Our Perfect Place Sunday 19 April 2020 Update

Our Perfect Place Sunday 19 April 2020 Update

Our Perfect Place Sunday 19 April 2020 Update on zee world

Ila reprimands them both and asks them to sober up and come down for breakfast, and noone shall bother sameer neither for puja, nor for the terrace incident. after she leaves, niranjan narrates everything to him. Downstairs, rita is laying the breakfast table, while gayatri and ila tensedly sit. Deliberately trying to avoid the topic, gayatri asks ila what happened. ila tells that its niranjan’s mistake, and then doesnt discuss much. rita senses the tension and says that she shall come only when everyone is at the table. she storms out.

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Our Perfect Place Sunday 19th April 2020 Update

In her room, she is crying inconsolably, while niranjan comes and asks whats the matter. she is upset and niranjan thinks that this is the right time, and comes by her side, and asks if anyone said anything to her. he tries to be all macho and supportive, while she says that she doesnt need his support. he says that he cant see her crying, and is about to go out, when rita asks him to let be, as she doesnt want anymore drama.

he smirks evilly and then asks her to share at least. rita narrates how double standard they are behaving with her, ila and gayatri, and are talking hushedly while she is around. he thinks that maybe ila told everything to gayatri, and its good she stays away from them right now. he continues to instigate her against gayatri and ila too, while rita is set to thinking. he asks her to stat away from them and not bother about them.

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 then he holds her hand and says that she isnt right in what she is doing to him, as he loves her, and cant stay without her. he points how sameer must have been insane to talk like this, and asks how can he confront him in such a condition. he promises to sort everything out. she wipes her tears, and then niranjan smiles, and then speaks that as far as maya is concerned, but the truth is he doesnt know a thing about her and her whereabouts, nor does he wish to know.

 he professes his love and asks her to go to maya, if she wishes, but then she would know too. she says that he doesnt care for her, and doesnt show it even. he points out how they dont have anytime for each other these days, and makes a plan for the evening, after they are done with the work. she smiles as he impresses her with his romantic ideas of a date. She smiles and leaves the room.

At the table, all sit to eat tensedly, while the children comment on how quiet it is. gayatri serves juice to rahul and they both eye each other awkwardly, as rahul remembers the stunt that ila had pulled. she asks him to take the glass, but he leaves hastily from there. ila watches tensedly. ila’s phone rings, and niranjan goes to receive it. he picks it up, and talks. then he hands the phone to ila, saying that its the call from sameer’s landlord, and wishes to talk to her. she asks sameer if he still wishes to go, as if he wants to, then she shall comply, but she wishes to tell him, not to go anyhow.

Our Perfect Place Sunday 19 April 2020 Update

 sameer tensedly takes the call, and informs them that he wont shift and that the deal stands cancelled. all are amused and overjoyed. when asked about who shall drop the kids, parimal asks them not to bother, as he shall drop them on his way to the office. after she leaves, gayatri talks to ila as to how govardhan would have been happy today.

Later, while niranjan works, rita comes and finds him busy on the laptop, and wishes goodbye. he reminds her of the evening plan, and she complies. she asks who shall pick up the kids. he assures that someone from the house shall go. after she leaves, niranjan smirks. rita then goes to ila’s room. she is about to leave the room, when she overhears ila and gayatri talking from a distance.

Ila tells gayatri that she is extremely angry at niranjan, as he is at fault, and then explains the entire situation to gayatri. rita hears this from hiding, and is apalled and distraught, as she comes from outside. ila blames niranjan for instigating sameer so much so, and says that she is so angry at niranjan, that when rita leaves, she shall go and meet him. as ila explains the entire situation, rita is distraught. upset by these words, she goes straight to the room, and hastily takes the courier that contains maya’s number. h asks whats the matter.

Our Perfect Place Sunday 19 April 2020 Update

she says that she doesnt trust him, as she knew why he said that but for the final truth, she shall talk to maya today. he angrily takes the courier parcel from her and shreds it into pieces. Rita tells him that she shall meet maya today anyhow. he says that he wont allow that at any cost, and throws the bits of paper at her. she is still adamant, and tells what all she went through. he tries to grasp her hands, while she desperately tries to break free. he comes out with the phone and goes through the call logs.

in the scuffle that ensues, niranjan deletes the entire call log, and then chides with her, asking her how would she manage to meet maya now. she is distraught and enraged at him, addiong that she got rhe answer she was looking for. and that she shall pick the children and take it there. gayatri and ila come out hearing the commootion. but rita tells him that she wont stay a minute with him now, and storms out, and strats packing her bags. niranjan is tensedly hearing. she remembers the tormentous wife that she has had to become. Rita remembers everything, and breaks down, collapsing on the ground, crying bitterly and inconsolably. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Our Perfect Place Sunday 19 April 2020 Update

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