My Identity Wednesday 10 March 2021 update Starlife

My Identity Wednesday 10 March 2021 update

My Identity Wednesday 10 March 2021 update Starlife: On My Identity Wednesday 10 March 2021 update, The Episode starts with Avni saying we lost hope, Hemant also left us, he got a heart attack when the case was going in the right direction. Aladin asks did Dayaben do this. She says no, she used to respect him a lot, Neela is unwell, we can’t talk to her. He says I m scared of Neela, till Hemant was there, he did Neela’s bail, I m scared Dayaben can send her to jail again. Ali says we will throw stones at Dayaben’s house. Avni says no, nothing will happen, we have to make her accept her crime, I wish I knew some magic to make her admit the truth. Akash thinks and says I have away.

Dayaben slaps Diksha and scolds her. She says I was going to jail today because of your foolishness, you said you deleted hospital footage, it was still there, check. She says I paid 5 crores to Shashank and deleted this footage permanently now. Ketan comes and tells Dayaben that our bank account had big transactions, of 5 crores. Dayaben says calm down, I have done that transaction. He asks, why did you take that money. She asks will I need to ask you.

He says no, I thought Avni planned this. She says you worry for me and help me without selfishness, the world is not straight, I gave money for my work. He asks why. Akash says our medicine will do this work, this will make a person’s hidden fear out. Ali says I don’t understand, explain me. Akash says think Dayaben is scared of what. Avni says going to jail. Akash says maybe Dayaben sees herself getting arrested, she will get scared and not get sleep, maybe she can confess her crime. Aladin says I think it’s a perfect idea, we can record a video and show it to the world. Avni says if there is a side effect if she gets harmed by medicine.

Ali says since when do you worry for her. Avni says my mumma taught me not to hurt anyone, if I do all this, how will I teach walking on the right path to Aman, no I don’t think we should do this. CBI officer interrogates the car driver. The driver does not say anything. Officer asks his man to take him to the third-degree room and do an encounter. The driver says I will tell you, someone made me do this, I was paid to do accident, I m poor man and did mistake for money, forgive me. Officer asks who gave you money, tell me a name. Driver tells him. Officer gets shocked.

My Identity Wednesday 10 March 2021 update Starlife: Avni gets Neela’s call. Neela says Officer Vaidya said that driver is caught. Avni says wow, it’s good news. She tells this to Aladin. Neela says the driver confessed that someone gave him money to do an accident. Avni says it’s great news, finally, we got a witness, did he take Dayaben’s name. Neela says he has taken I have given him money. Avni gets shocked. Aladin asks what did Neela say. Avni says how can Dayaben do this, does she not get hurt by hurting others, she snatched Aisha, and made Aman away, and now she is putting blame on Neela, why is she so bad.

Aladin says my doubt was right, Dayaben framed Neela, we have to think something now. Avni says yes, we will use that medicine on Dayaben now. Akash says I will start making that medicine today, the medicine will show effect in 7 days. Avni says fine, get medicine home. Aladin says just Akash will come. Ali asks why I will come. Aladin says no, Dayaben will doubt on us, it’s easy for Akash. Avni says Aladin is right, we should not make mistakes, just Akash will come with the medicine.

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Neela thinks of Hemant and cries. Ashish comes to Neela and wipes her tears. He says I heard about Hemant. He takes a wine bottle and asks the servant about it. He goes. Avni comes there. Ashish keeps the bottle and goes. Avni smiles. Avni hugs Neela and consoles her. She makes Neela rest in her lap and says I can’t get Hemant back, but I can promise to help you, there are fake blames on you, I will erase all that, this time Dayaben has to lose. Neela hugs her.

Dayaben wakes up Diksha. Diksha asks her to do puja in the temple. Dayaben says you have to keep fast today. Diksha says go and sleep, let me sleep. Dayaben asks her to get up fast. Diksha asks the maid to get tea. Dayaben says you don’t have to do party, come, its auspicious day, wash your sins. Maid gets tea. Dayaben says it’s Diksha’s fast, take tea back. Diksha asks Dayaben to wash her sins fast.

It’s the morning, Akash comes to Mehta house. Ali says I came to help Avni, I m her shadow, I can’t leave her alone when you are around. Akash says chill, no one is snatching your Avni. Akash meets Riya. She recalls his words. He says I came to meet you. She asks him to come. She sees Ali. Akash says let him come, he was crying, he will be with Avni and not disturb us. Ali says yes. Akash passes medicine to Ali. Riya asks Ali not to come in front of Dayaben. Ali goes to Avni and says Akash has gone with Riya, I got the medicine, let’s see what Dayaben does after having this. Avni goes to the kitchen to add medicine in the food. She talks to maid and tricks her. Maid goes. Avni apologizes to Lord and Aisha. She adds medicine in Dayaben’s food.

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