhisti will stay.

 Anruag asks everyone to leave while he stays with Vishu. Shekhar rushes in and asks Shristi if she is fine. She says yes, but Vishu got injured protecting her and tells him whole story crying. He consoles her and she leans on his shoulders. Vishu asks nurse where is Shristi. Nurse says she left. Vishu rushes out removing his IV lines calling Shristi. Shristi hears him and rushes to him. He asks not to go away from him. Anurag and Shristi get him back to bed and Shristi feeds him soup.

This is the end of Ring of Fire Friday 6 March 2020 Update

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