Our Perfect Place Saturday 2 May 2020 Update

Our Perfect Place Saturday 2 May 2020 Update
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Zee World update on Our Perfect Place Saturday 2 May 2020 Update.

Uday gets ready to leave for his college. Parimal and Gayatri say they are coming with him. Uday shouts why they want to come with him, already papa created such a big drama and got marks from professor. Ila asks what is wrong if parents want to come with him.

Our Perfect Place Saturday 2nd May 2020 Update

Uday shouts papa will create problem again. Parimal says he just wants to come and speak to his professor. Uday shouts papa always can beat him that is all, he just wants to ruin his life, was just lying that he will help him always. Parimal says he will always.

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Uday says he knows what he needs, he wants to become a musician. Parimal says he can become musician, but only after completing his studies. Uday asks what will he do with studies when he has to become musician. Parimal says he will get a degree. Uday says it will be of no use.

Parimal says Ila that he promised her that he will not be tough on Uday, but he has to now. He orders Uday to get into car now. Uday says he will not. Parimal orders him that he is waiting in car and wants him there in 2 min. Sameer and Rahul and Ila ask Uday to listen to his dad and get go with dad now. Uday gets into car. Sameer and Rahul request Parimal not to be too tough on Uday and calm down. Parmila nods yes and leaves.

Rahul reminisces insulting Govardhan same way heavily inebriated and insulting him that he ruined his life. Later, when he becomes successful, he apologizes Govardhan and gives him credit for his success. Govardhan gets teary eyed. Rahul tells Ila that once papa comes back from ashram, he will apologize papa for every mistake he did. Ila gets emotional.

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Niranjan tells Rita that bhaiya did wrong with Uday, Uday used to be a calm child, but bhaiya’s rudeness changed Uday. Rita says she don’t want her children to be like this.

Parimal drives car and asks Uday if he needs music or wants to drive. Uday says no and asks if he thinks what dadaji did was right to him. Parimal drives sadly. Uday reminisces he has to meet his friend. He messages his friend that he is not coming. Friend calls him back and hears car horn in background and warns to come soon, else he will kill him. Uday asks to stop car. Parimal asks what happened and stops car. Uday says he is very hunger. Parimal says they will go to dhaba ,what will he get in a small roadside shop. Uday says he needs food right now. Gayatri says Parimal let us buy whatever we get here and later stop at a dhaba. Uday asks them to go and bring chips, he will be near car. Parimal helplessly walks with Gayatri. Uday blows off air from both back tyres and stands silently. Parimal and Gayatri return with snacks. Gayatri sees back tyre and says it has low air pressure.

Our Perfect Place Saturday 2 May 2020 Update

Parimal checks and says it is puncture. Uday says they will fix spare tyre. Parimal finds even spare tyre punctured. Uday says even this tyre is punctured, he will get late for college, so he will get taxi and leave. Parimal asks what is his drama. Uday nervously says he does not know what he is talking about. Gayarti asks Parimal why is he blaming Uday. Parimals ays he punctured these tyres as he does not want them to come along. He says he will also come with him in a taxi and enquire all his professors. Uday runs and keeps his leg under a passing car’s tyre.

He starts shouting in pain Parimal and Gayatri run towards him worriedly.

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