My Identity Monday 12th April 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Monday 12th April 2021 Update Starlife
My Identity Monday 12th April 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Monday 12th April 2021 Update Starlife: On My Identity Monday 12th April 2021, The Episode starts with the police finding Avni. They take away Aman. Avni cries and says give me my Aman. Ashish comes and takes Aman. Avni cries and shouts. Ashish leaves. It’s morning, Dayaben and Diksha are outside the police station. Avni is brought there. Avni sees Aman with Dayaben. Reporters come to question Avni. Police send media. Diksha says see how she is staring. Dayaben asks the inspector can I talk to her for a minute, the heart gets hurt. Inspector allows her.

Dayaben reminds Avni of what she told. She tells Avni’s words and asks what will happen now, you will go jail, Aman will be with me, I will give him my name, good upbringing, he will adapt my thinking, go and make your mum shine, Aisha’s name is ruined, go there, jail is your right place. Avni says I will come back soon. She goes. Diksha says she threatened you. Dayaben says I know, stop it now, we will leave, we have to meet pandit and get puja date, an evil shadow has gone, but has to do shuddi karan of home.

The warden asks Avni did they kill Aisha. Constable says yes, she killed her mum, don’t go on her face, she blamed her old Dadi, and run away with her 3 months old brother, she is dangerous. Warden says I did not see such child, it’s Kalyug, I will see you. Rathore will change you. Avni is given clothes and sent to change.

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Avni goes and sees the kids praying. She holds her head and thinks of Aisha. A boy asks Avni what’s your name, I m Veer. Rathore looks on. Avni sees the boy handicapped and helps him. Rathore goes to her and says you should know your friend’s name if you have to call him for help, what’s your name. He reads her name on the band tag. Constable tells Rathore about Avni’s crime profile. Avni closes their eyes and feels hurt. Rathore sees her and slaps the constable. He says no kid is born a criminal, time and situation force the child, if you have incomplete info, get lost.


He says you should have the pride to say name and identity, don’t you believe in Lord. She says now I just believe in myself. Dayaben asks Diksha to check prasad arrangements. Diksha asks her to spare Lord. Dayaben says this is grah shanti puja. Dayaben asks Ashish about Neela. Pandit asks her to call Ashish and Neela. Neela comes and says I went for imp work, I came on the right time, Ashish sign this before sitting for havan, I m in hurry. Dayaben says nothing is important.

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Neela insists. Ashish asks why this drama now. Neela says it’s true, I want to go away. don’t try, you won’t understand. She gives him divorce papers and says it’s a good day, good should happen with everyone, please sign this and give me freedom from this hell. Dayaben gets shocked seeing divorce papers. She asks what’s this, happiness came after many days, what do you want, Ashish left wine, I got a child for you, what else you want, why are you making fun of our love.

Neela says if you had love, you would have not ruined someone’s happiness, I did not have anything here, child, husband and this family, the relation made on a lie, it can’t get love, one who supports wrong is also wrong, I did not know Dayaben’s face is so bad, you ruined Avni’s life, I hate myself that I associated myself with this family. Ashish says enough, I won’t hear anything against my mum, what do you want.

My Identity Monday 12th April 2021 Update Starlife: Neela slaps him and says I should have slapped you before, this would have not happened, you were better in a drunken state. Atleast you were a human, now you got worse than an animal, see truth Ashish, open your eyes, you pray to this Maa, see her truth, she ruined everything. Ashish signs papers and says take this, you got free now. Dayaben smiles. Neela says when sin pot fills, Lord comes to ruin you, wait for him. She goes. Diksha says Maa, she also threatened you and left.



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