Our Perfect Place Monday 13 April 2020 Update

This is the written episode of Our Perfect Place Monday 13 April 2020 Update: Our Perfect Place 13th April 2020 Update, Puja comes to sameer and then eyes him emotionally, and then leaves, after hugging him.

Our Perfect Place Monday 13 April 2020 Update

Our Perfect Place Monday 13 April 2020 Update

he is tensed, while she kisses him lovingly, and then turns to leave. Sameer stops puja as she is about to leave, and asks her to atleast tell him whats her decision. she doesnt say a word and walks off. he is left stranded.

Ila and gayatri are tensed for puja, and are angry at sameer for being so rash and god knows what shall happen to puja now. they wonder what he wants. rita comes and tries to get in their talks, but they shun her off. she says that this isnt right, as if she is angry she should say so clearly. ila says that they arent alienating her, but they are tensed for sameer and puja, and arent angry at her.

gayatri asks rita not to take it otherwise. rita says that they should understand that she cares equally as them, and wants their benefit. ila complies but says that she shouldnt have done what she did, as this wasnt the right time. rita says that it was right. gayatri asks her to look at the downside of her decision too, as sameer was weak, and they should have made him understand and throw out this rubbish. rita says that sameer doesnt love her, and thats not rubbish. ila says that love can happen later, and more importantly, they have a child amongst them, and its a matter of both the families’ respect. but rita denies, and adds that a loveless marriage causes much harm to the couple, just like her and niranjan.

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They are tensed to hear this.

In the drawing room, the entire family is tensed and angry at sameer’s rash behaviour, that god knows what he has done to puja, and isnt picking up the call, and then delaying coming back so much so. rahul tries to calm them down, saying that sameer has gone for a serious talk, and maybe the phone is silent, and asks them to let him handle this maturely, which he has the belif that sameer will. he says that they shouldnt disturb them, and give then privacy. he assures them that sameer shall handle everything, and come back soon.

Our Perfect Place Monday 13 April 2020 Update 

govardhan wonders when. sameer’s bike draws in. they are relieved. When sameer returns back, govardhan and the entire family, are tensedly waiting for him. he asks whats the matter. when he gets to know that they all know what he went to talk to her about, sameer says that he is tired and doesnt wish to talk. they ask him to speak up, as they have been waiting for some news. rahul tries to coax him into talking. he says that he told what he did, and how its on puja now.

they are aghast to hear this, and ask if the engagement is happening tomorrow. he starts getting frustrated with their insistent questions, and says that he is ready to engage himself with her, but the decision depends on her, as she needs time to decide. they ask how does she have time. he says that he has to respect her and grant her that much. they are extremely tensed. sameer says that he doesnt have much to tell them, but he needs to let puja handle this. govardhan asks him to atleast think of the child, but he retaliates back that he shall take care of the child with puja.

govardhan lashes at his rash behaviour, saying that a child needs the love of his parents together and not divided like this. sameer retaliates back by asking if this is the time govardhan finally realises that a child needs his parents’ love. he says that he shall explain everything to his child, unlike them, and that he doesnt need their unecessary advise. govardhan and ila are taken aback.

while they wonder what to do next, the doorbell rings and ramakant walks in extremely tensed. he asks sameer where is puja. they are shocked. he asks sameer in front of the entire family, as to where is puja. he says that he has been trying her cell for a long time, but it isnt going through, and hence he thought that she must have been with him only.

Our Perfect Place Monday 13 April 2020 Update 

he gets tensed. he says that puja told she was going to meet him before the mehendi appointment, but didnt reach there, nor reached home, nor is she at any of her friends, and hence he thought that she must have been with him only. sameer says that he left puja way long back, and has no clue.

ramakant says that her phone even isnt getting through. they are tenmsed. sameer asks all of puja’s friends but noone has a clue. they get scared. ramakant is made to calm down, by govardhan and his family, while they continue trying to look for clues. ramkant remembers that puja speaks a lot to rita and asks them if she has any clue. rahul rushes to go and find out.

While rita comes in the room, she finds the kids studying. they rattle out niranjan, when they tell her, that he has been chatting amusedly with someone, and shying while looking at the phone. he is flustered and ignores, and says that he was talking to his business partner. but the kids make rita suspicious.

before she can confront, rahul comes asking about puja. rita explains what happened and then asks whats the matter. rahul explains everything,m and says that he needs to rush down. niranjan too foolows to escape a confrontation. rita asks the children to stay put, and then herself goes down too.

Downstairs, rita comes and explains everything and then tells him that since sameer and puja were talking seriously, hence she decided not to intervene. ramakant gets alert hearing this. he asks sameer what was he planning to say, enraged. Hesitatingly, sameer tells him what he wished to tell her that he doesnt love her, which is the truth. ramakant gets furious. ramakant hands him by the collar and threatens him that he wont spare him, if anything happens to puja at all. all are extremely tensed. Parimal and rahul try to intervene, but he asks them to back off. Govardhan asks him to calm down, as the priority focus right now, is to find puja. he resignedly complies. all are tensed. Ramakant gets puja’s call. he hurriedly receives it. he asks puja where is she. she says that she is at her room.

ramakant anxiously asks puja, on the phone, where is she and where has she been. she says that she went to the hospital. ramakant and sameer insistently continue to ask her why, and she replies in inconsolable tears. all are terribly tensed. sameer hurriedly asks why she went and if she is okay. he tries to talk, but ramakant puts it on speaker.

sameer hurriedly asks her why she went, and ramakant asks her too. he is apalled. she says that she aborted the child. they are shocked and distraught to hear this. she cancels the call and then collapses on the sofa, crying incoherently. The screen freezes on her face.

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