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Perfect Husband Monday 22nd November 2021 Zee World

Perfect Husband Monday 22nd November 2021: On Perfect Husband Monday 22 November 2021, The Episode starts with Pushkar angrily feeding chilies to Vidhi. She tries to leave. He says I have one more way. He shows Meera’s happiness and threatens to break Meera’s alliance. He says I can get her married to someone else, she won’t be happy then, what if something happens to Max. He scares her. She agrees to eat chilies. She begs him not to do anything against Meera and Max. She gets crying and goes to the kitchen. She makes a video call to Damini. She tells everything to Damini. Damini says I was afraid of this, I don’t know what to say, are you giving medicines to Pushkar. Vidhi says yes. Damini says it means medicines aren’t affecting him, I have to meet him, I can’t treat him. Vidhi says this isn’t possible. Damini says there is one way that he won’t doubt us. She tells her plan.

It’s morning, Meera sings the bhajan. Rajshri does the aarti. Vidhi comes to attend. Rajshri says we will meet Max’s family soon and take talks ahead. Meera thanks Rajshri and Pushkar. Vidhi recalls her family and prays that she saves the family and gets Pushkar as she thought of him. She asks shall I make breakfast for you. Pushkar says yes, won’t you take my blessings. Vidhi goes to touch his feet. He stops her and makes her don the ghunghat. He blesses her and hurts. He goes. Vidhi thinks of Damini’s words. She tells Pushkar about Damini’s party.

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She asks Meera to invite Max also, Bela and Rangeela are also coming. Pushkar says I will also come with Vidhi. They all come to the party. Bela likes the decorations. Pushkar compliments Damini and asks about the mask. Damini says it’s a party theme. He says that’s interesting, the person appears something and people assume something, too much fun. Damini says yes, a person forgets himself when he wears a mask and thinks this is his real face. She asks him to choose any mask.

Perfect Husband Monday 22nd November 2021 Zee World: He makes Vidhi wear the mask and says I just want to see if this mask hides my wife’s real face. Vidhi thinks why do I feel that Pushkar knows Damini’s face, no… Bela and Rangeela enjoy some drinks. They dance on Cutie pie. Damini shows the house to Pushkar. He says it’s a very beautiful house. She asks what’s your fav color. He asks what’s your fav. She says it’s red. He says the color of blood is also red. He sees her pics. Damini thinks how did I forget to hide this pic. Pushkar says you said you are a teacher, why did you attend a psychology workshop. Vidhi worries.

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