Our Perfect Place Sunday 29 march 2020 Update

Our Perfect Place Sunday 29 march 2020 Update

On Our Perfect Place Sunday 29 march 2020 Update zee world, Govardhan and Ila have a light hearted romantic moment, when shivpal comes for permission to go to the market. he complies. Outside, shivpal and the maid talk about parimalk’s arrival soon and how it shall only land problems. she says that he is very short tempered, and might crib about his biggest room, being given to niranjan. but she says that she shall talk to Ila about it. he leaves for market. a car arrives, and the maid thinks that parimal arrived.

 As another lady arrives with her son, govardhan and Ila greet them with warmth and then they look at the empty car behind them. ila asks if parimal didnt come. she says that he has some urgent work and hence couldnt come. they get tensed. Later, govardhan and Ila start chatting.

He says that he knows why parimal didnt come, and that he still cant forget what happened in the past. she says that maybe he actually had work. he says that gayatri was clearly lying. he wonders how long would he hold back a thing of 15 years.

 ila is tensed too. he hastily rushes to go, when she asks him not to think that the children shall always listen to the parents. he says that he isnt an strong, and didnt know his children had such hatred for them. she asks him to get ahead now, and talks about rahul, who hates him, but still came, and niranjan too doesnt like him, but he is still here. she talks about how her daughters and bahus respect them so much, and they should find happiness in that too. she gets emotional and clutches at him, while he hugs her. she assures him that everything would be okay.

As gayatri is learning online english lessons, rita notices her discomfort, and ios amused. gaytarri is embarassed and invites her in. rita comes and gayatri explains how she feels incompetent as she doesnt know english. rita totally puts her at ease, with her humourous bantering.

then niranjan comes and they get talking about his business in catering, losing its lustre. bijal and palak come, and gayatri welcomes them galore and gives them gifts. they are ecstatic and leave. niranjan and rita leaves to ask her to rest. before leaving, rita clarifies that Ila had given their room, to parimal first, but since they didnt come, and they almost didnt expect parimal to come, hence they took it since their family is large, as niranjan suggested.

Our Perfect Place Sunday 29 march 2020 Update

 gayatri says that its okay as she is alone, and they can stay at peace. rita leaves. uday comes and greets rahul, and they instantly click on some technical issues. rahul rectifies it, and they start playing together, while animatedly bantering. rahul plays the part of cool paternal uncle. uday likes it, and starts talking about college life. as he talks about his girlfriend in college, rahul gets sentimental as it strikes an emotional cord.


as Ila’s children go to file a missing report, the police says that its too early, but still they would ask their search team to find out about her. they are tensed. as talks about kidnapping surface, they are tensed if the same has happened to Ila. the police says that they need to be prepared for the worst.

 rahul requests to be told what to do. the police asks them to go home, and relax, and if she is still missing, then they can come back tomorrow. they ask if they should simply wait by then. the inspector says that he knows its tough, but thats the only option. as they get going, the constable comes and tells the inspector of an accident. Later,the police later informs them of an accident on the highway, involving an elderly woman, along with a truck, in a hit an run case. they are aghast and petrified.

Govardhan and his sons are on the road, searching tensedly, when govardhan remembers their fight. he blames himself, saying that for the first time, he fought with her, and uttered such words, that would have traumatised, and maybe she did something. niranjan tries to calm him down, saying that it must be someone else. they arrive at the site finally, eyeing the area tensedly. Niranjan explains everything to the inspector, and he tells them, that she was unconscious and rushed to the nearby hospital. they rush there.

Govardhan rushedly arrives at the hospital, with the family, and find the doctor coming. the doctor tells him that the lady succumbed to the injuries, and is dead, and her body is kept in the morgue. they are aghast and distraught. as they proceed towards the morgue, he is reminiscient of his time spent with her. they make him sit down and gulp some water. they finally arrive, and stand in front of the dead body. rahul is about to take off the sheet, but govardhan stops him. with much courage, he finally lifts the veil over the dead body and is releived with shock that its isnt his wife.

