Ring Of Fire Friday 27 March 2020 Update on zee world


On Ring Of Fire Friday 27 March 2020 Update on zee world: Revathi looking at Shristi tells Purshotam that she already won half case when he agreed to fight the case. Shristi asks what kind of case, she is this family’s official lawyer. Purshotam says he is family lawyer of Vidhvan’s family and is filing a defamation, forceful occupancy, and mental harassment case against her.

Revathi asks Vishu and Brij to sign and then asks Ragini to sign next. Ragini hesitates and says she will take her husband’s opinion first. Revathi forces her. Vishu insists Ragini that she promised to help him, now should help him get rid of Shristi. Ragini signs hesitantly thinking once Shristi is proved innocent, they all will reaccept her wholeheartedly.

Purshotam tells he will file case then and tries to leave. Shristi stops him and says he may be senior lawyer, she learnt law since childhood from her papa like holy scriptures and sacrificed her life for her papa’s sake and will not let his teachings down. Purshotam leaves. Revathi boasts about her self intelligence and asks Dulari how was her move.

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Shristi walks to her room and remiscing Purshotam’s words sadly thinks she has to go against her papa to prove her innocence. Ragini enters and says she does not consider her wrong and knows she is being framed, she wants to prove her innocent and needs her help, showing her hand. Shristi holds her hand and pushes it and asks her to go out, she does not need her explanation. Ragini tries to speak, but Shristi repeats she may go. Ragini thinks kanoon ki devi dumbly cannot understand her words, once she will realize truth, she will believe her.

Shristi informs Shekhar everything over phone. Shekhar says he is always with her. He sings and dances that things are happening according to his plan, he will help his student now. He shows his villainous expression and fumes why Ragini is digging his past. Ragini in her room thinks Shristi is not ready to use her brain at all and is blaming her whatever she tries to help her.

Ring Of Fire Friday 27th March 2020 Update on zee world, Anurag sees Shristi sitting sadly and asks what happened. She says she is feeling defeat today. He says defeat is okay, but she should not give up. She says she needs answers for a few questions and asks if he also thinks she is wrong and stooped so low. He says never, he is sad that his family members are forcing her to think this, he knows she is right and is with her.

Ragini makes a partition on bed for her and Anurag and thinks educated people don’t understand heart;s feelings at all, thinks if things get well she will remove partition. Shristi informs Anurag about her father fighting case against her. He says he feels sorry for her and asks who signed petition. She says Revathi, Vishu, Brij, and Ragini. Anurag fumes hearing that and walks to Ragini and yells what the hell she is doing. She says he is sleeping on sofa, so she made a bed partition for him. He yells why she is planning against Shristi, what wrong did she do to her.


Ring Of Fire Friday 27 March 2020 Update on zee world, Ragini tells Anurag that she had to file Vishu’s divorce petition as Vishu and Revathi forced her. Anurag yells she holds gun on everyone and she is talking about pressure. Ragini tells they have to bed in front of some relationships. Anurag continues yelling and sits. She asks if he does not want to have food. He says he is not hungry. She say she will go and bring him food. Shristi enters with food and says Anurag is her only support, so she brought food for him. He thanks her and says he is always with her. She looks at Ragini and leaves. Ragini fumes.

Shekhar plans again with his goon while sipping liquor. He asks goon to join Anurag’s construction team and get close to Vishu and then kill him. Goon praises his intelligence. Narad hears their conversation, identifies goon and thinks what he is doing with Shekhar. He calls Ragini to inform her, but she is asleep.

Ragini wakes up hearing Anurag and Ragini’s voice outside room and walks out. She sees Anurag sitting with Shristi on stairs and promising her to help her always, holding her hand. Shristi says she values his friendship a lot and if he was not with her, she would have been shattered. They both try to kiss. Ragini shouts to leave her misterji. It is her dream and she pushes Anurag shouting to leave her misterji. Anurag also wakes up and they both roll down bed. Anurag shouts leave her and yells as usual. Drama continues.

In the morning, Ragini sees Narad’s missed call and calls back. Narad tells Shekhar is planning something with Jagan goon whom she had punished once. Ragini says she will meet him soon. Narad turns and sees Parag standing. Ragini serves breakfast to Anurag, but he as usual throws tantrum and says he is not hungry. He asks Vishu to accompany him to site. Revathi says Vishu’s life is at risk outside.

Anurag says it is at risk even at home and takes him along. Ragini meets Narad and Parag. Narad informs Parag about Shekhar’s plan. Parag asks why did he delay so much instead of punishing Shekhar. Ragini says it is a question of girl’s dignity and she has to prove girl innocent, so she did not tell him seeing his short tempered nature.

Ring Of Fire Friday 27 March 2020 Update on zee world, Jagan meets Anurag as contractor. Vishu comes. Jagan thinks he has to kill Vishu. Ragini comes and he gets tensed. Ragini identifies him. Anurag introduces Jagan as Ram Avatar. Ragini says she liked his name, but his real name is more good and asks what he is up to.

Jagan runs away. Anurag yells at Ragini as usual that she forced his contractor to run. Ragini says he is Jagan contract killer. Anurag yells she is lying. Ragini says he always acts dumb, Shekhar had sent Jagan. Anurag continues yelling. Vishu asks them to stop fighting and think why Jagan had come here. Anurag’s dumbness continues.


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