Our Perfect Place Saturday 18 April 2020 Update

Our Perfect Place Saturday 18 April 2020 Update

This is the written episode of Our Perfect Place Saturday 18 April 2020 Update on Zee world.

Our Perfect Place Saturday 18th April 2020 Update

Niranjan comes to sameer’s room and hurriedly wakes him up, saying that he needs to go and talk to rita rightaway as she is ready to screw his happiness. sameer says that he wont lie.

niranjan says that he landed him in this mess, and now he shall clear it. sameer clears yet again, that he didnt tell rita. niranjan asks him to speak for him, but he says that he wont lie. niranjan then asks why not, and when sameer is insistent, niranjan starts taunting that he doesnt want to spoil his own family, and kill his own child, and brands him his own child’s murderer.

sameer gets enraged and says that he is right and he deserves punishment and shall die today.only. ila comes and is aghast to see the tension. sameer rushes out, and gets a knife from the kitchen. they are all aghast. Sameer goes to the roof, on a suicidal mode, while they all try and calm him down, asking what happened. he says that he has killed his child, and now he should face the same punishment for this sin.

they are aghast and apalled. sameer takes a fatal leap down the roof. ila stands stunned and shocked. finally, she holds the knife, and threatens that she shall slit her wrist. sameer steps back. then the others rush to her. Asking them all to step back, she says that noone should interfere, as its between him and her.

then she addresses him. she asks if he is killing himself because he couldnt save her child, then she too is undergoing the same, and should kill herself too. she says that she cant see him committing suicide, whereas he hadnt even seen the child. she says that she doesnt deserve to live, and its good that they both die together.

all are tensed and distraught. apalled, finally, sameer gets down, and starts clapping and taunting her. he says that her drama is impeccable, and asks if she would give her life for him, and why, as she never cared for him, and there isnt any comparison, as she wasnt even willing to keep him with her. she is stunned into silence.

he vents out his grief yet again, asking why she gave him away to someone else. she says that she did so to save him, and kept him far away from her. he is shocked and all others too. she breaks down, then they ask whats this new story. she says that its vwas predicted her last child would die. he asks if she believed this stupid superstition. she says that they also felt the same, but then when its one’s own child, they are forced to believe this. she reminds them all how badly sameer got hurt in the school. sameer asks if that small accident prompted her to do this. she says that it wasnt minor, and what happened that day, noone knows, from his siblings, and only they and his maternal uncle and aunt knew. they are boggled.

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she says that they lost sameer for some hours, and he was lifeless, and they were crying inconsolably, for not paying attention to the forecast. the doctor says that sameer has had extensive bleeding, and he has gone into coma, and its uncertain when or whether he would wake up. rita rushes to console her saying that the danger is averted and asks her not to cry. she nudges her out of her trance state. sameer and evereyone is in tears. ila eyes him, and then says that she had promised, that if he becomes alive, she would give him for adoption to her relatives, and so she did. she then states that he did live after that, and says that she can bear his taunts, hatred and separation but cant see him dying, neither then nor now.

Our Perfect Place Saturday 18 April 2020 Update

she says that she shall always bless him, till her last breath. he is still in a daze. she says that she knows he wouldnt understand her pain and for making her love be realised, she has to kill herself. she picks up the knife, and they are all apalled. sameer rushes to dive to her,a nd then takes the knife away and hugs her. he apologises severely, while all are relieved. rita is happy to see such a nice family reunion, as all brothers rush in to hug her.

ila comes to niranjan’s room, and after playing with the kids, she asks him to come out. he complies, though puzzled. she asks whats going on between him and sameer.he explains everything, blaming sameer for the strife in rita’s life. he tries to be pricey, when she asks him to clear the situation or else she asks rita. he asks her not to, as she is angry.

he then tells exactly what rita got to know, and how he wanted sameer to merely clarify. rahul comes in asking who did what. sensing alcohol in his breath, ila covers her nose. The screen freezes on ila’s tensed face.

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