Our Perfect Place Wednesday 20 May 2020 Update


Our Perfect Place Wednesday 20 May 2020 Update on zee world

Sameer introduces Het to Rahul. Het reminisces Rahul is a deaf and dumb and tells Sameer that she has to learn sign language. Sameer asks what. Rahul says his friend thinks I am def and dumb. Het is surprised to see Rahul speaking. Rahul tells what happened the other day.

Our Perfect Place Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update

Rita comes to kitchen and asks Gayatri where is phenyl. Gayatri asks if it is for cleaning and shows location. Rita picks bottle and tries to drink it. Gayatri stops her and calls Ila. Rita hugs Ila and cries and tells what heinous act Nirajan did. Nirajan reaches home and asks Gayatri where is Rita. He then goes to Rita and tries to speak. Ila starts beating him and kicks him out of house. He tries to speak, but she shuts his mouth and says if he tries to enter house, he will see her dead face.

Parimal comes and scolds Niranjan. Sameer and Rahul also reach home and ask Parimal how is bhabhi. Parimal says she is under control now and scolds Niranjan he would have punished Niranjan more for his heinous act, if bapuji was here, he would have killed Niranjan. Niranjan apologizes. Sameer asks him to stop his drama, there is no use now.

Our Perfect Place Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update

They all 3 walk into home. Ila cries a lot and tell sethji’s pic that their dream of sanyukt parivar has shattered. She throws family photo down. Sameer tries to pick. She warns not to pick it, she has only 3 sons now. After some time, she gathers whole family and tells she ahs only 3 sons now and Rita is her daughter, she will help her daughter restart her life with her children without Niranjan and nobody will speak about Niranajn from hereon.

Niranjan continues waiting outside house’s main gate, peeping in thinkin if someone will come. Ila tells other children that she will not let her daughter Rita break down and will support her. She asks Gayatri not to cry,else Rita will shatter more. She asks everyone to change their sad faces and come for dinner.

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Niranjan calls Rita repeatedly, but she does not pick call. Children hear mobile ring and Rita sitting in a deep thought. They see papa’s name on mobile and silently take mobile to their room and pick call. Niranjan says I am sorry Rita, please listen to me. Children ask if he fought with mamma again and did any mistake. They saw daadi punishing him, even mamma punishes them and then once she calls them feeds them sweets. Niranjan says he doe snot know. They ask why is mamma looking at ceiling, when will he come home, if mamma will not forgive him, who will recite them princess stories. He cries vigorously.

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Gayatri serves everyone food. Ila asks her to sit and have food with everyone. Gayatri says she is not hungry. Ila asks why. Parimal says even he is not hungry. Rahul and Sameer also say even they are not hungry. Ila angrily orders them all to sit and asks to start food. They put food in plates but don’t eat. Ila asks Parimal why is he not eating.

Our Perfect Place Wednesday 20 May 2020 Update

Parimal asks why is she acting as normal. She says she is normal. Parimal says he cannot have food when his brother is suffering outside in cold. Sameer and Rahul also say same. Ila stuffs food in her mouth and says they should like this, everyone will do their duties and she wants everything look normal from tomorrow morning.

Our Perfect Place Full Story

Niranjan sitting outside gate reminisces Ila scolding and kicking him out of house, Parimal scolding him, children asking him why did he hurt mamma, Sameer’s words, etc… Jo bheji thhi dua….song…plays in the background.

Gayatri fills food plate and asks Niranjan and gives it to Rahul. Parimal asks to be careful. Gayatri says chachi is sleeping. Sameer brings Rahul’s clothes and says these will be enough for some days. Gayatri says she and Uday will watch in while they feed Niranjan. All 3 brothers walk out with food and clothes and Parimal angrily asks Niranjan to have food, they are not concerned about him after his heinous act, but are helpless. He continue scolding. Niranjan continues crying. Rahul and Sameer asks him to eat silently and feed him. Sanyukt ho..sanyukt ho parivaar…song..plays in the background.


After Niranjan finishes food, Parimal asks him to go. Niranjan asks should I come in. Parimal says mom will not let him in, so he has booked hotel for him. Niranjan says he will not go anywhere and cries holding his legs that he cannot stay away from Rita, children, mom, does not want to leave his house. Parimal says he cannot go away from here, but cannot stay even here, asks Sameer to open outhouse. Rahul says those rooms are closed since a long time. Parimal says it is better to stay out here. Niranjan says he wants to meet Shree who is Rita’s counselor. Sameer asks if Rita was undergoing treatment. Niranjan tells what all happened. Rahul says he will bring Shree.

Next morning, during breakfast, Rahul tries to leave to bring Shree. Ila says Rita needs doc and not counselor. Sameer says Rita is under mental trauma and she will be fine with counseling. Ila says as they seem fine, she just needs Rita fine soon Rahul says he will go and bring Shree.

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