Our Perfect Place Sunday 29 march 2020 Update

As govardhan and his family waits tensedly, they find a car coming in. ila steps down from the car and all rush towards her. they are releived to see her alive and healthy. he rushes and hugs her tight. Meanwhile, Parimal arrives, stepping out of the car, as govardhan and Ila have a happy reunion. he is shocked to see parimal, who is visibly tensed and after taking his blessings, he meets the rest of the brothers.

In the room, govardhan and Ila get talking. he starts talking apologising about the way he behaved with her, but she says that she couldnt see him like that. both are in tears. smiling through them, she says that she forgives him, but whatever happens, he shouldnt talk about leaving her. he cups her face and caresses her, saying that he loves her galore. As expected, parimal starts commenting on how his room was taken by niranjan. nirajan says that its a casual comment, and that the house is everyone’s. parimal taunts him. a verbal scufflew ensues. rita comes and asks whats going on. parimal leaves. they both are tensed.

Our Perfect Place Sunday 29 march 2020 Update

Later, at night, govardhan is told by Ila, that she gathered all the sons together, and now he needs to tie them down. meawhile, while drinking alcohol, they start behaving totally inebriated and drunk, while dancing carefree, in the gardens. the wives and ladies are amused, while govardhan and Ila are tensed. she is tensed of his reaction. he asks whats she thinking. she says that they were so easily united, without much effort. he says that he sees everyone uniting. she starts taunting him, while he nostalgically comments, that he can see a glimmer of hope. she says that this means, to unite them, they either have to turn the house into a bar or disappear everyday. they amusedly banter and have a good laugh.

The next morning, when he wakes up with a heavy hangover, Gayatri serves him tea comments to parimal, that she has never seen him drinking so much. parimal accepts and says that its good that only they saw, atleast the parents didnt, and that he had gone to stop them, while he himself started indulging, when old talks started, and weak moments started. she eyes him tensedly.

he is shocked and embarassed too to know that govardhan and Ila saw him drinking. she eyes him tensedly. The screen freezes on his tensed face.In their room, niranjan lashes at rita for giving a justification to gayatri. rita says that its the truth, and he has always been dissatisfied with what he got, and always wanted what others have. he says that it isnt enough for him. she asks him to see practical dreams. he says that when there isnt anyone to support, he cant see dreams. a heated verbal arguement ensues.

Our Perfect Place Sunday 29 march 2020 Update

Later, govardhan, ila and the kids are playing, when they express that they cant play the house game, and cant build a house properly, givardhan and Ila take it on their heart.

Meanwhile, her another son, arrives, who also brings some sarees, that she had asked for to bring for his sister, devyani. she asks if she would have to pay. he asks her not to bother. govardhan comes and Ila shows the saree to him. govardhan likes it and asks the price for it from his son. she asks him not to pay. But govardhan insists on paying, and then asks him to book a private taxi for his sister at the airport. then the son leaves to freshen up. they eye the heavy sarees and jewellery, excited about devyani’s arrival tomorrow. they get devyani’s call, who informs them that her husband, srikant is out on tour, and her daughter has tests, and hence couldnt come.

Our Perfect Place Sunday 29th march 2020 Update

 she says that they cant force a married daughter for anything. it leaves them both tensed and speechless. he complies. he says that parimal could have come, as he is the son. Govardhan asks what should he think about parimal not coming, which means he doesnt want to have any contact with him, nor see his face. he says that even if he dies tomorrow, his son wouldnt come for his final rites. she asks him not to talk ill. he says that nothing wrong has happened, but it will. she gets upset. he apologises for upsetting her due to his displeasure.

The next morning, govardhan sits on the porch, alone for morning tea. shivpal sits with him and finds him tensed. he talks about how he reminisces old moments. he hears the sound of the temple bells, and thinks that Ila arrived at the temple, and leaves himself to join her.

Our Perfect Place Sunday 29 march 2020 Update

As niranjan and rita come back from their morning walk, shivapla expresses Ila isnt anywhere to be found. they arent tensed, as its a big house. gaytari is tensed that Ila was roaming around late night, seemingly tensed. All the family is worried as to where could Ila have been all morning, and that its strange for her to be out like this, without informing anyone. its suggested whether they should report to the police.

Meanwhile, govardhan comes and asks whats wrong and if something happened. they are tensed. shivpal informs him. he is shocked. the screen freezes on his face.

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