Our Perfect Place Monday 25 May 2020 Update


Our Perfect Place Monday 25 May 2020 Update on zee world.

Rahul sees Sameer consoling Hetal, smiles and leaves. Hetal thanks Sameer for supporting her and asks if he did hair cut. He says yes. She says he is looking nice, in college he used to look champu.

Our Perfect Place Monday 25th May 2020 Update

Shree/Tanu enters cafeteria hiding her face with veil and goggles. She orders Hates special coffee without checking menu. Waiter informs Rahul that madam ordered Hates special without checking menu. He asks to prepare love special and writes love on it and sends it to Shree. Waiter tells Shree that it is a complementary from boss who wants to try new menu and gives feedback form. Shree sees love on coffee and reminisces her happier time with Rahul. She gets teary eyed and looks behind, but Rahul leaves by then.

Ila cries looking at sethji’s photo and says she is acting as strong, but is more worried about Niranjan, she does not know where he is staying and what he is eating. Niranjan calls and she scolds him not to call back, else she will block his mobile number. He says she can do, but she should let him meet his children as he cannot stay away from them. Ila scolds he cannot meet them and disconnects phone.

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Children call Niranjan and tell they took mamma’s phone silently and are calling him. They asks when will he come to meet them, if he will never meet them. Niranjan promises that he will meet them soon. He then calls Shree, Shree says she is busy and will call him back. Niranjan says he cannot stay away from his children. She says she knows, he should realize Rita’s condition and let her normalize first. Niranjan thinks he will meet his children at any cost.

Our Perfect Place Monday 25 May 2020 Update

Hetal returns to cafeteria from grocery shopping. Waiter shows her Shree and tells her that this madam is biggest fan of Hates coffee. Though Rahul sent her love special coffee, she just sipped it and then ordered Hates special twice. Hetal says she will meet lady then and walks towards Shree. Shree gets up seeing her.

Hetal looks at her carefully. Shree shows her face. Shree requests to listen to her once. Hetal angrily looks and takes her aside and asks why she comes repeatedly to hurt her. Shree says her intention is not to hurt her. Hetal says she does always.

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Shree says just wanted to see her for sometime. Hetal says she should go to another cafeteria and never come back here. She walks out. Rahul sees Hetal walking out with teary eyes. Shree also walks with tear eyes and crosses Rahul, but the don’t see each other’s face at all..

Rahul walks in and sees Shree has left love special coffee intact. He reads note and gets nervous.

This is the end of Our Perfect Place Monday 25 May 2020 Update on zee world.


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